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Everyone again gathered at the hall after taking some rest. Daadi came at the last
Om: daadi to next round me kya karna hai
(daadi what we have to do in the next round?)

Anika: ruko om ruko daadi ko pahle baithne to do… aise kah rahe ho kit um hi log jeetne waale ho iss round ko
(wait om at first let daadi to sit down… you are asking as if you all only will win the round..)

Om: nahi bhabhi wo actually..
(no bhabhi actually…)

Priyanka: actually..?? rahne do bhaiyaa
(actually…?? Leave it bhaiyaa)

Soumya: daadi…??

Daadi: hmmm.. to next round me tum logo ko ek dusre ko pahchaan na hai
(hmm.. then in the next round you have to identify each other)

Shivay: pahchaan na hai matlab?
(identify means?)

Daadi: matlab tum logo ka aankh hum kapre se bandh denge aur phir dusre sab logo ko tumhaare saamne khara kar denge and tumhe pahchan na padega ki tumhaare saamne kaun khara hai
(your eyes will be closed due to a cloth and then everyone else would be standing infront of you in a queue and in that way you have to understand who is standing infront of you by touching their hand only)

Rudra: par daadi aankhon par to kapra rahega to hum kaise pahchanenge?
(but daadi our eyes will be closed due to that cloth so how will we identify?)

Soumya: duffer wahi to game hai
(that is the game only you duffer)

Rudra: tumse koi pucha hai you sumo wrestler
(anyone asked you, you sumo wrestler)

Shivay: ok ok shut up

Om: daadi aap rules boliye
(daadi you say the rules)

Daadi: hmm… pahle girls team se koi aayega mai uski aankh bandh dungi and jo saare ladke yahan par khare hai wo line me aa jayenge phir wo ladki un sab ka hath pakarkar bolegi ki uske saamne kaun sa ladka hai ok..??
(at first someone will come from girls team I’ll cover her eyes with a cloth and then all the boys will stand in a queue and after that the girl has to identify which boy is infront of her ok??)

Anika: theek hai daadi.. to pahle mai aati hun
(ok daadi… then first me..)

Daadi ties a cloth on Anika’s eyes. All the other men present stand in a queue, first Rudra, second Tej, third Om, fourth Shakthi and last Shivay. Anika comes and touches Rudra’s hand

Anika: yee… yee to.. ye Rudra hai mere pyaare se cute se chote devar…..
(this…this..this one is Rudra.. my younger brother-in-law)

Rudra: aapko kayse pata bhabhi?
(how do you know bhabhi?)

Anika: devar ji aapka haath rough and tough hai gym karne ki wajah se to isliye pata hai
(Rudra your hand is so rough and tough due to gym so I got it)

Rudra: bhabhi well done

Anika: thank you

Anika moves on and touches Tej’s hand.

Anika: shakti uncle…, na om na shayad Tej uncle par nahi ye hai om
(shakti uncle…, no om, no may be Tej uncle, no no om for sure)

Rudra: galat bhabhi ye to papa hi hai aapke Tej uncle
(no bhabhi that is my father your Tej uncle)

Anika: kya?

Anika was about to open the fold but daadi stopped her. Anika moved on and now touched Om’s hand

Anika: ye pakka om… itne maasoom haath haan om ke
(this one is surely om… ya this soft hands are of om only)

Om: waah bhabhi very good
(bhabhi very good)

Anika moved on and guessed Shakti’s hand as well. Now she came near Shivay, without touching his hand said his name but Shivay mischievously holds her hand and a current ran through her spines. She opened her fold. Shivay hold her hand tightly.

Anika: choriye Shivay …
(leave Shivay…)

Shivay made his grip tighter.

Daadi: oye khotiyaa chor soumya and prinku bhi baaki hai.
(o my son leave her hand Soumya and prinku are also left.)

Shivay let go her hand but made a sad face. Now it was soumya’s turn. This time Om stand first, Tej second, Rudra third, Shivay fourth and Shakti last. Soumya easily identified Tej’s and om’s hand and went to Rudra.

Soumya: duffer singh oberoi

Rudra: kya kaha tumne?
(what did you say?)

Soumya: yee sahi kaha ye duffer singh oberoi ka hand hai
(I said this is the hand of duffer singh oberoi)

Rudra: sumo mind your language

Shivay: Rudra copying me not bad

Soumya: oh bade bhaiyaa thank you daadi Rudra ke baad Shivay bhaiyaa and unke baad Shakti uncle. Sahi kaha na mayne?
(oh bade bhaiyaa thank you daadi after Rudra Shivay bhaiyaa is standing and after him Shakti uncle. I said correct?)

Daadi: haan puttar
(yes my child)

Soumya opened the fold of her eyes.

Shakti: tumhe kayse pata chala?
(how you came to know?)

Soumya: shakti uncle simple awaaz se
(shakti uncle simple.. from the voice)

Rudra: sumo tumhe awaaz sunkar identify bhi karna aataa hai?
(sumo you know to identify people through their voice as well?)

Soumya: haan thoda thoda..
(ya a little bit)

Anika: kya khirkitod kaan paya hai re tune
(waah what an awesome hearing power you have)

Soumya: haan bhabhi
(yes bhabhi)

Anika: waah soumya tune to ekdam kamal hi kar diya.
(waah Soumya very good you rocked the game)

Daadi: theek hai ab prinku
(ok now prinku)

Priyanka comes forward. Daadi ties the cloth on her eyes. Shivay stands first, after him Tej, third Rudra, fourth shakti and last Om. Priyanka identifies three brothers but fails to identify Tej and shakti.

Daadi: to tum teeno ka point hua 12 out of 15.
(Ok then you three got 12 out of 15)

Anika: hmm.. theek hai ab dekhte hai ye log kya karte hai
(ok now let’s see what they do)

Shivay: hmmm… don’t challenge us

Soumya: bhaiyaa game to start kijiye
(bhaiyaa start the game..)

Shivay: let’s show them guys

The game from the boys’ side starts. All the women stand in queue. At first Shivay comes to play the game. Pinky at first, Soumya second, Anika third, Jhanvi fourth and last Priyanka

Shivay: ye definitely mere mom ka haath hai
(this is definitely my mom’s hand)

Pinky: ek dum rights…. loves you my heera beta
(right.. love you my son)

Shivay: love you to my heera mumma
(love you too my mom)

Pinky: awww

Anika (in her mind): oh bête ki Pinky aunty ko bhi aww ka use aataa hai..
(oh god pinky aunty also knows the use of aww..)

Pinky: haan Anika aataa hai
(ya Anika I know..)

Anika: aapne kuch kaha aunty?
(did you say anything aunty?)

Pinky: tu jo soch rahi thi maine bas uska answers kiya
(you were thinking about a question and I just answered it)

Anika: oh par aapko kaiyse pata laga ki mai kya soch rahi hu
(but aunty how you came to know what I was thinking?)

Pinky: maa jaisi hu mai teri to beti ki dil ki baat maa ko hi pata lagta hai
(I’m like your mom.. and a mom always understands what is going through the mind of her daughter)

Anika: aunty?? (a thin layer of water formed in her eyes)

Pinky: cha lab ye senti baatein nahi Shivay tu game continue kar
(now stop all this senti talks and Shivay you continue with your game)

Shivay moves and identifies Soumya’s hand as well and then moves towards Anika, he touches anika’s hand and anika closes her eyes. Shivay tightens the grip.

Daadi: Shivay aage bhi badho puttar
(Shivay move forward as well)

Shivay leaves Anika’s hand at one go and moves forward and Anika opens her eyes. Shivay identifies Jhanvi as well as Prinku’s hand. Now next om went forward to play the game. Now Jhanvi stood first, then pinky, then Priyanka, then anika and then Soumya. Om identified jhanvi’s, pinky’s, priyanka’s hand and moved forward to hold Anika’s hand but Chulbul mistakenly comes in between and om holds his hand. And then left his hand due to current shock

Om: Chulbul….??

Chulbul: haan.. haan hum hi hai
(ya.. yes it’s me only…)

Rudra: o aapne wayse haath kyun chora uska?
(o why did you leave his hand like that?)

Om: woo..woo

Shivay: Rudra… static..

Rudra: hmm.. bhaiyaa …staaaatttiicc..

Om: shut up…

Shivay: ok ok Rudra shut up

Rudra: hmm.. bhaiyaa shut up…

Om makes a disgusted face and touches Anika’s hand but couldn’t identify her hand. At last he identified soumya’s hand and opened the fold of his eyes. Rudra’s eyes are tied now. Soumya stands first, then Anika, third Pinky, fourth prinku, and last Jhanvi. Rudra went towards Soumya

Rudra: Soumya…

Soumya: ha??

Rudra: sahi kaha.. yee
(yee.. I gussed it right)

Soumya: but tumne mujhe kis naam se pukara?
(but with which name did you call me?)

Rudra: Soumya… kyun??
(Soumya… why??)

Soumya: nahi nahi kuch nahi..
(no no nothing)

Rudra stood there silently for some time holding soumya’s hand, while Soumya was busy in thinking about Rudra.

Everyone: ahem ahem

Soumya came back from her thoughts.

Soumya: Rudra haath choro
(Rudra leave my hand)

Rudra: hmm.. haan haan
(hmm.. yes yes..)

Rudra left her hand and moved forward. He identified all of them standing one by one. After completing he opened the fold of his eyes and looked towards Shivom with a victorious smile.

Rudra: bhaiyaa jeet gaye… yeee
(bhaiyaa we won… yeee)

Shivay: ab koi kuch kahega..?? (looking at Anika)
(will anyone say anything now??)

Anika looked down.

Soumya: wo galti se haar gaye next round hum hi jeetenge
(we mistakenly lose the round we will win the next one… just wait and watch)

Rudra: rahne do sumo… and agar next round tum log nahi jeete to boys gang jeet jayenge… wayse haar maan lo..
(leave it sumo… if you all loose the next round as well then boys gang will win the game… so just accept your defeat)

Priyanka: Rudra bhaiyaa.. wo to next round me hi pata chalega na ki kaun jeetega and kaun harega…
(Rudra bhaiyaa… we will come to know in the next round only that who will win and who will loose)

Shivay: ok wo bhi dekh lenge
(ok we will see to it also)

Daadi: to iss round me to boys’ gang jeet gaye agla round hum kal khelenge abhi sab dinner karke so jao.
(hmm.. boys gang won the round and we will play the next round tomorrow so now everyone have their dinner and go to sleep)

Everyone went back to their room but om went to Chulbul’s room. Chulbul turned him into gauri and just then om entered chulbul’s room. Om is shocked and angry to see gauri in Oberoi Mansion.

Om: tum??

Gauri: haan wo pati dev se milne aaye the
(actually I came here to meet my husband)

Om: what do you mean by that?

Gauri: woo.. chulbul ji se milne aaye the…
(actually… I came here to meet chulbul ji)

Om: chulbul… patidev ye kya kah rahi ho?
(chulbul… husband what are you saying?)

Gauri: wahi jo sach hai
(I’m saying the truth)

Om: make it clear

Gauri: aap mujhe chor kar aa gaye uske baad chulbul ji ne humse shaadi ki to hue na hum unke patni…
(after you left me Chulbul ji married me… so I’m his wife right?)

Om: chuu..chuu..chu..

Rudra was passing by and listened to om’s chu..chu

Rudra: o aap murga kyun ban rahe ho?
(o why are you behaving like a cock?)

Om points towards gauri and says.

Om: chuu.. chuu..

Rudra: sorry gauri bhabhi mere o aaj murge ka bachha ban gaye hai… sorry.. actually wo ye sadma nahi bardasht kar payee
(sorry gauri bhabhi actually my o turned to the baby cock today… sorry… actually he is hell shocked after knowing the truth)

Gauri: sadma??

Rudra: o ka aur chulbul ka kuch kuch hai to isiliye wo ye jankar sadme me chale gaye hai ki chulbul shaadi shudaa hai
(o and chulbul has something between them so he got shocked after knowing that you are chulbul’s wife)

Om: shut up Rudra… gauri Sharma.. chulbul Sharma

Rudra: o.. mai aapki takleef ko samajh sakta hu chaliye aap mere saath
(o.. I can understand your pain… please come with me)

Rudra takes om to his room.

Om: tujhe kaise pata ki gauri chulbul ki wife hai?
(how do you know gauri is chulbul’s wife?)

Rudra: simple chulbul ne bataya tha.. par o aap abhi so jaiye…
(simple chulbul said it to me… but o now you should sleep)

Om: but Rudra..

Rudra: mujhe pata hai o aapka dil tuta hai aur iss wajah se aapko chulbul ki shaadi ke bure sapne aane waale hai par phir bhi o aap sone ka koshish to kijiye
(I know you had a heartbreak and you will get nightmare of chulbul’s marriage today but then also try to sleep)

Om: Rudra tu ja mai so jaunga
(Rudra you go I’ll sleep)

Rudra: pakka?

Om: haan pakaa…
(yes sure..)

Rudra went out and om sat on his bed thinking about his and gauri’s marriage. After sometime he lie down and felt asleep.

Peeps om ko sach me sadma laga hai bechara om. So please stay tuned and I’ll surely try to upload the next episode soon. bye-NILASH

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