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Awwwwww……….. awwww……. Awwww… peeps thank you thank you thank you loaaddsss… for all your lovely comments… please someone pinch me…. Peeps one day I’ll get an heart attack after reading all your wonderful comments leaving an incomplete ff behind and then you all would have to throw your chamelis to the heaven to bring me back to complete the ff………… ok enough of my emotional non sense. Let’s start the episode. The link for the previous episode is given below
Soumya retrns from her day out and was about to enter into her room but our great rudy singh oberoi stopped her
Rudra: aa gayi tum?
(oh you came?)

Soumya: phir se apne stupid questions start mat karna
(now please don’t start your stupid questions again)

Rudra: ok but how was your day?

Soumya: ek dam mast… pata hai kitna maza aayaa
(very fine… I enjoyed a lot today)

Rudra: oh…

Soumya: aur pata hai rohit itna cool dude hai aaj pata laga
(and you know today I came to know rohit is such a cool dude)

Rudra: kyun abb uss rohit ne kya kar diya?
(why? What did that rohit do now?)

Soumya: kitna achha banda hai like the way he talks to me addresses me is just awesome
(he is such a nice guy like the way he talks to me addresses me is just awesome)

Rudra: hmmmm (making a sad face)

Soumya: tum itna rondu sa face kyun bana rahe ho?
(why have you made such a sad face?)

Rudra: kaun mai nahi to… wayse lunch kiya tha theek se?
(who?? Mee… not at all… by the way you took your lunch?)

Soumya: haan bahut maza aayaa aaj lunch par but bahut zyaadaa kha liya so I need to rest now
(yaaa I had enough fun at today’s lunch… but I ate soo much that I need to take rest right now)

Rudra: haan wo tumahara phulaa hua belly dekh kar hi pata lag raha hai
(yaa I can understand that by seeing your round belly)

Soumya: what do you mean?

Rudra: tumhara belly koi pregnant lady se kam nhi lag raha hai itna thushne ke baad
(your belly is looking like a pregnant woman after you had your lunch)

Soumya: what I’m pregnant?

Rudra: haaan tum apna belly lady baba ke belly ke saath compare karna shayad tumhara belly unse bhi bara ho
( yaa you just go and compare your belly with lady baba.. may be your belly is looking more round than her)

Soumya: how cheap you dumbo singh oberoi

Rudra: what cheap? Sahi to kaha maine tumhe dekh kar oh nahi tumhaare belly ko dekhkar koi bhi kahega you are pregnant
(what cheap? I said the truth only…. Anyone will say you are pregnant after looking at you oh no after looking at your belly)

Soumya: tumse na baat karna hi bekar hai actually sirf tum nahi saare ladke hi ayse hote hai
(talking to you is of no use… oh no not only you the total boys in this world are like this only)

Rudra: kya maine sahi to kaha green tea piyo aur apna belly fat kam karo you pregnant girl
(I said right… you have green tea and reduce your belly fat you pregnant girl)

Soumya: chup karo warna mai….
(you just shut up or else…)

Rudra: warna kya?
(or else what??)

Soumya: warna mai tumhe utha kar patak dungi
(or else I’ll give you a bang)

Rudra: haan wo tum zarur kar sakti ho you sumo…
(yaa… that you can obviously do you sumo..)

Soumya: isiliye mai kisi bhi ladke se baat nahi karti unki ye gandi si soch ke liye
(for this reason only I never talk to any boy… for their cheap thoughts only…)

A world war three was going on between soumya and rudra while all other family members gathered at that place.

Om: rudra soumya dono shaanth ho jao
(rudra soumya you both cool down)

Rudra: aap iss jhagde ke beech me nahi bolenge
(you will not talk in between)

Shivay: haaww..

Soumya: kya hawww…. ??
(what hawww…??)

Shivay: ku..kuc..kuch nahi

Soumya: good dekha you dumbo bade bhaiyaa bhi ek ladki se darr gaye
(good see you dumbo your bade bhaiyaa also got scared)

Shivay: kis..kisne kaha
(wh…whoo said that?)

Soumya: aapke expressions ne
(your expressions)

Rudra: oh miss sumo mere bade bhaiyaa kisi se nahi darte….. haina bhaiyaa?
(oh sumo my bade bhaiyaa is not afraid of any one….. right bhaiyaa?)

Shivay: haan.. hann bilkul
(yes…yess of course)

Om: wayse ye jhagda kiss baat ka ho raha tha?
(by the way why you both were fighting?)

Soumya: rudra ne kaha mera belly tia ke baby bump jitna phoola hua hai
(rudra said that my belly is looking like the baby bump of tia’s)

Rudra: haan to sahi to kaha dekho ek baar itna kha kar aayi hai ki iska belly baby bump jaisa hi lag raha hai
(yaa I said right…. At least have a look once.. she ate soo much that her belly is looking like a baby bump only)

Soumya: ohhhhh… baby bump ke bacchhe…
(oh you the son of baby bump…)

Rudra: mai koi baby bump ka bachha nahi hu
(oh I’m not any son of baby bump..)

Soumya: to kahan se tapke ho.. aasmaan se?
(then from where did you come…. From the sky??)

Shivay: achha thik hai ab yeh jhagda band karo
(ok fine now stop this fight)

Soumya: thik hai mai ye jhagda band kar dungi par pahle aap iss stupid singh oberoi se ye maan ne ke liye kahiye ki ladke ladkiyo se hamesha darte hai
(I’ll stop but at first ask this stupid singh oberoi to accept that all the boys are afraid of girls)

Rudra: kyun maanu mai ye jab ye jhut hai to?
(why will I accept this when it is not true)

Shivay: haan kyun mane??? ladke ladkiyon se nahi dara karte
(yaa why should we accept?? Boys are never afraid of girls)

Anika: shayad aap peechle baar ki baat bhul gaye hai
(may be you forgot last time’s challenge)

Shivay: kaun si baat?
(which challenge?)

Anika: wo bhoot waali acting karne ki baat and aap teeno bhaiyaaon ko darane ki baat
(that one… that ghost challenge in which we had to prove that you three brothers are also afraid of ghost)

Om: woo…

Priyanka: kya wo bhaiyaa sahi to kaha hai anika ne
(what actually bhaiyaa?? Anika said the truth only)

Om: peeechle baar tum log dhoke se hame daraye the
(last time you all cheated to defeat us)

Priyanka: hum koi dhoke woke se aapko nahi daraye the… maan bhi jaiye ki aap log darr gaye the
(we never cheated…. Now please accept the fact that you three got afraid)

Soumya: haan and cry baby ka face yaad hai
(yaa.. remember the face of cry baby?)

Priyanka: haan rudra bhaiyaa to kitne funny lag rahe the
(yaa rudra bhaiyaa was looking sooo funny)

Rudra: prinku tu kiski bahan hai?
(prinku whose sister are you?)

Priyanka: aapki

Rudra: to tu unke team se kyun baat kar rahi hai?
( then why are you speaking from their side?)

Priyanka: kyunki ye to girls power vs boys power ki baaat hai….
(because it is the matter or rather say a war between girls power vs boys power)

Shivay: to tu unke team me hai?
(then you are in their team?)

Priyanka: haann

Om: theek hai to mai shivay aur rudra ek team me
(ok then me rudra and shivay are in one team)

Anika: theek hai to mai soumya aur prinku ek team me
(and me soumya and prinku in the other team)

Shivay: so dekhte hai kaun jeet ta hai
(then let’s see who wins)

Priyanka: hum hi jeetne waale hai bhaiyaa
(we will only win bhaiyaa)

Shivay: confidence achha hai par over confidence nahi
(confidence is good but not over confidence)

Om: chulbul tu kiske team me rahega?
(chulbul you will be in whose team?)

Anika: hamare team me
(in our team)

Chulbul: haaan theek hai..
(ok fine…)

Om: tu ladka hai ya ladki?
(you are boy or a girl?)

Chulbul: ladki

Shivomru: kya??

Chulbul (in his mind): kya kar rahi hai gauri tu abhi chulbul chirauta hai gauri chiraiyaa nahi to tu abhi ladki nahi ladka hai
(what are you doing gauri you are chulbul now so you are boy not a girl right now)

Om: tu kuch ab kahega bhi?
(will you say something now?)

Chulbul: naaahi mera matab hai ladke haan ladka
(no I meant boy.. yes boy)

Om: hmmm… good to tu hamare team me rahkar boys gang ko jeetwayega
(hmmm… good so you are in our team and you will help the boys gang to win)

Chulbul (in his mind): ab ye hum kaise kar sakte haiek chiraiyaa hokar chiraiyaa ki team ko haar jaane de… aur inn chirauto ke team me aakar inhe jeetwaayen.. naaahi hum aiysa naahi kar sakte hum hai to chiraiyaa hi
(now how can I do this…. Afterall I’m a girl so how can I let the boys gang win and also become a part of the boys gang it is not possible… no I cannot do this…)

Shivay: then its final chulbul is also in our team

Chulbul: naahi…

Rudra: kyun mere bhabha ji?
(why my dear bhabha ji?)

Om: rudra….

Rudra: ok theek hai theek hai… kyun mere chulbul ji?
(ok ok fine…. Why my chulbul dear?)

Chulbul: woo agar hum aapke team me aa gaye to aap logo ke team me chaar log honge aur inke team me teen log to ye cheating hai isiliye hum wo ban jaate hai
(actually if I participate in your team then your team will be having four members and girls team will be having three so it would be cheating that’s why I’m becoming rafar)

Om: ab ye rafar kya hota hai?
(what is this rafar now?)

Chulbul: wo hota hai na har ek khel me… circket me bhi hota hai
(it is present in every game…. It is present in circket also)

Shivay: you mean referee

Chulbul: haan haan wahi rafari
(yess yess rafari)

Om: chulbul wo rafari nahi referee hai
(chulbul it’s not rafari but referee)

Chulbul: haan wahi to rafari
(yaa that only rafari)

Om: whatever

Daadi: to theek hai ek competition rakhte hai kal jisme teen rounds honge aur jo do rounds jeet jayenge wo winner hoga…
(ok fine let’s conduct a competition tomorrow… three rounds will be there and whoever wins two rounds they will be the winner… fine??)

Shivay: very good idea daadi

Daadi: to pahle rakhte hai cooking competition
(then first cooking competition would be conducted)

Om: fine… usme ek continental dish banaenge and ek Indian dish
(ok fine we eill make a continental dish and one Indian dish)

Shivay: ok no problem

Chulbul: naaahi ek problem hai
(no there is a problem)

Rudra: kya problem?
(what problem?)

Chulbul: aap wo metal dish banaenge to hum naahi khaane waale
(if you make that mental dish then I’m not going to have it)

Om: wo mental nahi continental dish hai
(that is continental not mental)

Chulbul: wahi to mental dish… ab bhala mental dish kaun khataa hai aap hi bataiye daadi ji
(yaa exactly mental… now who eats a mental dish you only say daadi ji)

Shivay: chulbul it’s continental

Rudra: wayse maine sahi hi kaha tha ki chulbul anika bhaabhi ka llloooonnngggg lost bhai hai
(I told it right that chulbul is llllloooooonnnngggg lost brother of anika bhabhi)

Anika: hmm…

Soumya: to bhabhi and priyanka ready?

Priyanka: ready…..

Anika: haan soumya phir se inn ladko ko hara kar dikha denge..
(yess soumya we will defeat them and will show them again what can girls gang do)

Shivay: oh ho hum nahi haarne waale
(oh ho we will not lose)

Soumya: dekha jayega bade bhaiyaa…
(we will see bade bhaiyaa…)


Waah maine shivay singh oberoi ko chor bhi bana diya. Peeps please stay tuned to know what will happen next. For today bbbyyyeeee and please don’t forget to drop all your precious comments. -NILASH

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