AWWWWW….. peeeppss thank you very much for all your comments I just hope that god bless me so that I can fulfill all the desires of you all in my ff. guys just one thing that in this episode priyanka is not there but I’ll be including her as well from the next episode so please pardon me for today… thank you again.

Mai nahi janti ye kab shuru hua, mai yeh bhi nahi janti ki yeh kaise shuru hua, par mai bas itna janti hun ki yeh shuru hua hai aur yeh jo bhi hai bas mera hai. Hmmm wo mere shivay hai. Pata hai chinti jab se mujhe ye pata laga hai ki shivay bas mere hai mai yeh bhi jaan gayi hun ki unke bina jee nahi sakti aur wo bhi mere bina nahi jee sakte par pata nhi kyun wo iss baat ko maan te hi nahi par chal chodd wo to hai hi bhagadd bille. Chall aaj itna hi kaafi hai bye good night…

( I don’t know when it started and how it started but I know it started and it is all mine. Hmmm shivay is mine. Do you know chinty when I realized that he is mine I also realized the fact that I cannot leave without him and so does he but don’t know why he never agrees to the fact. But leave it he is bhagadd billa after all. So bye for today good night…)

Reads anika’s diary. No one knew that she writes diary as well but just some time ago shivay discovered the fact and this is the last writing of anika which she wrote two days ago after everything in the kidnapping case of shivay got sorted out. A smile sticked in shivay’s face after he completed reading the diary of anika. Anika entered the room unnoticed by shivay.

Anika: billu ji kya kar rahe hai aap?
(billuji what are you doing)

Shivay came back to his senses and tried to hide the diary but he failed and anika’s sight caught the diary in shivay’s hand

Anika: ohh to aap meri diary padh rahe hai??? Aapne meri chinty ko haath kaise lagaya??
(ohh you are reading my diary? How can you touch my chinty without my permission?)

Anika asked angrily

Shivay: woo.. woo nahi nahi to yee tum..tummhhaari diary hai?? Yeh chinty kaun hai
(noo.. noo.. is it your diary?? By the way who is this chinty?)

Shivay asked anika with a continuous stammer in his words

Anika: chinty meri diary ka naam hai aur upar jab anika likhi hai tab to ye meri diary hi hai. Par aap meri diary kyun padh rahe the?
(chinty… my diary and if anika is written at the top of the diary then obviously it is my diary but why were you reading it?)

Shivay: maaii..mai nahi padha seriously
(Seriously I did not read it)

Anika: seriously?? theek hai to phir dijiye…. Wapas kijiye meri chinty ko
(seriously? Ok fine give my chinty back to me)

Shivay: chinty?? Tum hare k naam c se kyun sochti ho chikni, champa, chameli aura b ye chinty….. you are mad
(chinty?? Why do you always use c for the name of your things’?? you are mad)

Anika: thank you billuji aap ke gyaan ke liye par ye meri cheezen hai mai kuch bhi naam rakhun aap bas mere chinty ko wapas kijiye…
(thank you billuji but I don’t need your advice… those are my things I can choose any name for them what is the problem of yours’?? whatever give my chinty back to me)

Anika comes close to shivay to grab the diary from his hand but shivay is smarter than her and passed the diary to another hand and escaped from the spot. Anika ran behind him but was unable to get hold of the diary. They were running like two kids around the hall, shivay first and after him anika. Daadi was standing there and was shocked by this act of both of them..

Daadi: ye kya ho raha hai?
(what is going on??)

Shivay came beside daadi and tried to hide behind her but anika came close and both started to run around daadi, daadi was about to fall but our rudy boy came and hold her

Rudra: daadi aap theek to hai na??
(daadi are you ok??)

Daadi: haan rudra par ye dono kya kar rahe hai?
(yes rudra but what are they doing)

Rudra: billi apne billu ke peeche bhaag rahi hai
(billi is running behind her billu)

Daadi: wo to mujhe bhi dikh raha hai par kyun? Koi mujhe bataega please……
(that I can also see but please will anyone say what is going on?)

They unheard daadi and ran towards om’s room where om was making a very beautiful idol. Shivay started to run around om and after him anika he then passed the diary to om. Om was about to give the diary to anika but shivay grabbed it and in this act Shivay collided with om and and om’s hand fell on the idol which made the half made idol to fall down and break. Om was hell shocked and at the same time angry. Everyone at the house ran towards om’s room and was shocked by the sight. Om was looking at shivay like an angry bird. Shivay stopped and also anika. Shivay was looking at om with a cry baby face.

Om: ye tune kya kiya shivay?
(what did you do shivay?)

Shivay: woo…woo.. so…soos…sorry

Anika was feeling guilty and was looking at the floor.

Om: sorry?? Sorry se meri ye murti phir se ban jayegi?
(sorry?? With your sorry I’ll get back my idol huh??

Shivay made a sorry face like a kid as if he has said some lie and got caught. He was staring angrily at anika and signaling her that he would not leave her.

Om: tu bhabhi ko kya dekh raha hai meri taraf dekh aur mujhse baat kar
(why are you looking at anika look at me and talk to me)

Rudra got scared seeing this angry bird avataar of om

Rudra: o..

Om: rudy tu beech me nahi bolega
(rudy you will not say a word in between)

Daadi patted on rudra’s back after om completed his sentence

Shivay: sorry om wo actually galti se mistake ho gaya sorry please gussa mat ho please
(sorry om it happened mistakenly sorry please don’t get angry)

Om: galti se mistake????

Rudra: bhaiyaa sorry to kah rahe hai na o maan jao na please
(o he is saying sorry leave him please)

Shivay: haan om maan jaa na
(yes om please forgive me please)

Om looked at anika who made pleading eyes and was holding her ears. Then anika winked her left eye unnoticed by everyone. Om also winked back.

Om: ok ok theek hai par shivay you will get a punishment for this
(ok ok fine but you will get punished for this)

Shivay (in his tadibaaz attitude): shivay singh oberoi ko koi punishment nahi deta
(shivay singh oberoi never gets any punishment)

Om: school me yaad hai shivay tujhe ek baar punishment mila tha kyun ki tu homework karke nahi gaya tha
(remember shivay once in school you were without homework and you got punished for that)

Shivay at once looked down the floor. Anika smirked looking at shivay.

Rudra: haan bhaiyaa ko murga banna pada tha
(yaa bro had to sit like a cock..)

Shivay: isse kisne kaha?
(who said this to him?)

Rudra: o ne

Shivay: oommm???

Om smiled a little and then got back to his angry bird avataar

Om (angrily): shiivaayy…?? Tu mujhe kya apni tadi dikha raha hai aaj tu meri tadi dekhega
(today is the day for me to show attitude not you)

Shivay (in his tadibaaz attitude): ok fine sorry bol kya punishment
(ok fine sorry what is the punishment?)

Om: good boy par thoda pyaar se sorry bol
(good boy but little softly)

Shivay (a little softly): soorryy… happy??

Om: hmmm so kal tu office nahi jaa raha
(hmmm so you are not going to office tomorrow)

Shivay: fhat the wuck???

Om: wait wait abhi bhi baki hai
(wait still not over)

Shivay: ab aur kya?
(now what?)

Om: pure din ham sab youngsters’ ghar par enjoy karenge
(the whole day we all youngsters’ will enjoy at home)

Rudra: yeeeeyeeee yipeee…. (Does his signature step and throws a flying kiss to om)

Shivay stares at rudra and rolls his eyes on him

Om: soch le shivay agar tu ya punishment nahi manega to phir mai tujhe maaf nahi karunga
(think shivay think if you don’t agree with me then I won’t forgive you)

Shivay: ok ok fine

Rudra runs to shivay and kisses on his cheek

Rudra: I love you bhaiyaa

Om extends his hand for an obro hug shivay (though unwillingly) and rudra hugs him. Lafzon ka ye rishta….. Plays at the background. Om and rudra winks to each other. Everyone disperses to their respective room. Shivika also went back to their room. Shivay was staring at anika angrily. Anika notices this but behaves as she did not notice anything.

Anika: shivay so jaiyee kal masti bhi karni hai to aaj zaraa sa rest le lijiye
(take rest shivay after all tomorrow you have to enjoy the party)

Shivay: you are mad tumhari wajah se om ka wo murti tut gaya and tumhe dekho koi fark hi nahi par raha. Asso… huhh??
( you are mad for you only that idol of om fell down and you are not affected at all. ASSO huh??)

Anika: asso??

Shivay: anika stone singh oberoi

Anika: maine kya kiya aap mere diary kyun padh rahe the? Aap ki galti aur haan mere diary me to koi khazana hai nahi jo aap wayse chup kar padh rahe the
(what did I do? Why were you reading my diary? It’s your mistake and by the way no gold is there in my diary then why were you reading it?)

Shivay: wapas kar diya na maine diary ab bas so jao iss baare mujhe koi baat nahi karni infact mujhe tum se hi koi baat nahi karni
(I gave back your diary now just go I don’t want to talk in this matter and infact I don’t want to talk to you)

Anika: nahi karni to mat kijiye bas raat ko bail ki tarah chillaiye mat and so jaiye
(ok fine you don’t want to talk then it is fine by me but don’t shout like a bull at night)

Anika sleeps facing at one side and smiling while on the other side shivay looking at her shockingly as well as angrily with an o face. After some time he also lies down facing the other side and murmurs something.

Anika: kuch kaha aapne?
(did you say anything)

Shivay: kuch nahi baat kyun kar rahi ho tumse baaat nahi karna kaha naa
(no nothing why are you talking I said na I don’t want to talk to you)

Anika: theek hai good night.
(ok fine good night)

Anika turns to other side. She remembers about aniomru’s plan for the celebration.
Aniomru was standing face to face and discussing something

Rudra: bhabhi bhaiyaa wapas aaye and isske khushi me hume koi celebration to karna hi chahiye
(bhabhi bhaiyaa came back so we should celebrate right??)

Om: rudra tu pahli baar kuch dimaag wala baat kaha hai
(rudra your words are making sense for the first time)

Rudra: shut up o mere paas dimaag hai bas aapko aur bhaiyaa ko nahi dikhta
(shut up o I always say sensible things only you and bhaiyaa did not notice it)

Anika: ok baba theek hai celebration to karenge par shivay itni asani se nahi manne waale
(ok fine but shivay will not agree so easily)

Om: sahi kaha bhabhi aapne to use manaye kaise
(yes bhabhi then what can we do?)

Anika: ek kaam kar sakte hai agar tum dono me se koi use kaho to shayad wo maan jaye
(omru if you say then he can agree)

Om: nahi itni asani se to wo nahi manne walla
(no he will not agree so easily..)

Rudra: too…???

Anika: pata nahi..
( don’t know..)

Dadi comes over there and says something to them which was muted and then everybody together says yeeeeee…
Yes that diary as well as that idol incident was just a plan to make shivay agree for the party. And they all succeeded.


Sorry if I’ve bored anyone and thank you for reading. I’ll be posting the next part on 9th so till then please forgive me. Waiting for all your suggestions and comments as well thannnkksss….. -NILASH

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