O’bros in love with Singhania sister’s episode 4

Episode 4
Doctor: Sir i am sorry to say but u can take miss Singhania only tmrw… as it is very late…
Shivaay: ok then..
Doc: Sir, there is a bad news!
Shivaay: wht?
Doc: sir becoz of the shock she has slipped into coma..
Shivaay: whaaaaaat???
Shivaay calls OmRuSauRi and tells them wht the doctor said..they r not able to believe there ears
OmRu: Shivaay/Bhaiya we r cming
Shivaay: no no .. its okay… Tell mom not to worry..As i hv not been to home frm 3 days
OmRu: ok …. Byeee
Shivaay goes to Anika’s room
Shivaay: Ani… tmrw u will go to ur future in laws house… love u frm the bottom of my heart… hope u cm out of coma soon
Shivaay keeps his ear on her chest to hear her heart beat… he falls asleep over there only…

Shivaay (on the phone): Mom!!! Aaj hamare family ka koi bahut important khissa banne ja raha hai.. isliye mein chahta houn k aap sarri tayyari karen… mere room ko acche se saaf kar dena..(Mom!!! Today a very imp. person is going to b a part of our family… thatswhy i want u do all the preparetions…Clean my room properly)
Pinky: theek hai mere heere.. ( ok my diamond)
Shivayy: Doc i am taking Anika…
Doc: ok sir… we’ll arrange the ambulence for u !!!
Shivaay: ok… fast…
Shivaay(on the phone): OmRu….. Tumhari bhabhi ghar aarahi hai.. appne appne walion ko bhi boldo… aur unhe bhi boldo..
OmRu (blushing): hmmmm..πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
**(pinky is a good charechter in this story.. she treats Anika as her own child)

….in OM ….
Pinky: no wonders!! Kouns aaraha hai … jo mere Shivaay ne apna rooms saaf karne k liye bola..
That’s when ShivOmRuSauRi enter with Anika on the stretcher..
Pinky and others all were present…
Pinky: Oh My Mata’sss… hamari Anika ko kya hua??
Others: ye kya hua? Kaise hua??
Shivaay: ye 3 din phele ki baat hai …. he tells the whole story(it’s muted)
Pinky: meri bichari Anika beti…
Shivaay: mom!!! Bechari “beti” nahi … bechari “bahu”…
Everyone exept OmRuSauRi are astonished.
Pinky: kyaa?? (Confused)
Shivaay: I hv taken the dicesion that after Anika get well We bth will marry…
Pinky: Shivaay!! Tu ne akkele yeh decision leliya … Anika n haan kaha ya nahi..???
Shivaay: usne kuch nahi kaha… lekin mujhe pata hai…
Then Shivaay leads the wardboy and nurses to his room.. they put Anika on his bed..
Pinky : Shivaay!! Shaadi se pehle…. (cut of by Shivaay)
Shivaay: Mom i know my limits… and whenever I am with Anika… her heartbeats normally … but once i went to mk sm frmalities… she started breathing heavily… (sorry i din’t tell it in tell bfr episode)…
Pinky : okayss… Anika can stay here..
Shivaay: thnkx for understanding… (on the phone): doc u hv to cm everyday to check Anika…
Doc: ok Mr.Oberoi…
OmRuSauRi leave OM …. They go to SM…

SauRi: welcome aboard!!! OmRu
OmRu: whoa!! Nice mansion…
*Discription: As soon as u enter the house …. u can see big big photos of the Singhnia sister’s, the family pics, there childhood pics…etc etc…
Rudra notices a boy in the pic.
Rudra: who is that boy?
SauRi: that’s our younger brother… His name Is Sahil Singhania.. he has just finshed master’s… He has gone to Australia to party with his bffs..
Rudra: Even Prinku has gone to Australia..
SauRi: cm w’ll show u the rooms (thinking in mind: ur future roomsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰)
Rudra messages Om …. Om says ok… its the right time…
Om: Gauri show me ur room and ur statues..
Gauri: yup why not…
Om and gauri go…
Rudra: show me ur room saumya..
Saumya: yup cm..
Rumya also goo…
While in OM…
Shivaay: welcome to Oberoi Mansion Ani… i hpoe u get well soon nd cm in this house as MRS. ANIKA SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. I Luv U Anikaaa..
Anika had a movement in her finger it wΓ s noticed by Shivaay… he was sooo sooo happy…
Shivaay: Mom, dad, bada papa, badi maa, dado everyone cm see this…

Everyone gathers in the room..
Pinky: wht happened?
Shivaay: look at her finger…
Everyone looks at Anikas finger …
Shivaay: I Luv u Anikaaaa..
She once again had a movment in her hand… everyone was maad with happinness..
Shakti: I’ll call the doctor so that he can check Anika beta….
Shivaay: ok.
Doc: this is a miracle.. she is recovering… She is responding…. She can hear u… Mr. Oberoi pls cm out…
Shivaay and the doc cm out of the room.
Doc: Mr Oberoi.. may I ask u somthing?
Shivaay: yes
Doc: r u going to marry miss Anika? If yes does she know abt it? If no then this can help u bring her back to normal…
Shivaay was maad with happiness… He called everyone out and gv the good news..
Pinky: yes Shivaay I want to make Anika my daughter in law..
….While in SM….
Om kneels down while gauri is busy showing the statues…
Om: Gauri…
Gauri is astonished seeing Om in this position
Gauri: wht r u doing Om
Om: woh junoon ho gaya hai swar is dill o dimaag par jo kabhi na utrega mujh par se… Us junoon ka naam hai Gauri Singhania… Kya aap ko ye junoon e ishq qubool hai.
Gauri (wth tears in her eyes): haan haan haan!!
She goes and hugs him… and kisses him near his lips…πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

RuMya room
Saumya is busy showing him all the family pics… Rudra kneels down both of his knees..
Rudra: saumy
Saumya (ashotinshed): ye kya hai Rudra??
Rudy: Mere zindagi mein mere bhaiya’s k baad mera protein shake tha… Lekin kisi our ne uska jagah le liya hai..
Saumya: hmmm?? Kisne??
Rudra: woh wo hai jiske samne mera fav. Protein shake bhi phika padh na ta hai… Us ka na’am Saumya Singhania hai.. Saumya Singhania …. Would u love to b Saumya Rudra Singh Oberoi???
Saumya: hmmm.. let me think…
Rudra makes a puppy face..
Saumya: hmmm… Yes sssss m’y hubby…
She kisses him just beside his lips… πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Precap: Anika cm out of coma… Shivika propose… party…Romance romance and romance..


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