O’bros in love with Singhania sister’s – Episode 2

Episode – 2

Shivaay: Gauri can u tell me wht was Anika doing there?
Gauri: She had a doubt on Tia that she was cheating u and ur family so di went behind her. I don’t know wht happend then
Doctor: U all can go home only one person stay over here
Sauri: Jiju u stay with Anika di.
Shivaay : OmRu plz drop Sauri at home
Gauri: Jiju pls don’t tell anyone that we r Singhania’s
Shivaay: (feeling better)theek hai sali sahiba…
All of them go..
Shivaay is waiting outside
Doc: The opretion is succsesful. But the paitent has not gained
Shivay goes inside the room.
Shivaay: Why did u do this to me? U know na that I can’t live without u! Why Ani why?
Shiv has tears in his eyes. He sits on the chair holds Anika’s hand and puts his head down besides Anika and sleeps..

Anika(gaining consiousness): Shivaay!! Shivaay!! Tia issss(cut by
Shivaay: Doctor !! Doctor !!
Doc: sir pls go out !!! We hv check her!!
While in OM mansion
Rudra: O bhaaiyaaaa.!!!
Om: wht happend!!
Rudra: I was not able to sleep last night
Om: mee tooo… why were you not able to sleep
Rudra I was dreaming about Anika di’s sis Soumya. She was looking soo cute…
Om : mee too .. i was dreaming abt Gauri… we hv soo many simmilarities
OmRu: I thnk she is my best life partner.
OmRu: i’ll propose her after Anika di is fine.
OmRu: wht?
Om: Rudra… dil mein jo kuch bhi hota hai na use bol de na chahiya warna baad mein pata chal ta hai ki koi use tumse cheen leta hai.
Rudra: ok O

….Meanwhile in hospital….
Shivaay calls OmRu and asks them to contact Sauri and cm to the hospital… after sm time they cm
OmRuSauRi: wht happened bhaiyya/jiju
Shivaay: i dont know .. i was sleeping nd suddenly Ani started speaking…
Omrusauri were all happy they thaught Anika hd cm out of the shock.
Doc: As i said bfr she is in the state of shock… she tird to gain consiousness… She is fine now we hv given hr sm medicines. She needs rest..
Shivaay: Doc can we take her hm. I think she will get well soon. She might improve if she is at home.
Doc: ok u cn take her hm…
Gauri: Jiju i forgot to tell u smthing.
Shivaay: wht
Gauri: Jiju, di was talking abt sm video recording
Shivaay: ok. I hv her phone but i dont know the password.
Gauri: its her left thumb finger.
Shivaay: ok . I am with Ani
OmRuSauRi: ok

Shivaay goes into the room
Om: i am feeling soo sad fr Shivaay
Rudra messages Om…Om reads the message and smiles… The sm thing happens with Sauri…
OmRu: R u both free today
SauRi: Yes we r always free
OmRu: ok then we’ll go out then.. which hotel?
Suddenly gauri interupts
Gauri: oh no!! I hv sm work in the office.
Rudra: U also go to office like Anika di?
Gauri: nah!!! I like making statues.. Only Anika nd dad go to office.. i hv sm wht sense of business so till Anika gets well i hv to take care of business… mom and dad hv gone to Singapore fr sm meeting.
Om:let’s go to the office and then to the hotel..
While inside the room
Shivaay on’s anika’s phone and sees the lock screen wallpaper and smiles it hd the pic of the Singhania sisters. He takes out his phone and see the O’bros pic.

Precap: Shivaay opens Anika’s phone… Shivaay shocked… GuKara And Rumya Romance..

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