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Episode 19
—————————1 week later——————Oberoi Mansion———–
Anikas POV
Its 6 in the morning… i got up due to morning sickness.. the only thing tht cn satisfy my MS was sairabano.. sorry.. americano…Facing the blacony.. the morning sunshine hitting ur face.. the warmth of the sunlight…. with black coffee…. sorry sairabano.. i mean americano in ur hand.. and the cool breeze playing with ur hair.. tht mixed feel of warmth as well as coolness… i just luv it.. …. this my morning routine.. living with Shivaay has made me also a americano holic…and today is my sisters and brothers engagment.. oh and its my sister in law and brother in law engagement too..u r also invited.. actually.. they r getting married to each other.. isint it funny.. during the wedding.. i will b frm the baraat side and i will b welcoming the baraat.. and talking abt this week… it has been a tough one..

its soo difficult to hide ur pregnancy frm ur family.. but luckily.. shivaay had said everyone tht i was weak.. so i dint hv to do any work.. and this whole week shivaay used to cm home by 4:00.. i said him.. if he countinues this thn the family will hv a doubt on us.. but he is the great shri shri SSO.. he dosent listen to me.. and thn cm my 2 bodygaurds.. my RiKara.. they dont let me get bored at all… till Shivaay cms they r with me only… aftr he cms.. they leave us alone.. and this Sweet Singh Oberoi.. he starts his romance any where.. 2rs chepde.. arre.. oh betê ki.. how cn a forget.. today is my happiest day in my life.. today we will b able to see our babyy.. i am getting crazy… thts when i feel smones hand around my stomach.. and sm ones rough lips on my million dollar cheek…
——————————–End of POV———————————

An: shiv…
Sh: ani…
An: shiv.. kya aap bhi… kahin bhi shuru ho jate ho…
Sh: biwi ho tum meri.. itna to karsakta houn..
An: hmm..
Sh: kya baat hai Ani..
An: shivaay .. aap kuch bhool rahe ho..
Shivaay kisses her..

An: ye nahi..
Sh: i knw… aaj doctor bose ka appointment hai na.. ? Excited to see our baby??
An: yes.. shiv.. toooo excited.. u knw.. aftr one mnth.. i want to go for honeymoon..
Sh: but Ani… is halat mein..
An: arre .. mein Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki biwi houn..
Sh: nahi…

An: wht??
Sh: tum sirf Shivaay ki biwi ho.. the Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi is for outside world.. tumhare liye only Shivaay ..
He kisses her again.. she also kisses him.. she goes to change her dress.. she cms bck wearing her white colour with red rose print dress.. he is wearing a white blazer with off white checks…
Sh: ani.. u look pretty in this dress..
A: i knw shivaay..
They bth go and sit near the pool.. dipping their legs in water.. bth of thm hving a americano in their hand… hugging each other… she hd covered her head in his chest…
A: Shiv…
Sh: hmm..

A: will u still love me the much only aftr i grow fat.. in these cming mnths??
Sh: noo… i will luv u more.thn before.. becoz u hv given me the worlds best happiness..
A: i luv u too shivaay..
He kisses her hair..
A: shiv… its 10:00… i think we shuld leave..
Sh: ya .. the appointment is of 10:30 … ri8?
A: yes..
He got up to go but..
A: shiv..

Sh: yes meri jaan..
A: will u plz drive the car..
Sh: hmmm…
A: plz.. u cant do this much also for me?? (Fake crys..)
Sh: ok … anything fr u jaan..
They bth get up.. they were passing through the hall… it felt like no one was their at hm.. everyone was sleeping …
A: shiv.. is everything fine??
Sh: ya y?? R u feeling ok?? Shall i call the ambulance??
A: no no… coz everyone is sleeping till so late?!..
Sh: let thm sleep… wll go..
They bth go.. they bth r near the car whn Khanna cms..
K: sir.. cm .. whr u want to go??

A: khanna bhai.. shivaay will b driving..
K: but ma’am.. (cut by Anika..)
A: how many times shall i tell u not to call me ma’am.. i am only Anika for u.. got it..
K: but..
Anika stares at him..

K:okay… Anika… but whr r u going??
A: we r going out.. but trust me.. we r going to get smone.. but bhai .. promise me tht u will not tell abt it to anyone..
K: promise..
Shivika leave…
——————————- doctor bose’s cabin, St Teresa hospital—————————
Anika is laying on the bed.. shivaay holding her hand.. they bth r hv tht michmichi wali feeling… a gel is spread on Anika’s tummy.. then the ultra sound machine is placed on her tummy.. it is still blur.. then the doc scrolls it around her tummy.. thn we cn see smthing bigger thn a clot ..
Doc: congratulations.. u r pregnant..
Sh: really..

He hugs Anika.. and kisses her forehead..
Doc: Mr N Mrs. Oberoi.. do u want to hear the heart beat..
Shivika: yes please..
Doc does smthing and then they r able to hear the heartbeat.. shivikas were hving a khidkithood smile on their faces..
Sh: doc now cn we tell the family??
Doc: yes…
Shiviks leave frm the hospital…

—————————– in the car——————————-
Sh: Anika.. i am sooooooooooo happy…
A: me too shiv..
Sh: ok.. lets go hm..
A: no shiv.. i want to hv ice cream…
Sh:ok.. thn lets celebrate..

They go to an ice cream parlour.. hv Anika fav. Kulfi.. in car..
A: shivaay.. i hv a unique way to give surprise to the family members..
Sh: so wht hv u thought??
A: so.. we will b giving a letter to each and every member of the family…during the engagement cermony… in tht letter it will b written..(its written in hindi)

B.big dadi/ B.big nanu/ bade dadu / nanu / dadu / badi dadi / nani / dadi / bade papa / badi maa / chote papa / choti maa / chachu / chachi / bua maa/ bade mama / Khanna mama..
Mein app sab k pass jald hi aa raha/rahi houn.. aap meri mummy ka aur mera khayaal rakhna.. mujhe dher sare tohfe lake dena.. i luv gifts… i luv u all….meli mummy kuch mahinoun mein moti ho jai gi..mele payda ho ne k baad app sab unko phele ki talha fit karne mein help kalenge na.. plomise?? mein jab aap sab ke pass aaoun ga/gi.. to mein bahut chota/choti rahoun ga/gi… phir kuch saal baad mein badi ho gaun gi… par mein hamesha aap ke liye chota/choti rahunga/rahungi… bade papa&maa, chote papa&maa and chachu&chachi… u knw i will get boled becoz aftr i will b born… thn no one willl b thr of my age or anyone younger thn me.. so plomise me tht till i am 2 i will get a sisters or brothers.. plomise.??? Pinky plomise..???
With lots and loads of luv and surprises..

Is ghal ka/ki chirag..

Sh: wow Ani… superb.. ok ill tell khanna to print like this for everyone..
A: ok shiv.. but i need 2 more with Dear B.big dadu and B.big nani..
Sh: but y anu??
A: it is for ur dadu and my dadi.. i will keep it in the temple..
Sh: ok my love..
They reach OM..
Whn they enter OM.. everyone was hving breakfast..
Dadi: no one will ask questions.. they r husband and wife.. they might hv gone for a long drive..
Everyone: ok dadi/maa…

Shivika also cm and hv breakfast..

——————-Author POV————————
I am shifting to the engagement function..
The two brides r been brought down frm the stairs by AniSauRi… and the grooms with ShivOmRu cm frm the enterance side of OM.. the couple is steated on the sofa made fr thm..
They ring ceremony started..
First pinky and Ganga put the chunri on miku and prinku…. mahi made miku wear the ring and vice versa.. continued by sahil and prinku.. thn everyone started the gift ceremony… first dadu fllowed by dadi tej n jhanvi Aman n Ganga shakti n pinky then cm shivaay and Anikas turn..
Sh: we will give our gift atlast.. Om u cn continue..
Then Rikara and Rumya …
Dadi: abhi to dede inko apna gift..

A: ek min dadi..
They bth r looking towards the enterance… Anika claps her hand… many maids cm with a decorated thal in each one of their hand.. thr is a letter in each thall…
Dadu: ye kya hai beta??
Sh: atrention everyone!!! This gift is not only for Mahika and Prihil but for everyone..
A: Khanna bhai.. whr r u??
Kh: yes ma’am..
Bth shivika stare at him..
Kh: sorry .. sorry.. yes Anika.. wht happened..

A: since i hv said u my bhai.. so u will b a part of our happiness..
A: (maids) : go and distribute it among them .. give it to the repective person…
The maids go and give it to all the members of the family.. all of thm tk it ..
Sh: open it and read..
Everyone opens and reads..
Anika cms and stands near shivaay…. Shivaay put his hand on Anikas shoulder..
Dadi: is this true??
Anika blushes..

Sh: yes dadi.. we r going to be parents…
Everyone cms and congratulate thm.. pinky cms and hugs her..
P: aakhir kaar.. mere kanji ankho wale pota poti ka arman pura hogaye ga..
Anika blushes… A sound cms frm the bck…
Man and woman: hamara koi swagat karega..

Precap: some confusion… the whole family back together

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