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Episode 18

Screen opens with Everyone sitting in the magnificient dinning table.the chairs were the royal ones.. but their were two more huge one on bth sides of the table. Dadu on one side of the table. The other one was empty.. a big “A” was written on it..

Aman: whr r Shivika??
Gauri: rosetta!!! Rosetta .. go and see whr jiju amd Anika r??
Rosetta goes.. she cms after 15 mins..
Rosetta: Ma’am i searched the left wing ma’am .. i dint find thm..
G: Dadu.. now u only call thm.. (cut by rudra..)
R: Bhabi.. i called thm almost 20 times.. they r not picking up the phone…
Sau: Rudra… dadu hs sm magic in his phone… whn ever like this happens .. thn didi will only pick up dadus phone.. dadu call na..
Dadu: ok beta..
He mvs to the living room and calls Anika..
Dadu: pick up the phone anika.. warna tera bhanda phoot jayega..
The scren is now showing 2 people sleeping peacefully.. in the arms of each other.. yes u r ri8 .. thts shivika..

Anika picks the phone..
D: thnk god u picked the phone..
A: dadu.. wht happened..
D: i think yesterday night was very nice han??
Anika blushes…
D: look at the time.. wake up Shivaay.. warna tera bhanda phoot jaye ga.. get up..
Anika hurrly gets up ..
A: shivvv… get up.. get up…
Shivaay gets up.. he holds her waist and pulls her towards him..

Sh: wht happened Anika?? Kal raat ka romance bas nahi tha kya??
A: o hello!! Look at the time… smone will cm.. and remember we r not in our room..
Shivika get up.. and cm out of the secret wall..
A: shiv .. u took all ur things frm there??
Sh: yes..
Anika turns the statue kept in one side.. the wall closes.. bth of them cm to the hall.. on the way..
A: shiv.. dont tell it to anyone.. not even OmRuHi.. ?? Ok??
Sh: ok jaan.. acha listen..
A: hmm.. wht?
Sh: i luv smone else.

A: wht??? How could u shivaay.. how could u ..?? I hate u ..
Sh: arre baba.. wht can i do.. u knw .. whr tht person lives..
A: idk.. and i dont want to know … go away..
Sh holds her tummy..
Sh: tht person lives here..
Anika smiles..
They reach the dinning area..

Om: shivaay??
Ru: whr wre u ??
Mahi: why dint u pick up the calls??
Gau: Anika??
Sau: whr the hell wr u??
Ka: why werent u picking up the calls damit..
Dadu: arre.. question kumar’s and question kumari’s.. let thm atleast sit.. and no mr questions..

Anika goes and sits in the royal chair with A written on it..
Om: bhabi.. ithought tht chair was of dad.. coz thr is A written on it..
Aman: no Om.. tht is Anika’s chair.. it is said tht the head looks aftr family and is the one who sits on tht chair.. and in our case .. Anika is the head..cause whn i … papa.. and ganga were busy building this empire.. anika was the one who used to look aftr this family.. papas medicines.. KaRiSauHil’s studies, their food .. everything.. u knw.. she and Kanika only used to attend the meetings whn [he hits saumya and sahils head playfully] these two used to do mischivis at school..and college too..
Dadu: i want everyone to assemble in the meeting hall at sharp 1:00.
Oberois: meeting hall..??

Singhanias: we will shw it to u.. dont worry..

——————-1:00———–meeting hall,sighania mansion———————
Dadu: aman.. u remember ur kalyani aunty and prithvi uncle??
Aman: yes dad.. i remeber thm very well..
Dadi: tej Shakti.. u remember Samrath uncle and Arthi aunty??
Tejkti: yes maa.. we remember thm..
Dadu/dadi: see this is ur kalyani aunty/samrath uncle..
Tejktian: wht??
Then they all hv a jolly time telling their old stories..pranks..and good old time… then the time flies away..they even hd lunch over there..

———————Unknown place, Dehradun————-
Man: plz dont cry… i knw we hv been hidding frm them frm past 30 yrs.. i knw they r also missing us.. but u hv to stay strong..
Women: i knw .. i hv to b strong .. but when ever i see him talking to my photo . I feel if i could hv been with him..
M: ok. Listen.. i hv a suprise fr u.. Aftr 1 week … ur grand daughter and grand son and my grnd daughter and son r going to get married..
W: really.. thank u bhai saab…

M: anything for u bhabi..
————————2:00———————–Singhania mansion————–
Sh: Anika… c’mon.. we r sitting in the car cm fast..
Shivaay thn remembers tht she is pregnant..
Sh: oh shit.. u dumbello..
He goes and brings Anika holding her hand… he makes her sit properly in the car in the back seat..
Sh: Om … Gauri… u bth cn sit in the front plz?
Om: yeah!!
Gau: isme plz bolne ka kya hai jiju..
Ganga and Aman were standing together when Ganga spoke

G: Aman.. look Shivaay cares sooo much fr our Anika haina?..
Am: yes.. i remember…
G: when i was expecting with Anika… how u used to hold me hand and care for me …
Bth of them smile…
AmanGaThKaHil bid farewell to the oberois…
Everyone in the sm order.. but Mahi was with Rumya and Priyanka..
Om : Anika bhabi.. Shivaay..

Shivika: hmm bolo..
G: we r hving a doubt .. cn u clear it plzz..
Sh: haan… bolo..
Om: ammmm….. is bhabi pregnant??
Shivika see each other thn blush..
Sh: yes om.. but..
Om: wuhuuu!!!! See i said u Gauri..
G: i knw om..

Sh: but dont tell anyone at hm…
G: but y jiju??
Sh: becoz sm tests r left.. we will b going this weekend.. to knw the results.. and we dont want to build hopes in their hearts.. thts why.. and till den zip up ur mouths.. ok??
Omri: ok shivaay/jiju..
Om: cn we .. only 4 of us go out to celebrate?? Plzzzzzz plzzzz
Sh: Ommm…
Gau: plzzzz plzzzz plzzz… jiju plzzz.. anika plzzz..
A: ok .. but plz inform others tht we hv sm important wrk ..
Om calls Tej while Shivaay calls Mahi..

ShivOm: ok.. Mahi/dad.. u all reach hm.. we will reach within an hour.. bye..
Om: dn..
Sh: yup .. dn.. now whr to go..
An: tht ramu lal mahajan street stall.. plzz.. wahan k gol gappe toh.. yummmmmmyy!!! Plzzz..
Sh: Ani.. sm other time.. look its not good fr the baby..
Om: i agree.. bhabi.. aftr our champ is born thn u can hv …
G: yes Anika.. plzzz zid na kar..
An: (annoyed): okayy!!!

Sh: of u want i will make gol gappe fr u at hm..
An: ok lets go to Zodiac..
Om: ok ..
They all reach hotel Zodiac
——————————- Hotel Zodiac———————
It was the restuarent of their family friend .. Mr Gogoi..
They r welcomed by Mr Gogoi..
They all hv food.. chit chat..
Sh: Om its 3:30.. we must leave..

An: ya .. even i am not feeling well..
She just said so .. and she felt like vomitting.. she ran to the washroom..
Sh: Anika.. wht happened?? Gauri..
G: jiju.. its the first stage of pregnancy na.. tht why.. i will go and chk..
Gauri goes.. she cms bck with Anika.. shivaay hlds her hand..
Sh: Ani.. r u ok..?? Om lets go hm..
Om: yes yes.. chalo gauri… cm bhabi..

They bid farewell to Mr Gogoi..
They all start frm hotel Zodiac… they reach hm by 4:15..
—————Oberoi Mansion——-4:15—————-
As soon as they enter the mansion..
Pinky: oh my mata!!!! Shivaay.. whrs hd u taken my heera bahu’s..??
Sh: no whr mom.. we hd sm work so we finished it and we cm…
Om: yes choti ma…
Shivika go to their rooms.. as they wre tired they changed their dresses and dozed of to sleep.. in each others arms..
————————-Oberoi Mansion, 7:30——————
Rudra cms to Shivikas room
Ru: Bhaiyaaa.. Bhabiiii…. wake up… cm lets hv dinner..
Shivika wake up..
An: ye kaun hai??

Sh: sumo ka crybaby..
An: oh.. mera sweet se devar..
Saying so bth bhabi devar duo hug each other..Om was standing near the door…
Om: hawww!!! Very bad… i am not ur devar??
An: Awwww…. cm u also cm.. my zulfi devar..
Sh: very bad.. i am not going to talk to u.. anyone of u..

They go near him and hug him..
An: okay okay.. now u bth go… wll cm..
OmRu: ok bhabi… bye …
Shivika get up and get ready..
Dining table.
Everyone is having food..
Dadi: so … girlzz.. u liked ur stay at hm..
Girlz: yes dadiiii.. thnku sooo much..
Dadi: i think Anika got ill for good only..
Pinky: y mummy ji??

Dadi: atleast we got to know our loooonggggg lost frnd.. and i am happy tht my Ammu’s kids r the daughter and son in laws of this house..
AniSauRi: Ammu??
Dadi: i used to call Aman as my Ammu.. my Ammu beta.. Tej was Aman’s ruffle boy…
Tej: yes he was my chote papa..
Shakti: our.. our bhai sahb..
Tej (laughs): yes yes… shakti our..

IB Gang: dadi.. wht is ruffle??
Tej: ruffle.. once it happened tht me (pointing towards AniSauRi) ur dad.. and shakti… were playing in the park.. so thr a painting competition was being held.. so all 3 of us took part.. and …
Shakti: and u knw wht… bhaisahb cm 1st.. and Aman cm 2nd..
Om: and u chote papa..
Shakti: u knw i dont hv any interest in painting and all..

Tej: thts the reason he dint get anything.. but.. he always was interested in terking and hiking..
Rudra: but how ds ruffle cm in this??
Shakti: actually he had painted a dog.. and Chote papa had named it Ruffle .. thus bhai sahb is the ruffle boy..
Sh: ohh!!!

An: Tej uncle..
Tej: Anika..Gauri .. Saumya.. u all r our children.. so u can call us dad..
An: bade papa.. was is red colour dog?
Tej: yes..
Ga: does it hv a blue collar??
Tej: yes .. but..
Sau: its full hairy ??
Tej: yes.. but how do u know??

An: coz .. it os still there in dadu’s room..
Tej: really!!
An: yes .. dadu always used to talk abt u seeing tht pic.. we always wanted to knw tht who was tht lucky person who was soo close to dadu’s heart..
Sh: tht the reason why Omkara is such a succesful painter.. its in his genes..
Everyone finishes their dinner .. they all bid bye to each other.. Shivika go to their room.. aftr sm time gauri cms..
An: gauri.. tu yahan.. kuch chahiye tha kya
Gau: haan Anika..

An: haan bol na..
Gau: ek chota sa bhanja cum bhatija..
An: shhhh!!!
She drags her in to the room.. (she was standing near the door)
An: pagliii.. koi sun leta to..
Om: aur kisi ne sun liya..
An: kis ne..??
Om: mai ne..

An: uffu.. om tum bhi na.. dara diya..
Shivaay cms frm outside.. he goes and stands near Anika..
Sh: hmm.. so.. whasup.. kise ne meri biwi aur bacche ko darya..
AniRi point towards Om.. he makes a puppy face and holds his ears..
AniRiShiv laugh..
OmRi: ok.. bye guys.. kuch help cahiye to bolo..
Shivika : thnkx.. bye good night..
The whole house goes to sleep..

Author POV
I hope u all r liking it.. i am taking a leap of one week .. as i dont want to bore all of u..

Precap: one week later…..moments of shivika…. mahika and prihils engagement…

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