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Episode 17
Sh: ?? Why hv we cm here.??
A: shiv.. u knw u hv been married to “THE SINGHANIA’S DAUGHTER” tht to the “FIRST” one..
Sh: yes.. i know wifey!!
A: so see this..
Saying so Anika goes to the wall and the wall hs 5 dots on it.. Anika presses the middle one.. and vola!!! The wall craks into two.. Anika keeps her hand in the center .. the walls open .. Shivaay is astonished…
A: Shiv.. cm in..
He dosnt say anything.. she shakes him to bring him into senses…
A: Shivvvvv…
Sh: y.. yy… ya..
A: shiv.. i knw u r astonished but cm inside … i will tell u everything..
Sh: does anyone in ur hm knw abt this..
He speaks to himself.. which was audiable to Anika..
( being with mahi and rudra i also jv become a dumbello..)
A: Shiv.. actually…no one knows abt it..
Sh: ok good… wait .. wht..??? No one knows abt it???
A: only me and dadu knw abt this..
Sh: so wht if smone cms..
Anika points towards the bed.. Shivaay is shocked..
A: look those r the two dummies.. so whoever will cm they will thnk tht we r sleeping..
Sh: oh.. ok..
A: baby.. cm .. we will go..
They bth enter the secret wall..
As they enter Inside shivaay cn see a verry verry magnificient hall… it was decorated with lights …. with Shivika pics … and much more..the walls ver covered with red and brown clour… even the furniture was red and brown…
Sh: wooooowwwwwwww!!!!! This is amazing…

Hv a look at the hall of the secret home of Anika Singhania???

Note: the colour of the room is blue.. but plz imagine it as red and brown..


Anika takes shivaay to a room.. thr is a very big tree .. a family tree.


Sh: ani.. wht is this??
Anika takes a camera and clicks a pic of shivaay… she had OmRu pics.. she places thr pics with her gauri and saumyas pics..
An: this is our family tree..
Sh: wow!!!!
A: Shiv… abhi picture bakhi hai…
They cm out of the room…
She points her finger to the front … shivaay sees her first .. ans then the way which she is pointing… they both move towards the way… anika closes shivaays eyes..
Sh: wht happend Anika..??
A: Shivaay.. its a surprise…
Sh: ok my darling…
They bth reach the spot.. Anika removes the hand.. Shivaay was surprised seeing the veiw..


It was mountains all around the area.. he could see a big water fall in front of their place.. small shrub near the end of the ground.it was real.. all real.. Anika had her own world inside tht little door…. it had a sparkle in it.. there was a canopy bed decorated with red and brown drape.. thr was a sofa a beach bench.. thr were small light blubs all around… during his observation he did not notice tht Anika was not there.. whn he noticed tht she wasnt around
Sh: Anika… Anika .. whr r u ..
Soon the lights went off.. he remembered tht Anika is scared of lights .. he started shouting..
Sh: Anikaaaa… Anikaaaa… dont get scared baby.. speak up..
Soon he felt her presence..
Sh: Ani… i knw u r here..
Soon the lights turn up… he saw Anika.. hes mouth went like an “O”.. he was mesmerized woth her beauty..
A: Shiv… stop staring at me like that. .
She mvs closer and closer and closer.. and closes his mouth..
She was wearing a reveling netted red colour night gown..
Sh: Anu. .. I dint knw my wife was soo hot..
Anika blushes …
A: Shiv… u gv me a gift ( holding her tummy) .. so I just payed back..
She tries to walk away.. but Shivaay holds her waist and pulls her back.. she gets beaten on his hard chest.. he holds her tummy ..
Sh: it was a gift for bth of us from each other..
A: OK. . Then I will change and cm…
She was abt to go.. Shivaay holds her..
Sh: Since now u hv given me a gift I shuld pay it back..
Anika blushes..
He carries her in his arms… he takes her to a bed keot in tht place.. like this one??


He lays her over there.. then he also lays besides her… she keeps her head on his chest. He puts his hand on her waist.. he kisses her forehead. They bth sleep in each others arms..

Omri bedroom..
They bth cm and stand infront of the door.. there r 2 statues in namaste position on either sides of the door.. the door is cloured with various colours..( coz it is the room of an artists..)
Om: Ri… this isnt ur room.. haina??
G: Om.. tht room was the guest room.. means our second room.. whenever smone will cm .. we will tk them to tht room.. becoz only our family is allowed in this room..
Om: but why is it so?
G: due to security reasons..
Om: ok..
They mv inside the room.. the room had a big bed… and many canvases.. paint cans….clays… and other painting and statue materials… the room was very colour ful.. there was a vary big wedding pic of Rikara… and small frames with their pics.. and sm were empty..(for their kids.. )
Om: wondrful ri.. its awesome.. ri.. i am feelimg very sleepy … cm lets sleep…
bth of thm were tierd.. so they bth slept cuddling each other..
U cn see their bedroom ???

Unique Master Bedroom Suites

Rikara’s room..
Their room frm outside was full silver and grey..
They entered their room.. they enter their room.. rudra closes the door.. saumya was showing him all the things and suddenly she feels a tight grip .. rudra was hugging her..
Sau: Rudra.. wht are doing??
R: haww!!! U dont know wht am i doing..?? I am romancing with my wife
Sau: Ru.. did u like the room??
R: hmmmm… actually no..
Saumya gets sad..
R: i love it baby…
Sau: really … even i love it…
R: but i love u mr thn tht..
Sau: Ru… i will change and cm..
Saumya goes to change.. rudra stands in the balcony of the room and is staring at the stars… suddenly he feels like smone hugging him.. it was Saumya… rudra turned himself to face her.. saumya placed her head on his chest.. rudra kissed her head.. the atmosphere was full of love… care… affection… ….
Ru: Saumya thnku..
Sau: for wht Ru?
R: for cming into my life.. for making me a mature person..
Sau: no rudra.. i dont want a mature SSO part 3 wala Rudra… i want my cry baby bck.. i want tht sm jolly old Rudra..
R: ok baby… now look its tooo late.. lets sleep..
Saying so.. he took her to the bed placed her head properly.. placed a small kiss on her lips.. then he went near her and slept hugging her and she too reciprocated…
Hv a look at their room???


Amanga… shanky…tejvi..
All of them were talkimg sitting in one of the most luxurious place.. the small room garden opposite to Amanga’s room..

Kate Gould: Designing a Small Garden

The men were talking abt their usual and fav. Topic. “BUSINESS”. And the ladies were talking abt the upcming function..
Aman: Tej and Jhanvi ji ur room are to the left.. and shakti and pinky ji ur rooms r to the right..
Tej: c’mon Jhanvi.. lets go.. i am too tired …
Shakti: we will also tk a leave..
Aman: ok.. goodnight… and when u enter the room u will see a red dot on bth sides of ur bed.. if u want smthing thn plz press it.. the servants will b outside..
Tejkti: ok.. no problem..
All tk a leave.. except Amanga.. Aman Side hugs Ganga..
Ganga: Aman…. leave na .. cm lets sleep…
They go their room..
If u want u cn hv a look at their room???


We cn see a person talking to a big photo frame hung in his room.. there is a beautiful lady smiling to the fullest..


Man: see arthi.. our grandchildren.. yes Aman’s and Ganga’s children.. Anika, Kanika, Gauri, Saumya and Sahil.. all of them r getting married.. Anika Gauri and Saumya r married.. and see all my 4 grand daughters r going and grand daughter is cming.. i hope she will keep this hm enlightened just like how my 4 babies did .. i hope u were here.. and i could see ur happy face .. and how u would dance with joy.. u knw.. i still regret tht day when u were going to shimla.. i hd warned u not to go.. as i was hving sm bad vibes.. i wish.. i wish u would hv stopped tht day.. arthi … arthi i miss u .. i can feel ur presence over here.. whn ever i get sad.. i cn feel u but cant see u ..
Suddenly a sound cm frm the door of the room…
Woman: 15 july 1987 ri8?
The man was astonished..
Man: how do u know??
W: my husband also died in tht plane crash..even i hd asked him not to leave me .. but he dint listen..
M: show me his photo .. if u dont mind..
The women shows him the photo.. the man sees the photo.. he gets shocked..
M: Prithvi???
W: yes .. my husband Prithviraj Singh Oberoi..
M: tht means u r Kalyani Singh Oberoi..
W: yes..
M: kalluuu….
W: wht .. wait.. only smarath… no no no…
M: yes yes yes.. i am the Samrath Jindal Singhania….
Then man and the women hug… (frielndly hug…)
W: sammu… whr wr u frm soooooo many years…
M: u look at this empire.. i hd gone to build this empire..
W: u knw Prithvi used to miss u sooooooo much…
M: even Arthi used to miss u…
W: so tht is my golu molu..
M: yes tht is ur golu molu .. ammu.. ur Aman..
W: he hs grown sooooo big..
M: yes he is the dad of 5 children.. wait.. tht is my ruffle boy and arthis champ..
W: yes tht is ur ruffle boy .. tej .. and shakti .. arthis champ..
M: come lets go.. sit and talk..
They bth go and sit whr amanga..tejvi..and shanky just left..
M: so… my ruffle boy isnt ruffle anymore..
W: yes aftr Prithvi left… tej hd to take over business.. he hd become stone hearted.. but thn whn Jhanvi cm into his life.. he melted.. bth of thm used to work together.. life was all set… aftr sm mnths bth got married.. and now they hv 3 children.. my Om, Rudra and prinku..
M: and how abt arthis champ..??
W: he met Pinky on one of his hiking trips.. he hd gone fr hiking.. frm there the grp went to a small town.. and their story started.. and now they hv 2 children.. my Shivaay and Tanmaay..
M: hmmm..
W: how abt Aman?? He is not golu molu anymore…
M: he met Ganga during their college times.. fell in luv.. and their luv incresced day aftr day.. and now they hv 5 children. My AniRiSauKaHil..
W: ok sammu.. i will go and sleep..
M: bye kallu..

That night only the to be bride and grooms were the only one who slept early … coz they wanted to look the best as their marriage was cming..

Author POV
This night was a Good long night.. each and every person slept to their fullest… this was the night everyone was craving for..

Precap: not yet decided..

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