O’bros in love with Singhania sister’s episode 10

Episode 10

Special entry…
AniSauRi’s brother: Sahil Singhania..(pet name Veer)
A voice cms frm behind…
Person: u all forgot abt me..???
AniRiSau: Veer….
They go and hug him… Creese his hair.. and kiss him.. (don’t worry .. on the cheek)
ShivOmRu are surprised…
ShivOmRu: VEER??!!

AniRiSau: yaa… He is ur saala …. Ur brother in law..
Shivaay confused… goes near Aman …
Shivaay : Mr Singhania… (Cut by Aman)
Aman: call me dad…
Shivaay: ok.. dad.. u said ur son’s name is Sahil… Right.??
AniSauRi laugh…Anika hugging her little brother…
Anika: Shiv… His Official name is Sahil Singhania… As he is the smallest and our life.. We call him Veer…
ShivOmRu take a sign of relief…
Anika: Veer how r u??
Gauri: when did u cm..?
Saumya: chote u dint even tell me naa!!
Shivaay: let them at least cm and sit .. or u will ask the all the questions here only..
Singhania’s cm and sit..
Anika: ab to bol..
Sahil: Nik di.. i cm a mnth ago.. i.. (cut by Saumya)
Saumya: wht??? U cm a mnth ago..u dint tell me also..
She stands up … Singhnia’s understand her next move…

Amika: No Saumyaaaa… noooo.
O’bro’s were not knowing wht was going on..
Sahil also got up.. saumya took a pillow..
O’bros(thinking): whts gonna happen..

Sahil starts to move slowly and then both of them start running in the whole mansion..
Saumya: i will not leave u!! How culd u stay in Singhania Mansion without even telling us??!!
Sahil: mia di.. i was busy with work.. sorry..
Saumya: i will not leave u … I dint even cm for our wedding.. i will not leave U.!!!!
O’bros were astonished..
Anika understood this..
Anika: ShivOmRu.. dont worry.. they hv been doing this since childhood.. they both r very close just like Om and Prinku… And Veer has never been so faar frm us..
Anika: Saumya .. it’s not SMansion .. it’s OMansion..
Saumya hearing this stops.. Sahil does not know she has stopped.. he is still running….
Saumya cms and sits near Rudra…
Saumya (murmuring): I will not leave him..

It is hear by everyone..
Rudra: Say.. leave him.. my poor brother in law..
Saumya: u know RU…
Everyone: Ruuuu… Hmm.
Saumya blushes..
Rudra : What Saumya??
Saumya narrated all their childhood stories to O’bros .. all r laughing…
While … Sahil running running goes to Prinkus’s room corridor.. Prinku is cming out.. They both clash.. Prinku falls on Sahil.. they hv an eyelock.. smone clicks a pic of this..They break their eye lock..
Prihil: tumm…(u!!!)
Prinku hugs him.. Sahil also reprocates..
Prinku: Sahil.. u here..
Sahil: u here??
Prinku: This is my house..
Sahil: wht??

Prinku: yes .. and u??
Sahil: this is my sister’s in law’s house..
Prinku: so.. Anika , Gauri and Saumya Bhabi r ur sister’s…
Sahil: yesss.. i think I’m lost..
Prinku: laughs… : Don’t worry when Prinkus’s here…
They both have a good laugh… They both r taking and laughing..
Everyone in the hall hears them laughing..
Aman: that’s Sahil right..

Rudra holds Saumya: Sau…. Plz control..
Saumya: Ru.. i know.. he’s my little brother..
She smiles… Rudra relief….
Ganga(AniRiSau’s mom): ya that’s Sahil.. but who is the other person..
Shivika GauKara RuMya: that’s Prinku..
They both laughingly cm to the hall…Prihil don’t recognise that they hv entered the hall…
Sahil: because of Mya Di … I dint even meet My jijus also..
Prinku: don’t worry.. u can meet them all .. but talk a little professionaly with Shivaay Bhaiya … Om bhaiya is a little like Gauri Bhabi… And Rudra bhaiya is just like u cool dude…
ShivOmRu: Prinku … U know Sahil..???
AniRiSau: Sahil … U know Prinku…???
Prihil: yes we know each other…

Everyone: Who ? Where? When??
Sahil : I and Prinku will tell everyone everything…
They both cm and sit on the couch…
Shivaay: Prinku u dint tell us u knew him..
Prinku: Shivaay Bhaiya…. We met in Australia…
Everyone: wht!!
Sahil:. Wht wht…?? The hotel in which we were staying was the same… Once the hotel hd organised a party.. so me and Prinku met during this time.. we became frndz.. we and our frndz were outing.. we became best friendz…
Everyone: oh wow!!

Shivaay smirks at Anika.. Anika remembers what Shivaay had said abt the marriage..
Anika: Mom… Dad… I and Shivaay want to speak to u …
Amanga: yes cm..
They go out… Shivika tell them everything…
Amanda: we’ll think abt it… We’ll ask Sahil and u also ask Prinku…
Shivika: yes dad..
The Singhania’s leave..
Shivika go to their room…
Anika: Oh bete ki..

Shivaay: wht happened Ani??
Anika: Shiv… Our flight…. Missed..
Shivaay: wht.!!!! No problem …
Anika: wht no problem…
Shivaay: u know who am I…The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi… I hv thousands of chartered flights…
Anika: Shiv …
She feels dizzy and falls… She slips…
Shivaay: Anii…
He calls the doc… Doctor cms.. she chks Anika….
Doc: i asked u not to give her any stress… This is becoz of stress… And she has a fracture on her hand…
Shivaay: doc!! No chance … She was soo excited for the vacation…
Doc : Mr Oberoi I want to speak with you….
Shivaay and the doc go… Everyone goes to see Anika..

Shivaay: yes doc…
Doctor: Shivaay i am sorry but she can’t travel.. but i hv a good news.. now u can go near her.. There’s​ no problem…
Shivaay: thnx doc..
Doc leaves.. Shivaay goes to their room ..
Shivaay: Dadi.. doctor has said that Anika can’t travel…
Anika gets sad…
Dadi: no problem Anika puttar… Next time… U take rest…
Shivika see Prinku …. Prinku gets a message and then smiles… Shivika understood it..
Anika:. Dadi … Can i call Sahil for dinner tonight??
Dadi: yes why not!!! Call him…
As soon as Rudra hears Sahil… He goes near Saumya…

Rudra: Saumya.. don’t … U know why i mean…
Saumya(angry) : RUDRAAAAAA!!!!

Precap: Shivika’s babies….Shivika’s romance… Special for Prinku

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