O’bros in love with Singhania sister’s – Episode 1

Heyyyyy guyz and girlzzz…. this is my first ff …. just the into..
The O’bros
Shivaay Singh Oberoi – S
Omkara Singh Oberoi – O
Rudra Singh Oberoi – R

The Shingania sisters

Intro- Singhnia’s hold a very powerful position in the Business idustry. Singhania’s and Oberoi’s hv the sm rival “THE RANA’S” . The Oberoi’s nd Singhania’s never met. It was the dream of Shivaay to work with the Singhania’s. He had heard a lot abt them. He had heard abt the sister’s . He thought that they were just like the O’bros.
Anika Singhania/ Shivaay Singh Oberoi [ASSO] /[AS]
Gauri Singhania/ Omakara Singh Oberoi [GOSO] / [GS]
Saumya Singhania/ Rudra Singh Oberoi [SRSO] [SS]

Love birds
Shivaay and Anika – Shivika
Gauri and Omkara- Gaukara
Soumya and Rudra- Rumya
Other charecters are also there …
Ok. Lets start
5 mnths ago…..
Anika: Shivaaaaayyyy!!!
Shivaay : Anikaaaaa!!!! Tumhe kuch nahi ho ga !!!! ( nothing will
happen to u )
Anika : losses her consious…
Shivaay : in phone ” jaldi ambulence bolao”..
On the way to hospital
Anika : Shivaay!! Tia tia …..
They reach the hospital . Doctor is doing the opretion ..
OmRu also arrive over there…
ShivOmRu hv a hug..
Shivaay (tears in his eyes) : I can’t hide my feeling from Anika anymore!!
Rudra : Bhaiya!! Wo abhi aaingi na tab unko bol dena ke u love her!
Om : What abt Tia?
Shivaay : Tia jaye bhad mein (Tia go to hell)… but I want to know k wht was Anika doing in that place..
Gauri and Saumya entry
Sauri: We know wht was she doing over der
Shivaay: may I know who r u?
Sauri: We r the Singhania Sisters. Anika is our elder sister.
Shivaay: U r the Singhania sisters..
Sauri: yes. We heard wht u were talking jiijuu..๐Ÿ˜‰
Shivaay: (Still in shock) ok
That’s when the doctor cm’s
Doc: She is in a state of shock . I think she has seen somthing very bad.
Shivaay: (anger)Do wht ever u can bring doc’s frm any part of this world… I want my Anika bck.
The doc goes frm there
Sauri: We know wht di was doing in that place
ShivOmRu: wht?
Sauri: She went behind Tia (their sentence is cut by Shivaay)
Shivaay: Tiaaaaa..!! I will not leave her!!!
OmRuSauRi: calm down!! Calm down!!
Shivaay (feeling helpless): How can I calm down when my Ani is in this state.๐Ÿ˜ฅ
OmRuSauRi: (thinking) Aniii?

Precap: Anika get consious!! GauKara and RuMya propose..


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