O’bros in love with Singhania sister’s { character sketch}

Hey Guys and girls … I am sooooooooooo sorry… Actually I was sooo excited for this story .. I forgot to give the introduction and charecter sketch….
Note: in the first episode I hd said that the Oberoi’s and Singhania’s hd an enemy Rana’s.. correct it.. for the time being thy don’t hv any enemies..

Chatecter sketch..
Main lead

Shivaay Singh Oberoi:
Age: 30 yr old
Pet name: Ishaan.. Billu ji… SSO.. bade papa..(and u one.. the list goes on and on…)
Siblings: Mahi,Omkara,Rudra,Prinku
Spouse: Anika Singhania Singh Oberoi.
Ansh Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Shivik Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Shivani Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Description: a hot guy.. girls die for him…business man… arrogent,snobish, angry young man .. for the outside world..chairman of Oberoi Empire along side Tej.. only his family members and house staff and close family friends know him properly.. down to earth person..trekking expert…loves his family a lot… the best dad, husband, son and brother..supportive… Bade papa of riks,rudraksh,pihu,omika,Shriyans,priyank,komal,taimur

Anika Singhania Singh Oberoi:
Age:29yrs old
Pet name: ishu.. Nik..Panika… Ani..Anu.. Badi maa
Siblings: Kanika,Gauri,Saumya,Sahil…
Spouse: Shivaay Singh Oberoi..
Children: 4 ( Mehek Siddhartha Rana) [ull get to know abt it in the cming episodes]
Description: chubby bubbly , down to earth…. Business women.. has a big happy family… 2 times winner of business women of the year… Chairman of Singhania Empire along side Samrath….trekking expert..chairman of the Mumbai Girls Trekking School.. loves family a lot.. she is khidkitood beautiful.. loves husband a lot… Darwaza thood in everything… Best mom,wife,daughter,andsister…Badi maa and badi bua of riks,rudraksh,pihu,omika,Shriyans,priyank,komal,taimur

Tanmaay Singh Oberoi
Age: 30
Siblings: Shivaay (twin brother) Omkara Rudra Prinku
Spouse: Kanika Singhania Singh Oberoi.
Pet name: mahi…
Taimur Tanmaay Singh Oberoi
Komal Tannaay Singh Oberoi
Des: he is the twin brother of Shivaay 10 mins young… the difference betweenthem
1. Their eyes
2. Dressing sense… Shivaay is too formal… tanmaay wears only vest coat..
He is sweet loving caring … supportive.. partner in crime with Shivaay… owner of Oberoi restaurants and hotels… loves cooking.. best cook.. after Shivaay….. Chote papa of Ansh Shivik and Shivani shriyans Priyank omika rudraksh rikkur pihu

Kanika Singhania Singh Oberoi
Age :29
Siblings: Anika(twin sister) Gauri Saumya Sahil
Spouse: Tanmaay Singh Oberoi
Pet name: Miku… Kanika…
Children: 2
Des: she is the twin sister of Anika 10 mins young… the difference betweenthem
1. Dressing sense… Anika wears formal… Kanika wears casual…
She is sweet loving caring … supportive.. partner in crime with Anika … owner of Singhania restaurants and hotels… loves cooking.. best cook… Choti maa and choti bua of Ansh Shivik Shivani shriyans Priyank omika pihu rudraksh rikkur…

Omkara Singh Oberoi
Âge: 29 1/2
Pet name: Om…. O …
Siblings: Shivaay Mahi Rudra Prinku
Spouse: Gauri Singhania Singh Oberoi…
Children: 2
Rikkur Omkara Singh Oberoi
Omika Omkara Singh Oberoi
Des: hot loving caring.. loves his family.. close to his brothers… Supportive.. darwaza thood painter and artist… Owner of Rikara College of Arts and humanities… Nature lover… Best in all relations.. O Chachu of Ansh,Shivik,rudraksh,pihu,shivani,Shriyans,priyank,komal,taimur

Gauri Singhania Singh Oberoi
Age: 28
Siblings: Anika Kanika Saumya Sahil
Pet name : Gau…. uri…
Children: 2
Des: loving caring sweet…. loves children a lot.. hd problems in conciving(having baby)… went into depression…. owner of Rikara: Children’s hope… but atlast after a few mnths after Taimur r born Gauri gv birth to rikkur…. Ri Chachi of Ansh Taimur shivik shivani komal shriyans priyank rudraksh pihu

Rudra Singh Oberoi
Age: 25
Siblings: Shivaay Mahi Omkara Priyanka
Pet name: oody chachu.. Rudy… Ru…
Spouse: Saumya Singhania Singh Oberoi
Children: 2
Rudraksh Rudra Singh Oberoi
Pihuka Rudra Singh Oberoi
Des: same like the show … Loves his wife and children …oody chachu of baccha party

Saumya Singhania Singh Oberoi
Age : 24 1/2
Siblings: Anika Kanika Gauri Sahil
Pet name: Saum… Sumo…. Miya.. cute chachi..
Spouse: Rudra Singhania​ Singh Oberoi
Children: 2
Des: same like the show… She is not fat nor thin.. cutie chachi of baccha party…

Sahil Jindal Singhania
Age: 20
Siblings: Anika Kanika Gauri Saumya
Pet name: veer… Sahu… Mammu…
Spouse: Priyanka Singh Singhania
Children: 2
Priyank Sahil Jindal Singhania
Shriyans Sahil Jindal Singhania
Des: he is ranveer of IB… Cool .. hot… Dashing.. loves his family.. 3rd head of Singhania Empire… Adventurous…. Fell for Prinku…

Priyanka Singh Singhania
Age : 20
Siblings: Shivaay Mahi Omkara Rudra
Pet name: Prinku… Pria.. bua maa…
Spouse: Sahil Jindal Singhania
Children: 2
Des: samedi like the show… She does not fear … Bold … Not like those dumb rich girls.. down to earth… Intelligent… Adventurous…. bumi (bua + mami)…

Precap : baccha party into it episode 20.. till thn be happy?????

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