Objection My Lord ! Ragsan (Few shots) (Shot 4)


So guys I am back with the next shot. Thanks for your Love and support in the previous shot. It was blissful to read your wonderful comment. Thanks once again. And now it is time to reveal whom did Ragini come to meet…..

Sanskaar stepped out of the appartement and was ammused to find Ragini standing there.

Sanskaar: Oh so Miss.Ragini Gadodia at my doorsteps. Interesting!
Ragini: I am not here to waste my time instead I have something important to talk about.
Sanskaar: Hmmmm…Okay go ahead!
Ragini: Not here! Can we sit and talk?
Sanskaar: Sure come inside!

And the duo walk inside…..

There back at Swara’s place…As sun rays fall on Swara she wakes up and stretches her arm. She comes out of the bed and goes to change. She comes out dressed in a yellow, net sari, with long silver earings. Looking very simple. She goes to the kitchen and gets into preparing the breakfast, when she notices a used coffee cup in the basin.

Swara to herself: Ragini…

She goes to the guest room to check on Ragini to find her nowhere.


She checks the washroom but Ragini is not there. She thinks to call her. She dials her number but finds it ringing in the room itself.

Swara to herself:How can she be so irresponsible. Yesterday only she suffered a big accident and now….this girl!! Let her come I will not leave her! !

Scene shifts back to Ragsan…..

Sanskaar stands up and says sternly: Do you really think that I will put my case at a loss.
Ragini: Yes you have to Mr.Maheshwari, it is about someone’a future!
Sanskaar: Why?
Ragini: Because…Look don’t think about the case just think what will happen if something like that happens?
Sanskaar: Everything will be alright by time.
Ragini (with tears in her eyes): Things will be alright by time but emotions will always give pain.

Sanskaar turns to find tears in her eyes and feels as of he has been stabbed for 100 times.

Sanskaar: What happened? You okay ?
Ragini wiping her tears: Yeah! I am leaving but do think about it!

Ragini turns to leave but due to weakness she was about to fall, she closes her eyes due to fear of fall when she lands in the embrace of Sanskaar, who caught her in the Nick of time…Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays as the duo shares an eye-lock.

Sanskaar :Be careful!

And both compose.

Ragini: Thanks!
Sanskaar: It is okay! By the way you should take care of yourself. You faced a lot yesterday.
Ragini: Yeah!
Sanskaar: Sorry if you mind me asking but what happened yesterday?
Ragini: uggghhmm…Leave it! What have you thought!
Sanskaar: What?
Ragini: I mean are you agreeing?
Sanskaar: Hmmmm….You know…Like…But…Okay fine I am aggreeing!
Ragini: Yes! !!

And she stars jumping but she feels pain due to her injuries!

Sanskaar: Be careful! Young lady!

Ragini looks on confused .

Sanskaar: I mean….
Ragini :Chalain??
Sanskaar: Huh?
Ragini: Chalain? (BY ACTIONS)
Ragini: Better!

Both of them leave…

Scene shifts back at Swara’s place…The bell rings!

Swara to herself: Ragini must have come!

She runs and opens the door but much to her shock an finds Laksh at the door steps!!

Song plays……

Iss Lamhe ko rok doon…
Ya mai iss mein khud ko jhok doon…
kya karoin…Kya karoin…Kya karoon…
Iss lamhe mein me kuch bhi jaanu na. …

Music plays….

Tose Naina … Jab se mile… (×2)
Ban gaye silsile…
Tose Naina. … Jab se mile. ..

Haan sudh budh khoyi hai khoyi main ne
Haan jaan gawai gawai mein na
Haan tujh ko basaya hai dharkan mein….

Tose Naina.. ..Jab se mile. ..
Tose Naina.. …Jab se mile…

Naina comes rushing from back and screams: Papa!!!!!

And hugs Laksh tightly. …

Laksh looks at Swara … who resists eye-contact…

Screen freezes……

Precap: Sanskaar and Swara reach the court and look at each other…Ragini and Sanskaar tell something to Laksh and Swara which shocks them…..

I know the update is short but plz deal with it actually I am a bit busy nowadays…

I hope that you all enjoyed…Do leave your suggestions in the comment box below!

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  1. Ragsan scenes are nice

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks lovely!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks ammy!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    Superb episide dear..loved it!!!ragsan scenes r sooo cute…waitng for nxt episode.keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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    Omg it was fabulous I really love ragsan. Their scene is wow. The recap sound more interesting . Update soon.

  5. Nice epi…ragsan scenes are so cute…swalak also…

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    so nice….awesome

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    Loved it……superb……
    I think Ragsan have solid plan to unite Swalak….yipppeeee….update soon….

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