Objection My Lord ! Ragsan (Few shots) (Shot 3)


“Objection My Lord!!” Shot 3
Hello everyone! So Zuha is back! How are you all? I hope all are doing well!
So sorry for the delay! I know I am back after ages 😉 Well I thought to discontinue this Fan Fiction but my best buddy asked me to continue with it as it may dishearten my readers so I am continuing for you all and I hope that you guys have not forgot my FF!

Well still I will be providing you all with a short summary of the ongoing story;
2 lawyers, Ragini Gadodia and Sanskaar Maheshwari meet on road when Sanskaar’s car hit pass Ragini (Who is walking on road) resulting in the mud to splash over her, both face an encounter and develop a grudge against each other unknowing with the fact that the 2 are lawyers and hail from the same occupation. It is later revealed that Ragini is fighting her first case which is of divorce of Mr.Laksh Mehra and Mrs.Swara Laksh Mehra. Swara turns out to be Ragini’s best friend. Whereas it is revealed that Sanskaar is fighting the case as Laksh’s awyer and he has never lose a case. Both, Ragini and Sanskaar are shocked to find each other as opponent lawyer.

The case proceeds. Laksh files another case which is of custody of SwaLak’s daughter Naina. Case proceeds. Swara is abused by Sanskaar and Laksh saying that she had an extra marital affair with her boss, Kartik Malhotra. Ragini pin points Laksh on his habit of partying lat nights and having numerous girlfriends. Ragini goes to pick up Naina from school and much to her shock she finds Naina crying, she asks for the reason behind her crying and she gets to know that she is missing Laksh (Naina is with Swara currently) as tomorrow is father’s day….

Shot 3

Ragini gets teary-eyed listening to Nainam she puts her hand over Naina’s hand and says, “Promise!” and wipes her tears.

There back at court Swara is tensed as Ragini didn’t arrive yet and thinks, “I hope Ragini arrives at time! Only 20 minutes are left in the hearing to continue!” she was busy thinking when she finds Laksh proceeding towards her, she re-minces Laksh’s and Sanskaar’s allegations and gets dishearten. Laksh comes to her and she turns her face away from him.

Laksh: Swara!
Swara: What is it??
Laksh: I want to talk to you!
Swara: Now whatever we’ll talk, we’ll talk in court.
Laksh: But…
Swara: You already have put many allegations on me and thanks for telling me how bad I am but I can’t bear it anymore Mr.Mathur
Laksh: I want to request something from you, I know I should not be saying so but.
Swara: Yes!
Laksh: You know as tomorrow is father’s day so…

Swara: You want to spend time with Naina! Right?
Laksh: Yeah but…
Swara: Go ahead but remember one thing Naina only belongs to me and if you tried to play any tricks you will see my bad side, a mother is way too stronger than any power on earth so just remember my words!
Laksh: Thanks!
Swara: Not needed!

And she walks out from there leaving Laksh all alone.

….Only 5 minutes are left in the hearing to begin and there is no sign of Ragini, Swara is tensed while Sanskaar is happ….1 minute….and the clock struck 4!

Judge:Mrs.Mehra where is your lawyer?
Swara: Judge mam just a minute she must be reaching.
Sanskaar: Mrs.Mehra do you know the importance of a minute? You and your lawyer are just wasting the court’s time!
Judge: Only 5 minutes more and if your client doesn’t reaches then…
The very moment Ragini enters in an injured condition, blood oozing out of her nose, and other parts of body it looks though she has been hurt badly. All are shocked at the sight! Sanskaar is hurt at seeing her condition and re-minces there first encounter where he gets mesmerized in her beauty…Swara rushes to ragini who faints at the spot…The court is adjourned!

I opened my eyes everything was blurred…All I could see was Swara standing beside me holding a glass of water, I tried to get up but my body was so stressed up that it felt my all bones were crushing at the same time. Swara stopped me to get up and I rested on the bed. I tried re-collecting what happened but failed to do so as all I could feel was pain. The attack was so ruthless it could have hurt me so badly but by God’s grace I was not that much injured. The next thought which came in my mind was NAINA! I inquired about Naina and in reply I was told that she is sleeping calmly although she faced a few scratchs but no major injuries.
“Swara, what about the hearing” I inquired.
“Ragu don’t take stress everything is fine. You rest and the hearing is postponed for next week and we have enough time to make our case strong!” she replied.
“Swara I have to leave for my home! Thanks for your help!” I said in a pleasing manner.
“Oho Ragini my home is your home and you are not going anywhere just close your eyes and sleep. Doctor has asked you to take complete rest if you want to get fine!” she said in a sweet angry voice, forwarding a tablet and a glass of water which I took in.
She left the room wishing me good night and switched off the lights. I closed my eyes and within in no time I slept peacefully!

A few rays of sun fall upon me through the window, resulting me to wake up. I rubbed my eyed and stretched out my arms, though it was paining but I was a bit better from the day before. My eyes fell upon the clock telling the time “9:12” I got away from the bed, and wore my slippers, tied my hair into a messy bun and tip-toed to Swara’s room to find her sleeping with Naina. I smiled looking at their bonding.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup and made coffee for me to freshen my day. At returning back to my room I found the duo sleeping together, Naina change her side and tugged in Swara’s embrace. I left from there smilingly. I reached to my room which was not actually mine but I was staying there so……

I took out a file and started studying the case, gulping down a few sips of coffee along.

Suddenly, I remembered my conversation with Naina stating to spend her day with Laksh on father’s day which was today. I thought to fulfill my promise and the person who could help me was none other than him. I rushed to the bathroom and walked out in a black crop-top with white fitted tights and my hair tied up in a pony, I had on a dark black eye liner with mascara making my lashes touching almost my eye-brows. I grabbed my bag and rushed out of my room, I thought of informing Swara but I knew that she will order me to rest and upon informing about the person whom I going to meet I may expect a tight slap right on my face so the better option was to leave silently which I did so.

Grabbing an auto, I reached at his apartment, at the 8th floor at a height up-looking the sea with a pleasant atmosphere. I ranged the bell with much nervousness holding my bag tight to loose it. And the gate opened and he stepped out……………

Precap: Whom did Ragini came to meet? Conversation with that person! A mystery to up-hold the case!

So the update ends here sorry if it was boring! Please drop your views in the comment box below! Take care and keep smiling 🙂 Love u guys!


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