Objection My Lord ! Ragsan (Few shots) (Shot 2)


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Shot 1
The scene focuses the court where RagSan are shocked to see each other! The judge enters the court room and all stand up in respect, all get seated as the judge sits!
Judge: Start the proceeding!
Sanskaar: Judge Sahiba! Mrs.Swara Laksh Mehra (Sorry I made a blunder previously, naming Swara Maheshwari but it is Swara Laksh Mehra!) has filed a divorce case and needs separation from my client Laksh Mehra! And before the hearing proceed I would like to inform that my client Mr.Laksh Mehra has filed the case for custody of the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Laksh Mehra, Naina Laksh Mehra!

Ragini and Swara look on shocked, Swara gets teary-eyed and Laksh notices the tears and feels bad for her!

Ragini: Objection my Lord!
Judge: Objection sustained!
Ragini: Judge Sahiba! My wise friend, Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari has told that his client Mr.Mehra has filed for the custody of Naina, but does Mr.Maheshwari know that Mr.Mehra is not a good father!
Sanskaar: Objection my Lord!
Judge: Objection Overruled! Ms.Ragini you please continue!
Ragini: I ask the court to permit me to call Mr.Laksh in the witness-box!
Judge: Permission granted!

Laksh comes and stands in the witness box! And keeps her hand on a book (Don’t know what book is used in India as I am not an Indian, I am a Pakistani, it would be a pleasure if you know and tell me!)
Laksh: Whatever I will say will be true and no lies! (Jo bhi kahoun ga sach kahoun ga, aur sach ke siwa kuch nahi kahoun ga!)

Ragini: So Mr.Laksh, I will not take much time as time is very precious, I will just ask a few questions from you!
Laksh: Sure!
Ragini: As you know my client Swara Mehra suffered a miscarriage 1 month ago, am I right Mr.Mehra?

Laksh: Yes!

Swara looks on teary-eyed, clenching her fist!

Ragini: And as I know you were the reason behind her miscarriage!

Sanskaar: Objection my Lord! My friend, is just wasting the time of the court by the silly questions and accusing my client for no reason!
Judge: Objection overruled! Mr.Sanskar you will be given a chance to speak!
Ragini: Mr.Laksh, when your wife conceived the doctor informed you that there are complications in her pregnancy and she needs extra care or one life will be gone, either it will be Swara or the baby! And a single word which gives her stress is harmful for her and the baby! Am I correct!
Laksh: Yes!
Ragini: So one day before the miscarriage, you and your wife had a fight and that worsen her condition resulting in the miscarriage! And a person who does not care for his wife and his unborn child how will he take care of a 5 year old gir!
Sanskaar: Objection my lord!
Judge: Objection sustained!
Sanskaar: Whatever Ms.Ragini said regarding the miscarriage was true but I would like to add one more thing in it, that the conflict between Laksh and Swara was all because of Mrs.Swara!

Swara looks on aghast!
Ragini: And may I know how?
Sanskaar:Sure, but won’t it be better that you here the entire truth from your client! I would ask the court to permit me to call Mrs.Swara in the witness box!
Judge: Permission granted!
Swara comes and stands in the witness box and the same process I repeated with Swara!
Sanskaar: So Swara ji you are a working woman right?
Swara: Yes, I work for…
Sanskaar: Kartik Malhotra, right?
Swara: Yes, but how do you know?
Sanskaar: Mein apne dost se ziyada apne dushman ke khabar rakhta hun! Laksh told me about it and as much as I know, you were having an extra-marital affair with your boss Kartik Malhotra!
Swara (extremely shouting) : JHOOT! It is all rubbish!
Laksh: Is it rubbish that you used to share more things with your so-called boss rather than me!
Swara: Yes I used to share things with him, as a friend!
Laksh: So you could have shared things with me! After all I am your hubby!
Swara: Oh really! Hubby?? What type of hubby you are who does not have time for his wife and daughter, always busy in parties and when you reach home you are fully inebriated, just tell me when should I talk to you?
Swara and Laksh continue fighting!
Judge: ORDER! ORDER!Mr and Mrs.Mehra please don’t go against the court or I have to take a strict action against you!

Ragini: As my client said, Mr.Laksh was busy partying and drinking that he didn’t had time for his family, should a child given to such a person?
Sanskaar: Objection my lord!
Judge: Objection sustained!
Sanskaar: My Lord! If my client was like this then why Mrs.Swara married such a person? It is an obvious thing that a woman will not marry such type of a man! Do you have any answer for this question!
Swara: Indeed I have! Laksh was never like this, it all started 1 year back when he faced a loss in his business and he started using drugs, and alcohol, before that he never thought of drinking! And as you were talking about Kartik and I so we are very good friends!
Sanskaar: Mrs.Swara there was a film and in it as a dialogue, “Ladka aur Ladki kabhi dost nahi hosakte!”
Ragini: Objection my lord!
Judge: Objection sustained!
Ragini: My Lord! Mr.Maheshwari is talking about films right now, I must say my friend has got a good sense of humour!
Sanskaar: Thanks for the compliment!
Ragini: But! As he said “Ladka Ladki kabhi dost nahi hosakte!” so I must say that do you have any idea about how many girl friends your client has!
Ragini: Just the way you said my client is having an affair, your client has numerous girlfriends!
Laksh: Judge Sahiba, it is an absolute lie!
Ragini: Why?

Laksh: Can you prove it?
Ragini: Like ways, can you prove the accusation you have put on my client!

Sanskaar sits back, as a sign of “No”
Ragini also sits back!

BREAK…Swara is sitting tensed…Ragini comes and places her hand on her shoulder!
Ragini: Relax! Everything will be fine, let me handle!
Swara: Ragini, 2 things are making me cry, one the fear of losing Naina, and other the person who I loved so much has changed that much that he doesn’t care how much he is hurting me! It is the same person who used to cry on my pain and now! Leave it (wiping her tears) I need to pick Naina from school!
Ragini: You wait, I will pick her up!
Swara: But the hearing!
Ragini: It has time, I will be reaching before time!
Swara: Are you sure?
Ragini: Yeah!
Swara: Okay!

Ragini leaves…Swara sits back crying! Laksh looks on from far and feels hurt seeing her crying!

Ragini reaches at Naina’s school, she is shocked to find her crying!
Ragini: Naina beta! What happened, why are you crying?
Naina: Ragu aunty! Tomorrow is father’s day and all the kids are with their papa and my papa is so far from me!
Ragini: Who said he is far, he is always in your heart!
Naina: Ragu aunty! I want my papa back! Will you get my papa back for me? Please! I know mama will never let me meet him but please!
Ragini: But beta…
Naina (holding Ragini’s hand) : Promise me!

Ragini reluctantly complies, unknowingly a tear escapes from Ragini’s eye as she caresses Naina!

Precap: Swalak come face to face! Ragini makes a visit to Sanskaar’s place!

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