“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 1

Hey guys ….it’s alia and dolly here …so again I am here with a brand new ff ….

This story will be handled by mine but dolly gave some ideas so simply added her ….ya I am jealous …he he ?

Anyways the main reason for this new ff is our dear sis uma….she requested for this and here she goes …

Sorry uma for being late …plz forgive us

So with God’s blessing’s and your support we r starting this ff ….

This is a terror love story for Me

My obessive lover , chapter 1

A girl wearing red crop top and skirt was getting ready standing in front of the mirror hurriedly

Girl (rush) : u never get ready soon ….ufff class would have got started …

Saying this she takes her bag and goes down.

There another girl who was wearing formal office dress was praying in front of the gods idol

The girl quietly goes near the main door but the one who was prying opens her eyes and says

Girl : shona have your breakfast and leave

Yes the one who was late to collage is shona aka swara

Swara (hurry) : ragini di sorry but today I am late

(So the one who was prying for swara’s di ragini )

Ragini (angry & caring) :that doesnt mean u Wil skip your breakfast. ..don’t worry I will inform your principle …he is very good friend of mine

Swara nods

Ragini : leela aunty give her breakfast …
Leela gives her the plate and swara finishes it fast

Swara : bye di …
Saying this she kisses ragini cheeks …and leaves …ragini smiles and looks at the picture of their parents who are no more

Ragini : so MA papa yet it’s an another day without u both…..now your daughter is the top in business and all other things but what’s the use when u both are not here with me …phew

Saying this she takes her coat …her phone rings

Ragini : haan Rahul say

Rahul (PA) : mom yet there is another rape reported ..

Ragini gets angry

Ragini : I know he must have did it ….now worries get the girl to our office ..we will enquiry

Rahul : sure ma’am
Saying this ragini hung’s up

Ragini (angrily) : because of these blo*dy cheap idiots ….girls can’t walk freely in street’s

Saying this she leaves


Swara enters in her audi….she parks it and leaves to class .

Swara : may I come in sir ?

Professor : come in miss swara malhotra ….

Swara gives a relief sign and sits next to a boy

Boy (happy seeing her) : I misses u so much

Swara : it’s all because of u idiot …I said na no late night party ..it is its effect …

The boy smiles ….he looks at swara while the whole class goes on

Later the bell rings and all heads to canteen .
Kavitha : ufff …yaar what a boring glass ….

Nikhil : ya right ….wait I will bring coke for us all ..what about u swara …

Swara : no coke ….di’s strict order

All laughs …

The boy : come on …I understood ma’am will only drink vodka right ?

Swara smiles at him : shut up laksh

(Yes it’s our dashing handsome laksh mahehswari)

Nikhil : seriously u and ur stupid rules ….OK I am bringin for us except her …..

Saying this Nikhil leaves ….suddenly some one bumps into him

Nikhil (angry) : sahil can’t u just let us live in peace

Sahil (smirks) : ya never ….ohhh look at the s*xy (eyeing swara)

Swara looks other side …laksh gets angry with blood shot eyes ..

Laksh (angry) : another word …u r in he’ll of death

Kavya (sahil gang) : ohh …ohhh …look at that laksh he is fuming ….sahil let’s leave it’s water of time talking to these dicks

Saying this they leave …laksh was following the way sahil was going ..

Laksh : just a minute ….

Saying this he was about to get up

Swara holds his hand ..laksh looks at her

Swara : don’t laksh …..we r fed up …it’s enough they are nothing in front of us …we will deal

Kavitha : ya swara is right ….

Laksh sits back ..keeping his hand on swara’s shoulder …

Kavitha smiles seeing them …

Later that evening

Nikhil : yaar ..I am ready for an another adventure and this should be long yaar ….

Swara ; no no …if di gets to know na …she will kill me

All keeps their hand on their head

Laksh : it’s OK shona ….we will make this look like an official collage trip …after all we 3Rd year yaar .

Swara (smiles) : ya good idea…..

Kavitha : then it’s final ….I will search the nest place tomorrow and come OK ….

All nods ….

Nikhil n kavitha leaves in one car ….while swalak walk toward’s the parking area ….

Laksh open swara car”s door for her to sit…and close’s it

Laksh : take care and drive slow ….OK ..
Swara smiles …

Swara : u too ….anyways when are u gonna introduce me to your family huh !

Laksh gets tensed

Laksh (tensed) : vo…vo….now …they are not at home ..OK ..we will meet when they come back

Swara (rolls her eyes) : whatever …this is what u r saying from past 4 years …anyway bye

Saying this she leaves in her car ….laksh was looking

Laksh in mind : how can I say that I am the son of a gangster ….who is raping girls and selling them .

There at a gudown

A girl was pleading the boy to leave her …but he was heartless

Instead he was removing her dress roughly ..

Boy (huskily) : come on baby let’s enjoy ..saying this he makes her naked and enters into her

She shouts but no effect on the boy ….after a long hours ….he wears his dress ….

The girl was all crying ….he takes the gun and shoots her

Boy : only for one time use …saying this he keeps his gun inside …

A boy comes running inside ….

Boy : sanskar bhaiya …that NGO ragini malhotra is coming

(Yes the heartless man is sanskar maheshwari)

Sanskar (smirks) : she is very intelligent inst she …anyways clear this body …paint the room and spray …there should be no clue

The boys nods and some of his men’s gets involved in their work …..

Sanskar comes out of the gudown

After some time …

Ragini comes there with her members

Ragini (angry) : u blo*dy rascal ….saying this she holds her collar

Sanskar (smirks) : hello madam ji ….no touching and all …move back

Ragini (angrily) : no I won’t ….u deserve to die …u blo*dy cheap

Sanskar (cool) : OK now let’s come to matter ..y u came here and wasting my time …huh ?

Ragini (angry) : yesterday u raped the shop owner daughter na

Sanskar (claps his hands) : whah re whah ! Whatever rape happens …it means I did it ..huh ?

Ragini (angry) : no one in this city does like u …

Sanskar (smirks) : why can’t it be an internationAL person …why can’t it be an village person …there is no rule that only sanskar should do it …

Ragini gets more angry

Ragini : guys check the gudown …

Sanskar smirks seeing her …ragini turns her face aside …

After an hour they all come out

Rahul : ma’am no clue ma’am …

Ragini was shocked …

Sanskar (smirking) : so if your investigation is over ..plz leave

Ragini (angry) : don’t be over happy …I know u did it and will get the punishment ….

Saying this all her member along with her leaves

Sanskar lights a cigarette

Sanskar (smirks) : madam ji ….don’t forget u have a sister ….

Ragini stops and turns and gives a death glare .

Ragini (angry) : don’t forget I am a police also .

Saying this she leaves ….

Sanskar throws the cigarette and look’s angrily

Sanskar (angry) : don’t worry ragini ..your sister will pay for this all

Saying this he leaves …whole going in car

Ragini was thinking all this…..she calls swara

Ragini (concerned) : swara where are you

Swara (frank) ; hmm …..waiting in signal di ..it’s traffic here

Ragini (concerned) : be safe kk ….reach soon

Swara : OK

Saying this she hung’s up ….

Precap : next episode only on the basis of comments

So here are the pairs …

It’s swalak and ragsan ….hope u all will support …because I am a die hard fan of laksh and swara …..

I know even uma u r fan of swalak .

Guys many ff ha’s laksh in a negative and bad shades …

Why not sanskar for one time …that’s y I am showing his role like this …plz don’t bash me …

I am sorry if it’s hurting others …

Plz comment and support ….
Thank you for reading

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  1. Superb awesome

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  3. I also like swalak very much. I am fan of swasan swalak both.
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  4. Mariya

    Woww omg its amazing , awesome & superb yaar. & I am fan of swalak but I also love swasan . plzz if possible make it swalak & swasan . && madam ji its really marvelous shades (character ) of swalaksan .
    & dolly ji plzzzzzzz continue ur previous ff ” first love is always first ” & “yellow rose ” I am waiting for it since log time . plzzz
    & plzz don’t think about how many comments & all only think about our feeling & there is so many silent readers to appreciate to from heart.
    Take care ….bye

  5. plzz change lakshya as obsessive lover of rag after seeing her

  6. AMkideewani

    Superb dear I love it❤❤❤

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  13. Wowwwwww interesting story even I m a SwaLakian

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    Diiii*shouting at the highest peak.. A tight hug,kissing your cheeks… Thankkkk youuuuu soooo muchhhh for swalak story di.. I am big fan of them..I missed them so much??..Loved the storyline.. It’s amazing.. Di,I want to see obsessive laksh..Haww??di you are jealous of dolly,very bad?..In fact,agar vo koi ideas na de then uski kaan pakad ke usse ideas leni chaiye apko??(oh God, dolly gonna kill me).. Keep going di.. About comments, I don’t know di how many comments you will got bcz swalak fan are very less here??..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  15. Sherin

    awesome…..interesting……i too love swalak to the core….

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