Oberois Memories – Part 5

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Shivaay, fuming, goes upstairs and is shocked he sees Anika laughing and smiling, he is mesmerised by how pretty she looks.
Anika: You look so cute when you do that, Karan.
Shivaay goes out of his dream when he hears the name Karan and marches to Anika.
Shivaay: What on earth do you think you are doing.
Anika: Oh I’m face timing my Kiku.
Shivaay: Your what..
Anika: Karan’s nickname is Kiku , Mr. Oberoi
Shivaay thinks about how Anika used to call him Billuji and all her other nicknames. He comes out of his trance.
Shivaay: Why aren’t you doing your work?
Anika – Because I have already done them.
Shivaay: Did you order my dishes for mine and Tia’s wedding, I know the names will be confusing for you so I will say them slowly.
Anika: okay

Shivaay: Rösti …
Anika ( interrupting him) Rösti with Smoked Salmon with cream cheese for starters and Spinach & Mushroom Stuffed Lamb Tenderloin for Main and for dessert Ferrero Supreme Ice cream Sundae.
Shivaay – What the …
Anika: You said it in the morning to Rudra, all I did was memorize it.
Shivaay: So you were eavesdropping.
Anika: It’s not my fault you speak loudly like a grumpy old bear.
Whilst arguing they do not realize that Karan was still on face time
Karan: Oi you two do you ever stop arguing.
Anika and Shivaay start blushing.
Karan: So Anika, my darling. Today is your treat na, where do you want to go.
Anika: What happened to the stubborn kali mendak hai. Let’s get something to eat maybe.
Karan: I told you na, don’t call me that. ( he laughs) You know dear, I was thinking lets actually go to that…
Karan and Anika: Chat place. (they both start laughing)
Anika: You know Karan I really…
Shivaay throws her phone away.

Anika: Hey Mr. Oberoi I was talking to my Karan. Why did you throw it.
Shivaay: Just like that.
Anika: Are you sure you are not jealous (she smiles)
Shivaay: Anika are you mad?
They start fighting again.
Shivaay gets so mad and is about to throw the phone.
Anika: Let me help.
She takes Shivaay’s phone and throws it from the balcony.
Shivaay: Fhat the wuck! Why did you do that? That’s my signature move. If you want to learn something from me, copy my style and looks. Don’t go throwing phones like you own the whole phone industry.

Anika: What style and look? What do you think you are.. my husband. Anyway I have to get changed Karan’s picking me in an hour.
Om and Rudra come in after listening to their convo.
Rudra(pretending to do commentary): Here is the Shivaay Singh Oberoi also known as Billu, so the Great wall of Shivaay was getting married to Miss Lady Baba a cheapdi. When in reality he loves Miss Anika a beautiful girl who has lost her memory due to Shivaay’s anger and brain damage, Now Omkara can you tell me what happened tonight.
Authors Note: Om came back today but Shivaay didn’t really notice as he was in tension himself
Om(pretending to hold a mike): Of course. Anika has met her best friend again who she hasn’t met for ages. His name is Karan Rana. And what we are getting is both of them love each other dearly. However someone is burning and that person is the one and only Shivaay. What you think about this Shivaay.
Shivaay: I think you both were dropped when you were born. (walks off)
Om: (glancing at Rudra) Well one of us was dropped.
Rudra: Shut up Zulfi. ( both walk of)
Later that day.
Anika walks down the stairs with a simple Indian dress and her curls were bouncing as she went down the stairs and she looked amazing.
Shivaay: Beautiful
Rudra, Om and Dadi: Huh??

Shivaay: Um… Everything in life is so beautiful after deciding to marry Tia.
Rudra (sarcastically): Sureeee.
Karan comes
Karan: May I? (offers his hand)
Anika: Thank you. (puts her hand in his)
Shivaay: Enough of your nonsense.
Dadi: They are just saying Hi. What problem do you have?
Anika: Yes Dadi is right.
Shivaay: I was just saying that on behalf of Rudra.
Om: Rudra doesn’t mind.
Rudra: I think you were dropped on the floor Shivaay.
Anika: You are not my husband, to ask we who I go with or who I’m with.
Shivaay: I never knew you could stoop so low.
Anika: Me… Low… Have you seen your height Shivaay.
Om and Rudra: Ouchhhhh
Karan: ( turns to Dadi) Do these two never stop arguing.
Dadi: Trust me I’ve seen worse.
Shivaay and Anika start arguing again.
Karan: Come on Anika. We are going to be late.
Anika: Sorry. Bye Rudra, Om and Dadi.
Karan and Anika leave. Anika turns around and looks to see if anyone is there.
Anika: Abhi toh party shuru hai(this is just the beginning)

Precap – Karan and Anika’s Date with someone spying.

That’s it guys. Please comment down about the ff or who you think the spy is. Sorry for the amount of time I took for this part. I still have exams so bear with me.

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