Oberois Memories – Part 4

As I logged in at 12 in the morning, the comments swept me away. Thank you. This is like a booster to me. Thank you. Sorry for the really short episodes. I was in a weird mood probably due to the fact that I have exams coming up which will last for 2-3 months.
Recap- Shivaay tries to make Anika jealous nd now they are having a challenge on who can make the other jealous.

Part 4
The following morning at the Oberoi Mansion
Tia- Thank you for dinner, Shivaay
Shivaay- No problem Tia, afterall we are getting married soon, so I should treat you well.
( he notices Anika watching and smirks)
Shivaay- Tia close your eyes( he pulls out and velvet box) Now open them. I should of done this before( he kneels down) Tia, will you marry me?
Tia- Of course Shivaay Baby.
Tia leaves to call her mother.
Anika POV
What does This Tia and Shivaay think they are doing, and why am I feeling Mitchmitch, ignore that na Anika, But still I don’t get this Tia. One day she loves this Dushant and then she gaga over Shivaay. I don’t get it. And that ring trick was just to make me jelous Shivaay and I don’t think it worked. Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Hope it works. Two can play at this game Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Suddenly the Doorbell rings.
Anika- I’lll get that Dadi.
As she opens the door a boy walks in, he’s wearing a navy blue suit with a purple tie. His eyes sparkles as he saw the girl who opeaned the door
Boy: Anika
Anika- Karan!!
She runs and hugs him.
Dadi- Who is this Anika puttar.
Anika- Well Dadi this is ..
Karan puts his arm on Anika’s shoulder
Karan- Allow me Anika . Namaste, My name is Karan Mahendra Rana.
Shivaay who was watching all this had spat his expresso all over the floor
Shivaay- So you are Siddarths Rana’s …
Karan – Cousin. I live in New York but I am in India for a couple of weeks for a business deal. As soon as Anika texted me saying that she in in Mumbai, I had to come and see her.
Dadi- How do you know Anika, Karan.
Karan- Me and my family had came to India for a year in 4th Grade, Anika was in my class too and we were good friends.
Anika- We were best friends I thing, and we promised to be in contact.
Shivaay- But how do you remember him Anika, I thought you memory was gone.
Anika- Ha. But for some reason I felt that I was forgetting something important and I kept having flashbacks of Me and karan as little kids. So I was talking about it to Om and Rudra, Om was listening but Rudra was on some social media so I snatched his phone and I see Karan’s profile, I had recognized him from my flashbacks so then Rudra sent me his details and then we would facetime and he told me everything that we have done together since 4th Grade and I wrote them all down. Karans a great guy he’s responsible clever and he doesn’t lie like some people (glances at Shivaay).
Happy Mr. Oberoi.
Karan- Mr Oberoi, sounds familiar, (he has a light bulb moment) No way, you’re the one with the scary eyes, How are you related to Anika again.
Shivaay- The name’s Shivaay. Shivaay Singh Oberois and I’m Anika’s Husb…
Anika- He’s my boss, basically He’s getting married and so I’m organizing his wedding,
Karan- I get it. Dadi is it alright if I take Anika out later.
Dadi- Sure, You two need to talk.
Shivaay – (starting to feel jelous) Anika actually remember you have to organize my wedding so you shouldn’t waste time going out.
Dadi- Why not. It’s not like she’s your wife. Anyway she is working way to hard, she deserves a break.
Anika – Thank you Dadi.
Karan- Pick you up at 7.
Anika – Deal kali mendak.
Karan- Don’t you start
Anika, Dadi and Karan start laughing, whilst Shivaay is fuming.
Rudra comes
Rudra- Guys this is not fair. No-one picked me up from the airport. I had to take a taxi. Oh hey Karan, Did you come to see Anika didi
Karan- Yes I did Rudra. But I have to go now,
Dadi- Stay for Chai and Snacks.
Karan- Sorry dadi, Siddarth Bhaiya needs me at the Rana Mansion. For now bye,
Anika and Dadi and Rudra – Bye Karan.
Rudra – Karan is such a nice guy na Anika Did.
Anika- Yes he’s so nice,
Shivaay- Well I don’t like him. He acted like he was our friend. You don’t need him Anika.
Rudra- Any friend of Anika didi’s is a friend of mine.
Dadi – The same goes for me.

Anika- And Mr. Oberoi you don’t need to tell me who’s my friends and who’s not. ( she walks off, smirking)
Rudra- Karan Bhaiya is so sweet and handsome and popular you know he had 10 million followers on Instagram. He’s even verified. He even is kind- hearted gives most of his earning to charity. ( shows them a pic) see he went to Africa to give children education. I can see why Anika likes him. They would be such a good couple right Shivaay.
Shivaay(getting cross now)- Don’t be Stupid, Anika doesn’t like Karan. And he’s not that handsome compared to me.
Rudra- Sorry to break it but Kannika is goals right now.
Shivaay- What on earth are you going on about
Rudra – (shows Shivaay the phone) See Karan posted a pic of Him and anika and it’s the secound most liked photo globally, 1st is Beyonce’s pregnant photo shoot. And the #Kannika is treading right now. Face it Shivaay. Kannika is better than Shivika. Come on let’s make salad Bhaiya.
Shivaay- You go, I’ll just take a phone call and come. ( he goes upstairs)
Rudra texts Anika saying Mission Accomplished?? and then says to himself. I’m awesome and walks off.

Precap- Shivika fight.

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