Oberois Memories – Part 3

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Recap: Rudra and Om find about Kapoor’s plan but they are confused. Anika collapsed and apparently remembers something.

Part 3
Shivaay POV
This was the day I was waiting for. Not Anika falling obviously but she has remembered something. Maybe she will be my Pannika and marry me again. The wedding days are getting closer and after marrying Anika I don’t really want to marry Tia. She’s a bit shallow. Anika is who I want to be with forever.
I go to her and ask her what she has remembered and she answers with “ I forgot to order the flowers, and runs off” That girl… Banging my fist on the wall, I walk off angrily ignoring the blood dripping everywhere.
The next day the house was empty, Mum had gone out shopping to treat Tia. Rudra was leaving to his friend’s wedding and Om was leaving for Bareilly.

Rudra: Where you going Om?
Om: Bareilly.
Rudra: Is there a special reason.
Om: I’m just going to see the land.
Rudra: So you are not going to see any girl na .
Om: What nonsense? Rudra just shut up. (As he walks to the door, he stops and hugs Shivaay and Rudra)
Rudra: Tell Gauri that the cool Bro Rudy said Hi
Om: I don’t even want to see her face right now. ( walks off)
Rudra: Don’t worry Shivaay Bhaiya, I’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t miss us too much. (He walks off)
Shivaay walks to off to call Mishra when he sees Anika, she was organizing the caters and the wind was blowing her hair. Then she started to laugh and Shivaay was mesmerized by her beauty, and the sparkle in her eyes.
Mishra: Shivaay, Shivaay, are you there?
Shivaay: Yeah I was just distracted, so about the deal …
Tia comes in .

Tia: Shivaay Baby you know what me and Pinky Mom were talking about ….
Shivaay ( glances at Anika and smirks): Tia, you are finally here, I was waiting for you for ages.
Tia: ( surprised) Really Shivaay.
Shivaay: Yeah and you look really nice today Tia
Tia: Aw thank you Shivaay Baby, you know you haven’t complimented me since forever.
Shivaay – I realized that and I feel so bad, what can I do to make up for it.
Tia: How about you take me out.
Shivaay: Deal. Let me get changed
Anika: (seeing all this) runs to her bedroom.
Anika: Why am I feeling weird, Shivaay is happy with Tia so I should be Happy too na.
Shivaay comes to Anika and whispers in her ear.
Shivaay: Feeling jealous na
Anika: What nonsense Mr. Oberoi
Shivaay: I saw you, you were jealous. You were so mad. Come one Anika I know it’s hard to resist such a handsome man like me (starts to laugh)
Anika: Keep this is mind, I don’t like being challenged.
Shivaay: Since when was this a challenge.
Anika: Now.
Shivaay: Challenge Accepted and Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t like losing.
Anika: Well get used to it and they both go in opposite directions.

Now in my comment early morning I had decided that I would stop writing but some ladies ( Rufina thank you ) have convinced me. I will be writing more.

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