Oberois Memories – Part 21

Precap- Rudra- Actually Anika hasn’t lost her memory

ShivOm- What?

Authors Note- In the last episode I made a mistake, Tia and Shivaay’s wedding is actually going to be the next morning. Sorry about that and i just realised that in the last, last part Daksh and in the last one Sahil was in the room. Silly me??. This is what happens when you don’t update for ages. Lets imagine this part happened in the last bit


Shivaay spots Sahil and hugs him

Shivaay- Um Sahil, where did you come from.

Sahil- Do you really want to know.

Shivaay- I swear down, that Daksh had kidnapped you.

Sahil- What? I was here all the time, with Rudra.

Shivaay- What… The video.

He shows Sahil the video.

Sahil- So I see, you got the recording of my school play, My acting is amazing na.

Shivaay- Just like ur sisters


Lets get onto the actual part

Om- Wait, don’t try to change the subject Rudra , how do you know that Anika’s faking her memory.

Rudra- Because I was helping her, I was the one that gave her the idea.

Flashback-When Anika fell over.

Rudra- Bhabi, I have a very good idea.

Anika- What is it.

Rudra- Pretend you have lost your memory and then make friends with Lady Baba and Swetlana, you will find her plans out and then expose her. Also Shivaay Bhaiya may confess his love to you

Anika- Its actually a decent idea.Do you think they will buy it.

Rudra- They won’t, afterall my bhabi is the best at Acting. Try and be like BFF’s with Lady Baba, she’lll tell you everything.

Anika- Okay .

Rudra- Look we’re going to kill 2 snakes with one stone.

Anika-(being serious) Its not snakes, its frogs. Killing 2 frogs with one stone, Rudra.

Aniru- Lets do this.

End Flashback

Sahil- As soon as I came I figured it out so Anika told me everything and Rudra bribed me to keep my mouth shut

Shivaay- So did you find anything about Tia

Rudra- We were shocked to hear about her motive, to ruin the Oberois with her whole family. And Swetlana is full of secrets herself,

Shivaay- And Anika went to Daksh at her own will.

Rudra – Yeah.


Anika- RUDRA, Daksh is here, I can’t do it anymore…I’m scared Rudra, I’m telling Shivaay.

Rudra- No bhabi, You have to face your fears for Shivaay bhaiya. Try and get close with Daksh to find out his motive. It has to do somthing with Shivaay.

Anika- I’ll try(she smiles nervously)

End Flashback

Omkara- Why didn’t you tell us. We are family Rudra. I can’t believe you have been lying the whole time.

Rudra- The less people who knew about it, the better. ( He hands Om and Shivaay a USB each) Here are all the evidence we figured about Swetlana and Tia.

Omkara- But how?

Rudra- We attached lots of Camera’s in Tia’s and Swetlana’s rooms and one in Anika’s pendant.

Sahil- Did you just say that you put one on Anika’s pendant. she might still be wearing that. Show us the footage bhaiya and we’ll figure out where she is.

Shivaay- Well done Sahil, Quickly Rudra, HURRY UP.

Rudra rushes to get his laptop and shows them the footage.

Om- rudra, That’s my room.

Rudra-oops,(switches it)

Shivaay- Hey, That’s my room

Rudra- Oops,(switches it)

Sahil- That’s souyma’s room.

Shivaay , Om and Sahil look at each other.

ShivOmHil- EWW!

Rudra- Real mature guys, It’s what it looks like.

Sahil- No, it looks really dodgy.

Rudra- Oy, small man. She has her a dressing room. I just like watching her chubby face and as the fan wakes her hair fly. ( switches it)

Shivaay-(worried) How many cameras do you have and where have you put them ?

Rudra- This is Anika pendantcam.

They all look closely. Then they hear some knocking.

Shivaay- What’s that?

Rudra-It’s Morse Code.

Omkara- Morse Code?

Rudra- I think she’s trying to tell us something.

Shivaay- Well none of us know it.

Rudra- I know some Anika bhabi taught me.

Shivaay- So this girl knows how to speak fluent Spanish and can do Morse code but still doesn’t know her 9 times table.

Rudra gets his notebook and starts writing.

D-A-K-S-H/ A-N-D/ K-A-P-O-O-R-S /T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R/ I-N/ O-L-D/ K-A-P-O-O-R/ F-A-C-T-O-R-Y/

W-I-T-H/ D-U-S-H-S-H-A-N-T/ T-I-A/ D-O-E-S/ N-O-T/ K-N-O-W/ T-H-I-S/. C-O-N-T-I-N-U-E / W-I-T-H/ W-E-D-D-I-N-G./

(Basically She’s just said that daksh and the Kapoors are working together and Dushyant is kidnapped to,)

Shivaay- Now who is this Dushyant.

Sahil- Tia’s husband.

Shivaay is shocked.

Pinky enters

Pinky- There, you are. My favourites boy. Um Shivaay why aren’t you ready.

Shivaay- For what.

Pinky- You weddings. Oh my matta. Don’t tell me you forgotten your own weddings

(Stupid boys didn’t even realizes they did a all nighter.)

as Pinky leaves they mutter a plan and they all go to the bathroom to freshen up

Shivaay goes to the lounge and Tia is there.

Tia- Hey babyy,

Shivaay- Oh Hi Tia.

Tia- I have been waiting for this day to come.

Shivaay- So have I.


Just wait and watch shivaay, This will be the last time you ever see your family happy. Just like you took my Lover, I’ll take yours


Shivaay POV.

I can’t wait to wipe that grin over your face.. Just wait and watch Tia.


Tia- Your Latte

Shivaay- I don’t drink…

Tia- I said Your latte.( thrusts the cup in Shivaay’s hand)

Shivaay pretends to drink it. He then gets a light bulb moment and spills it all over Tia.

Tia- Shivaay. What did you do.

Shivaay- Sorry, Look I’ve got you a wedding gift and I know your going to love it.

Tia- I… can’t…wait.


1 hour passes.

Pinky- Where is my Hera Beta?

Om- He’s gone out.

Jhanvi- On his wedding day.

Rudra- You see mom, he’s gone to get Tia a wedding present.

Pinky- Aww! How romantics.

Rudra (whispers to Om) I just saved you, Truth ki boyfriend. Sometimes it’s good to lie.

Om- You do know I hate lies, right.

Shivaay arrives

Shivaay- I’m here.

Pinky- You cames. Now come and sits next to Tia.

Shivaay- First let me show her my gift.

He steps aside and Dushyant walks in and hugs Tia.

Skips to where they all find out about the Whole Kapoors plan and even Swetlana gets caught and The Oberoi Family were all really happy.

Shivaay- I didn’t do it alone tho…

Anika walks in, she still is weak but holding a big smile on her face. Shivaay comes and helps her. Rudra tells all the family members about the memory loss drama. Everyone is very happy.

Tej- Anika. Why did you risk your life like that. Your not James Bond. Do you know how I would have felt if you had…

Anika hugs Tej and holds her ears.

Anika- I’m sorry.

Tej chuckles and hugs Anika.

Pinky comes

Pinky – I’m very sorry Anika, I didn’t give you the love you deserve. Every time you save us I talk very bad about you. I guess I was scared of losing my son.

Anika- Don’t be sorry, Your just protective of your son like I am of Sahil and I would never steal him from you.

Shivaay hugs both of them.

Everyone leaves except ShivOmRu and Anika.

Omkara- Are you alright bhabi,

Anika- I’m fine, and don’t forget to complete your statue in for next week. Mr Mehra would like it if the statue came early.

Omkara- Argh, I forgot that. Excuse me.

Om leaves.

Rudra- How’s my favorite bhabi.

Anika- I’m your only bhabi. Hope you didn’t get into trouble by telling Shivaay about our plan.

Rudra- Not really.

Anika- How did your maths exam go today.

Rudra- My what…

Anika- Your Maths exam today duffer.

Rudra- Um… Be right back.

Leaves shouting “Souyma, I need your help”

No-one is there except for Shivaay and Anika.

Shivaay- Wow!

Anika- What?

Shivaay- Even though you were kidnapped today, you still care about my brothers.

Anika- They’re mine too.

Shivaay- Are you fine though.

Anika- Yes. I am fine.

Shivaay- Anika… I can see it in your eyes. I was there. Daksh tortured you for goodness sake, how can you be fine.

Anika hugs Shivaay.

Anika- I’ve dealt with worse. Plus I knew my Prince Charming was coming.

Shivaay- So you think I’m charming.

Anika- Oh… I was talking about Karan.(she laughs)

Shivaay- ANIKAA

They start chasing each other and they both collapse on the floor, laughing.They get up and Shivaay kisses Anika on the forehead(that moment is always so sweet)

Screen freezes on Shivika staring at each other .

Precap- You’ll find more of Anika’s past.

Finally done with that memory drama. Sorry if you thought I was rushing it, I really wanted to finish it badly. Now I can continue with Shivika and Anika’s past. Sorry for any gramatical mistakes

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