Oberois Memories – Part 20

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Precap- daksh arrival in Oberoi Mansion, He blackmails Anika, saying he’ll kill Shivaay if she doesn’t come with him.

Anika runs to her room where is Daksh is there waiting there for her.

Daksh- So what do you say.

Anika- My decision is …

Daksh- Spit it out.

Anika- No.

Daksh- What?

Anika- I said NO!

Daksh- Well what about Shivaay.

Anika- That whole poison thing is just a drama for you.You know how I figured that out.

Daksh- I… what…

Anika- I made him that coffee and I saw him drink it all. No poison was added. You lose Daksh.

Daksh- Time for Plan B.

Anika- Plan…B….

Daksh pulls a hankerchief drowned with Chloroform, He pressed the hankerchief to Anika’s nose, Her eyes closed and she fell to the floor.

Tia walks in, smirking.

Daksh- Hey… babe.

Tia- Very funny, Now pick that little b*tch and take away. She keeps ruining my plans.

Daksh- Don’t talk sh*t about my future wife.

They look at each other, and burst out, laughing.

Tia- Anika was just an obstacle in my plan to the destruction of the Oberoi family. All will get destroyed in 4 days. 4 days that’s it.

Daksh- Tia, you never invited me to this wedding.

Tia- Daksh… Now take that girl before she wakes up.

Daksh writes a letter and leaves it on the bed, He picks up Anika and takes her away. Tia leaves.

Scene 2 – Rudra’s room

Sahil and Rudra are playing video games, they hear Shivaay coming.

Rudra- Quick… He’s coming. Act normal.

They chuck their consoles and pretend to study.

Shivaay- Rudra. Where’s Om!

Rudra- Oh he’s gone with Chulbul.

Shivaay- I got that but where’s is he.

Rudra- Finding clues about Swetlana.

Shivaay- ALONE…

Rudra- Chill bro. Chulbul is there. Fear not.

Shivaay- Chulbul. Chulbul. You think Chulbul will protect him. Chulbul is scared of everything.

Rudra- True. You know I was telling him about what we breathe in and he started asking who this curbun dixy is. he tried to blow air into his hands and throw it away.

Scene 3- A small village.

Chulbul- Omkara ji… Slow down.

Omkara- No. Hurry up Chulbul.

They reach a small house with a large farm.

Omkara- This is the house where Swetlana used to visit.

Chulbul- It’s very pretty.

Lady- Hello, Are you new here.

Omkara- Actually we came here to find out something about Swetlana.

Lady- Well you better come in.

As Omkara and the Lady talk , Chulbul starts walking. She gets shocked and screams. Omkara and the lady run to see Chulbul hiding from a Jaguar and her 3 cubs. Omkara starts laughing.

Chulbul- Omkara ji, watch out there is a tiger. Help!

She hides behind him

Omkara- Chulbul, this is an jaguar not a tiger. Look one of its cubs is approaching you.

Chulbul suddenly forms a bond with the jaguar, she starts playing with it.

Lady- that’s really weird, the cubs only like to go near females.

Chulbul-(laughes nervously) Strange,na. Omkara ji what did you find out about Sultana.

Omkara- Only that she and her friend Rena used to come all the time. (He shows a picture of Swetlana and Rena)

Chulbul- I’ve seen that picture somewhere.

Lady- You know, we are looking for someone to adopt these cubs.

Chulbul looks at Omkara with puppy eyes.

Omkara- No. Don’t look at me like that.

Scene 4- Shivaay’s bedroom

Omkara and Chubul walk in with a basket.

Rudra- You got me food. Yess.

He opens the basket and is surprised to see a jaguar .

Rudra- Tigerrrrrr!!! (Runs behind Shivaay).

Sahil- Oy, duffer its a jaguar.

Shivaay- Why did you bring a jaguar into this house.

Chulbul- He adopted it

ShivRuhil- He what.

Omkara- Chulbul made me

Chulbul- It’s very sweet. I’ve named her Rani.

Rudra- Why not rudra.

Sahil- When I find ugly crying lizard I’ll name it Rudra, don’t worry.

He hi-fi’s Om and Shivaay.

Souyma comes it

Souyma- Bhaiya I found this note it’s from Anika di.

Shivaay and Sahil read it.

Dear Shivaay,

I know your marrying Tia, so I don’t want to come in between of your relationship, So I’m leaving all of you, forever. I was messed up in the head when I married you so I’m just glad we signed the divorce paper. Look after my brother Sahil. Bye .

Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Sahil- Di never wrote this.

Rudra- this is not her handwriting. I know this because she would always sign my sick notes and after sometime I learnt how to do her handwriting to forge my reports.

Everyone looks at him and shakes their head.

Sahil- Di would never leave me like this, and she still doesn’t know I’m her brother.

Shivaay- And she would never sign it with Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi she would put Anika.

Om- Exactly(pulls out a note) i asked her to sign a Contract paper and it said Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and she scribbled that bit out. Anika would never write this.

Chulbul- Plus her clothes are still here.

Shivaay picks up a bracelet and a handkerchief.

Shivaay- This is Anika’s bracelet.

Rudra- But who’s handkerchief is this?

Shivaay opens up the handkerchief, It is initialed with a DK.

ShivOmRu- DAKSH.

Scene 4- Abandoned factory

Anika wakes up to see herself tied up in a chair. It’s dark and she starts getting worried.

Daksh- so your awake.

Anika- Get away form me you PHYSO.

Daksh slaps Anika.

Daksh- Physco, I’m no physco.

He gets a machine and plugs Anika, he then switches it on and turns the dial. Currents rush to Anika’s body and she starts screaming.

Scene goes back to Shivaay’s room.

Shivaay is pacing across the room.

Shivaay- Anika is all alone, with that Daksh, That little … It’s all my fault.

Om- And She probably thinks Daksh is her husband so she won’t refuse because she lost her memory.

Rudra- Actually she didn’t lose her memory.

Precap- Memory drama revealed.
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