Oberois Memories – Part 2

Hey I’m back, Part 1 was uploaded yesterday and I was really happy at the outcome and so many positive comments. Thank you to all those people who commented and made my day better. Let me know what you think in the comments. Sorry for the typos.
Recap- Mrs. Kapoor brings an application that will make the divorce arrive earlier, Anika find the truth about how she married Shivaay. She signs it and so does Shivaay.

Anika (Ignoring Shivaay, turns and faces Dadi and Prinku)- Dadi can I go home now.
Dadi- This is your home beti.
Anika (glancing at Shivaay and Pinky) – It never was. I meant my actual home
Dadi- Shivaay actually put your house on rent but Shakti will sort that out for you. Meanwhile stay here for a couple of weeks. If not for Shivaay at least do it for my sake. (Dadi starts crying)
Anika- (wipes the tears on Dadi’s face) Dadi why are you crying your grandson is going to be married and soon you will be a great-grandma. She walks to Tia, Tia you can now take your belongings to Shivaay’s room, I will sleep in the guest bedroom. (She walks off to take her belongings)

Pinky- Finally the low-class no-memory girl has said something sensible. (Walks off with Dadi and Prinku)
Rudra and Om face Shivaay with tears in his eyes. Shivaay hugs them all.
Shivaay- What is wrong with my Anika? She would never do this. Why did she do this?
Rudra- Don’t worry Bhaiya, everything will be fine, soon Bhabi will fine too. Now you stop crying okay it seems like you are the crybaby and I’m not. You know… (He remembers how his Sumo would call him that and he quiets down)
Rudra and Om walk to the Kitchen to make Chow Mein

Then Mrs. Kapoor Enters again
Mrs. Kapoor- Today Anika saved you today, if you do not ever follow my instructions, then “Oberois Brother” will be broken just of one video. Poor Om, now he’s already down; he’s breaking, Shivaay. God knows what that video could do to him.
Shivaay- Just to remind you Shivaay Singh Oberoi hates blackmail.
Shivaay walks off angrily
Tia and Swetlana come
Tia- Great job Mum.
Swetlana- Yes Mum. Everything is going to plan. Nothing can stop us from the destruction of the Oberois.
Secretly Om and Rudra hear everything.
Rudra- So that’s why Shivaay is agreeing to all the things Tia and Mrs. Kapoor. He’s being blackmailed.

Om- So this was their plan. Was it just me or did Swetlana call Mrs. Kapoor her Mum.
Rudra- Oi Bete que! One’s targeting Shivaay, One’s targeting you. Who’s targeting me?
Om-. Since when were you so clever Rudra
Rudra- I was always clever, I am like a black horse…
Om (interrupts) Dark horse Rudra.
Rudra- That’s what I mean. Anyway we need to expose these 2rupee ladies, and find about this video
Om- Exactly and what video is so shocking that it will only hurt me. Us two need to investigate.

Rudra- Don’t worry Om, Rudra Holmes is on the case (walks in the wrong direction)
Om- More like Dumbbell Oberoi (runs to Rudra)
Scene Shifts to upstairs.
Shivaay- Anika! (He runs to his room and his shocked, All of Anika’s belongings had gone and had been replaced by Tia’s’, He runs to the Guest Bedroom and he sees Tia and Discussing the Theme’s of the wedding.) Tia can I please talk to Anika, alone … about the wedding.
Tia- Sure Shivaay Baby. Bye Kalavati, I mean Anika.

Anika- Bye Tia. Now what can I do for you Mr. Oberoi.
Shivaay- No need to call me Mr. Oberoi, call me Shivaay.
Anika- Why?? Names are for those who are your friends; you can trust and rely on them, like Tia and Rudra. And I can’t trust you right now. (Tries to walk away but Shivaay grabs her hand)

Shivaay- Why can’t you trust me Anika?
Anika- You only married me for your family respect but you didn’t care about mine and then you divorced me but you never told me. You lied to me Mr. Oberoi. Then you treat me so well and I start to trust you but then this happens and that trust is broken. I don’t know why but I feel like I have felt like this many times before.
Shivaay-(Thinks of all the times he’s hurt her and feels bad) Do you remember anything.
Anika- No Mr. Oberoi
All the Oberoi Family meets downstairs. Whilst chatting, they hear a gunshot.
Rudra- (pulls out phone) Chill it’s my ringtone.
Anika (suddenly flashbacks come to her and she collapsed.)
Shivaay- Anika!!

They all crowd around her
Anika (wakes up) – I have remembered something.

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