Oberois Memories – Part 19

Shivaay is absolute livid of the fact that Daksh is torturing his Anika and taking advantage of her memory loss.

Suddenly the phone in Shivaay’s hand starts vibrating. He takes a glance at the caller ID and hesitates. He answers it.

Daksh- What’s up man missed me.

Shivaay- What do you want Daksh.

Daksh- I want to meet you, to discuss about a special someone.

Shivaay takes one glance at Anika resting.

Shivaay- Fine then, when shall me meet.


He cuts the call

Shivaay- What the wuck.

He rushes downstairs.

Scene 2 – Hall.

Daksh walks in and sits on Tej’s armchair.

Tej sees this and lifts him up by his collar-

Tej- What did I say Daksh, I never want to see your face again. And Tej Singh Oberoi doesn’t like repeating things. Understand. Guards. Take him away.

Shivaay- No. Leave him. I asked him to come, bade papa.

Tej- Shivaay. What the hell do you think you are doing shivaay. Anika.

Shivaay- I know what I’m doing bade papa.

Shivaay drags Daksh

Shivaay- Daksh, What do you want?


Shivaay- Daksh, thats impossible

Daksh- Well the game changes if it depends on your wife.

Shivaay- What did you do to Anika?

Daksh-Well… two minutes ago you checked on an alive Anika in 10 minutes you may fine her dead.

Shivaay- enough with the death threats. I can tell your lying.

Daksh- Okay. You got me I was lying about Anika. But not Sahil.


Daksh shows him a video of Sahil, in a dark room.

Sahil- Anyone there, help me please. Anyone there. Please help me. I’ll do anything just to get out. HELP.HELP. (a gunshot is heard and Sahil starts to scream)

Shivaay-(grabs Daksh’s collar)Don’t you dare hurt Sahil. Sahil is the only think that keeps Anika alive. Don’t do that. Daksh.

Daksh- Well. If anything does happen to Sahil. It will all lead to you.

Shivaay- What do you mean. Explain fully.

Daksh- sorry can’t tell you, it will ruin the surprise.

Shivaay- I said tell me Daksh.

Daksh- Alright. When the police find Sahil’s dead body, The DNA and blood will be traced back to the one and only Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay- You little…

Daksh- What do you say. You take me to see your princess.

Shivaay- I won’t let you touch or even talk to Prinku.

Daksh- Actually I mean…

Rudra walks past.

Rudra- He means Anika bhabi, bhaiya. Oh hey Daksh.

Daksh- Oh hey Rudra.

Rudra then walks past and then realizes what happened.


Shivaay- Chill Ru. I invited him.

Rudra- Weird. You hate him and then you invite him to your kitty party.

Shivaay and Daksh- Shut up Rudra.

Rudra leaves.

Daksh- Shivaay, my man.

Shivaay- Shut up. Let me just get my cheque-book. That’ll keep you quiet.

Shivaay leaves.

Daksh- Your such an idiot Shivaay.

Daksh goes to Anika’s room and lays by her.

Anika- Shivaay. What are you doing. You have a meeting in 15minutes.

She turns around to see Daksh.

Anika- Daksh(pushes his off the bed)OM,RUDRA,SHIVAAY,BADE PAPA.

Daksh- Shush, or your precious ones will die.

Anika- Shivaay.

Daksh- Yeah.


Daksh- What does Shivaay have early in the morning.

Anika- His coffee.

Daksh- Correct. Now what I seem to have done is put a vial of deadly poison into his coffee and your beloved Shivaay will die in… roughly 6 hours.

Anika- NO!

Daksh- YES! Now if you come along with me, I’ll give the antidote to Shivaay to save him.

Anika- I don’t trust you.

Daksh- Pinkyy Promise.

Anika- Just because you say Pinky promise still doesn’t mean I trust you.

Daksh-Fine then. You can talk to him. Remember. 5 hours 40 minutes. Shivaay Singh Oberoi will be dead. Dead.

Anika runs to Shivaay and hugs him.

Shivaay- anika, are you crying? You know I don’t like it when you cry.

Anika- Shivaay, are you okay.

Shivaay- What nonsense. You are not feeling well and instead you are asking me as if I am the patient.

Anika- (sternly) Shivaaay…

Shivaay- Fine I’ve got a headache and I feel a bit dizzy but I’m fine.

Anika- And have you had your coffee.

Shivaay- Yes the new maid gave it to me. It tasted differently. Not like the one you make me

Anika runs.

Shivaay- Anika… Ye ladki bi na (this girl)

Anika runs to her room where is Daksh is there waiting there for her.

Daksh- So what do you say.

Anika- My decision is …

Precap- Anika’s decision. Daksh and Tia’s plan. Rudra’s first test and Chulbul’s pet.

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