Oberois Memories – Part 18

Recap- Daksh’s Entry.

Daksh- Aw Anika, you haven’t changed. Still Shivaay’s wife.

He harshly pulls on Anika’s mangalsutra and Anika’s neck starts to bleed.

Shivika- No!.

Daksh- Looks like the wedding is over(is about to hold Anika but an hand stops him)

Anika- Wait… who the hell are you, you can’t just go and start breaking stuff like a physco.

(Its our Anika. She don’t need no man)

Daksh- What did you say?

Anika- I asked. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU.

Daksh- Your husband.

Anika- What??

Everyone is shocked and Tia is really enjoying this.

Shivaay- Now thats just a load of b.

Rudra- Gobar(cow poo)

Daksh- Yes Anika. All this time I was married to you, but when you lost your memory this guy(points to Shivaay) kidnapped you and does all this drama saying your his wife.

Shivaay- Thats a load of b…

Rudra- Gobar.

Anika- I am so confused.

Shivaay- Don’t trust this man. Trust me.

Daksh- Don’t trust him. Trust your husband.

Anika- I don’t know who to trust. Ones a backstabbing liar and one’s a complete stranger.

Sahil comes suddenly.

Sahil- Ani di…(looks at Daksh) You. Get out.

Daksh- Who… me?


Daksh- Come on.

Sahil- Haven’t you finished ruining my sisters life.

Daksh- Please that was all Shivaay.

Shivaay- (Shocked) Me???

Anika- (turns to Daksh) I don’t care who you are or what your status is, anyone who makes my brother upset is an enemy of mine.

Daksh- You are just confused babe.

SahivOmRu- Don’t call her babe.

Tej- Daksh Kurrana, We meet again. NOW GET AWAY FROM MY SIGHT. Anika is like a daughter to me, a daughter and the way you treated her is disgusting. People like you should be rotting in jail.

Shivaay- Weren’t you in jail. I put you there myself.

Daksh – What can I say. Daksh is back. Daksh is back.(takes a step closer to Anika)

Tej- Daksh, I have had enough of you. Take one step closer to Anika and I’ll make sure you could never walk again.(Tej treats Anika like his daughter, all will be reavealed soon)

Daksh- Anika baby, Look at this family, all full of sticking dirty liars.

He get two slaps from Anika.

Anika- Never call me baby and don’t you dare utter my families name with your dirty mouth.

Daksh- Wow! They’ve brainwashed you. One night with me and you’ll forget everything(he grabs Anika’s hand)

Shivaay comes and pushed him to the floor.

Shivaay- No one messes with my wife, okay and don’t even touch her okay. Get the f

Rudra- Fish.

Shivaay- Out.

Anika-( takes of he Chameli and starts wacking Daksh) You little cheap man. How could you even think that. If I ever married someone, it would not be you.

Daksh comes close to Anika, puts his hands on Anika’s waist and slowly starts to move up.

Anika elbows him in the nose and Sahil hits him with the crutch.

Anika- You son of a

Rudra- Bear.

Daksh gets up.

Daksh- You think you’ve gotten rid of me but think again.(smiles and leaves)

Anika falls back in Shivaay’s arms, she then realizes what she has done and stands up.

Jhanvi- Are you okay Anika.

Pinky- Anika don’t let that Daksh take advantage of you(even though she hates Anika she still is a woman. She is starting to feel pity on Anika.)

Tej- Did that Daksh do anything to you. I’ll report him. Anika . Are you fine dear.( he hugs her and then realises there is blood on his shirt, Anika’s neck is bleeding)Anika, your neck. that Daksh na, just wait and watch what’ll I do.

Anika- I’m fine everyone.

They all leave except SahivOmru

ShivOmRu- We are sorry Anika.

Anika- You did nothing.

OmRu- we made a promise to protect you. we failed that today.

Anika- What are you saying. We are friends. You don’t need to protect me. Anika can protect herself. You are the sweetest friends anyone can ever have and you always make me laugh. Just smile.

OmRu- We are much closer than friends. We are best friends(hugs her)

Shivaay-I’m so sorry Anika, Its all my fault. If i hadnt introduced him to you.None of this would of happened.

Anika- It’s fine Shivaay. I’m fine.

She keeps getting messages and missed calls.

Om- Anika who is it?

Anika- No-one.I’m just going to going to the guestroom

ShivOmRu- Okay Anika. You take care.

Anika leaves.

Sahil- I don’t think di’s fine.

Shivaay- Me neither.

Omru- She just need some time to just think.

1Hour later at dinner.

Dadi- Where’s Anika.

Om- I’ll call her.

He goes upstairs and is shocked.


Tej,Sahil, Rudra and Shivaay run upstairs to see Anika lying on the floor with blood dripping down her hands and some pills in her hand.

Shivaay tries to take the pills but Rudra quickly grabs them. Tej,crying,get an injection and injects Anika.

Tej- Wake up child,please wake up.

Shivaay’s teardrops fall on Anika’s eyes. She wakes up and then faints.

Tej and ShivOmRu lift her on the bad and closes the door.

Sahil- My di is very strong.

Shivaay- Sahil can you tell me what the pills are for.

Sahil- Ask no questions. Tell no lies.

Sahil leaves.

Shivaay then finds Anika’s phone, by unlocking it he finds out that someone had called her 59 times: Daksh.

Precap- Daksh and Tia’s plan (I will actually write it this time)

Sorry about the quality, it’s awful and I’m sorry about my language, I just guessing if this would have happened in reality, there would be a lot of swearing. It was a quick update as I have a test tomorrow and instead of revising I’m writing this.

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      Thanks Deepika. I have just started writing the next part so it will all be uploaded soon. What I’m going to do is finish this memory drama and then reveal her family.

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    Rudy boy u nailed it, a touch of humor with Rudy boy , enjoyed it thoroughly

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