Oberois Memories – Part 17

Omkara and Chulbul visit Dr.Dang to try and discover Swetlana’s truth.

Omkara- You go and meet Dr.Dang, I’ll go and tell the valet guy I’m here.

Chulbul- Ok Omkara ji

Chulbul opened the door and she saw Dr. Dang.

Dang- Hello Chulbul or shall I say … Gauri Kumari Sharma

Chulbul- Uncle ji.

Dang- So you’ve recognized me, Now Kali paid our family a lot of money so do what i say and go to Kali.

Chulbul- Never.

Dang- Well then I better take…

Omkara comes

Chulbul- OMKARA JI…(she comes and hugs him)

Omkara- What’s wrong.

Dang- Oh, forget about her.

Omkara- Him, Why does everyone think she’s a girl.

Dang- Moving on, Swetlana is not the Swetlana, she’s

(He feels pain in his stomach and he looks down and is suprised to see a dagger sticking out, He collapses and a pool of blood lays)

Chulbul- Great he’s started playing charades.

Omkara- No duffer, he’s really dead.

Chulbul- What??

Swetlana comes

Swetlana- Oh my poor Omkara. Couldn’t find a clue about me.

Omkara- You killed him.

Chulbul- Why did you kill him Sultana madam.

Swetlana- Dr. Dang was going to spill all my secrets, and I wasn’t ready. Now you have no evidence.

Omkara- When me and Chulbul are together, nothing can stop us.

Chulbul- Except for big snakes. They really scare me.

Omkara(muttering)-Not helping.

Swetlana skins starts to swell up and spots start to form, wrinkles start to appear.

Chulbul- I’m confused. Is Sultana madam a witch or a snake.

Omkara- Both. Don’t worry we’ll find your secret quickly.

Chulbul- My secret.What secret.

Omkara- I meant Swetlana’s. Why? Do you have a secret too.


Scene goes to Shivaay’s office.

Shivaay- You… can… speak… proper English.

Man- Yes and I speak fluent Hindi.

Shivaay- So then why did you say you can only speak Spanish.

Man- Oh, I only sign deals with people who are fully committed. People who at least make an effort to speak some Spanish is who I work with.

Shivaay- Oh that’s actually a good idea.

Man- And I understood that someone was saying the Spanish too you via the bluetooth. Was it a translator?

Shivaay- No my wife. Turns about she can speak Spanish.

Man- How interesting. May I know her name.

Shivaay- Anika.

Man- I also knew a Anika, She was born in India but lived in England, knew fluent English, Hindi and Spanish and god knows what. Real clever as well.

Shivaay- I think you are mistaken, Anika was born in India but never went to England.


Anika than runs in panting.

Anika- I’m very sorry billuji, Sahil said that and all the raita phail gaya. I don’t know if I said anything wrong so I came…

She then sees the Man and Shivaay,

Shivaay- Come in Anika, This is my wife and she was the one that one telling me all the Spanish.

Man- Good evening Mrs Anika Singh Oberoi.

Anika- Good evening to you, and Just Anika will do Mr. Monton.

Man- Just Anika or would you prefer you Fathers surname attached. Anika …

Anika- Um Shivaay, Mishra ji is calling you.

Shivaay- Okay, it was nice seeing you Mr.Monton and Anika stay here for a while I’ll take you home.

Man- Anika why don’t you tell him the truth. He deserves that. He’ll be proud of you and his family will respect you.

Anika- You don’t understand if I tell him I could put myself in danger, I could put his family in danger, I could put Shivaay in danger.


Meanwhile in OM.

Rudra sees Souyma and runs up to her.

Rudra- Hey best friend.

Souyma- Hello Rudra. Have you done the maths I set you.

Rudra- All done(hand her lots of sheets)

Souyma- WOW! Who are you and what have you done to Rudra.

Rudra- Anika bhabi was right, if I set one thing straight and focus on it, I could so something amazing.

Souyma- Yeah, Anika di gives everyone good advice but she never take it herself. And a little tip- don’t call di, bhabi in front of her. She’ll murder you.

Rudra- Haha! So we have some free time. Why don’t I take you out. Just us. My treat.

Souyma- I’m flattered. It’s not a date.

Rudra- No! Who will eat parathas on a date?


Shivika reach OM.

Shivaay- I’m sorry I called you my wife out there. I know you don’t like it. It just got complicated.

Anika- Its fine. Just don’t tell anyone what happened out there.

Shivaay- How the hell did you know Mr.Monton?

Anika- You told me his name.

Shivaay- No i didn’t, I didn’t even know it.

Anika changes the topic after seeing the rest of the family. Suddenly the door opens and someone walks in. They shout Anika and hug her.

Mysterious person- Anika, long time no see. How are you?

Anika is too shocked to say anything. Shivaay comes and is about to drag him out.

Mysterious person- Shivaay my man, Did you keep Anika well?

Shivaay- What do you want.

Mysterious person- To take my Anika back.

Rudra-(to Souyma) Looks like the date is cancelled.

Mysterious person- You have a nice house Shivaay( then whispers to Shivaay) and a nice wife. Looks like I’m taking her back.

Shivaay- Don’t you dare touch Anika.

Mysterious person- What will you do, get your brothers on me, fight me. Or are you forgetting I know your weakness (he glances at Anika)You don’t want me to hurt her do you.

Om- Stay away from her.

Mysterious person- Oh the protective brother- in law comes. You can’t tell me do anything.(He strokes Anika’s face and wipes the lone tears)Don’t cry Anika.

Anika mutters I’m not crying.

Mysterious person holds her by her neck and Anika is slowly turning a shade of blue. He releases her and Anika goes into another trance of shock.

ShivOmRu try and come closer.

Mysterious person- Don’t you dare come closer or this pretty little face will be a dead pretty little face( he point to Anika)

Shivaay is about to punch him but Omru hold him back.


Mysterious person- Oh Shivaay, you are soo funny (he hugs Shivika and whispers) Daksh is back… Daksh is back…

Precap- Daksh’s and Tia’s plan.

Sorry guys for the delay and if it’s dragging please tell me. Also if you are a silent reader please comment I only get a few and before I used to get so many. Small or Long ones will do, I would just like to Thank Sairan who comment on every post and Vivikhta who’s comments always make me smile and Haridhra and Gayathri.visu| whose comments make me laugh. Thanks xxx

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