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With a little sound of water in the pool, With the room occupied with the cool moon light, With the reflection of water waves on shivika, Shivaay placed his light tender lips on the beautiful neck of anika. Anika didn’t want to stop him,she went through shivaay’s hair. Then shivaay slowly took his hand from Anika’s waist and put it on her cheek . With lifting his head, their eyes met. The 2 inch distance between their bodies is occupied with air. Shivaay moved his head even closer. Anika tried to be cool, but her breath increased. He came even closer,anika now can hear shivaay’s breath. Shivaay closed his eyes. In a second,their lips are going to meet for the very first time,but anika pulled shivaay back with a smile on her face. She started to run when shivaay caught her hand.
“Kya hua?” (what happened), shivaay asked with a smile!
“ Kya kya hua?’’ , anika laughed.
Anika went to her bed, started to smile at herself.
Their night ended with very close touch of lovely romance!
Meanwhile, pinky gave her precious necklace to nayanatara which turned to be biggest mistake of her life. With the insistence of dadi,shivaay finally accepted to conduct kulgotra puja but he decided to take all measures in preventing nayanatra name not to be written.
Puja day’s morning, anika decided to check on gauri. She went dadi’s room. But gauri was sitting on the bed without movement. Anika knocked the door which made gauri wipe her tears,put a fake smile and she turned around.
Anika : (walking towards gauri) : Kya hua? Abh tak tayaar nahi hui? (what happened? Didn’t get ready yet?)
Gauri : Wo hum,,,
Anika : Kya wo,,,hum,,,?
Gauri : Wo,,,,Hum aare thein ( I am just coming)
Anika places her hands on her shoulders.
Anika : Tumna abh iss ghar ki bahu ho, kuch bhi tumhare mann mein hein,wo sab bhul jao. Dadi bhi kahi thin a abh tum bhi iss ghar ki hissa ban chuki ho, chalo abh toh who fake wali nahi asli wali smile tumhare face pe daal dho ! ( You are now daughter in law of this house, if there is something in your heart,just forget it. You are a part of this house as Dadi said. Now, remove this fake smile and put a true smile on your face !)
Seeing the care of anika , gauri felt a connection between them and she agreed with anika.

As soon as the puja started, all the oberoi family members were present. Shivaay had told anika to distract her fake mom during the puja as he thought of some plan.
Anika agreed to it. As puja started, anika went to her fake mom and distracted her.
Meanwhile shivaay sneaked into Nayanatara’s room to find some clues.
In puja: Om and Gauri:
Om : I don’t want your name to be written in our oberoi’s vansh by this kulagotra puja! Do you understand that ?
Without waiting for Gauri’’s reply, Om rushed forward.
Gauri ( to herself) : Hum kha kare omkara ji? Theek hai, hum abh aapko aur thakleef nahi de sakthe! (What I have to do? It’s okay, I don’t want to give you more trouble)
Shivaay ( to himself) : Kuch tho zaroor hoga ! (there must be something here)
And he started to search everywhere. Time passed but he didn’t get anything while Family members started to search for him. So,he decided to leave and come back. When he was about to leave,something caught his eye. He went towards a box. He opened it and he found a necklace.
Shivaay ( to himself) : Iske paas itne precious haar kaise hoga? Matlab yeh kisi ghar wale ne usko diye thei. Aur wahi ghar wale usko is ghar mein le aye, ( How can she have tthis precious necklace. This means a family member had given this to her and this very family member had brought her to this home) and started to think and revise the accessories of family members from ring ceremony. As soon as Pinky’s attire flashed in Shivaay’s eye,he confirmed that this is pinky’s necklace. Shivaay couldn’t believe his eyes. He collapsed in his place. He even couldn’t imagine her mother wants anika to be hurt this badly.
Nayanatra : Beti, I have to go now.
ANika : Lekin,,,

She left but anika followed her without her sense. She went to talk to pinky while anika overheard their conversation. Anika couldn’t believe her eyes that the person who wants shivika to be hurt is none other than her saas. Anika collapsed in her very place and tears started to roll down on her cheeks.
Anika ( to herself) : Aisa nahi honi chahiye,,,aisa nahi honi chaahiyeeeeeeeee(crying a loud).
Abh mai yeh sab shivaay ko kaise bataungi, Shivaay ka dil toot jaathe, wo uski maa ko dvesh karthe, nahi mai aisa nahi kar sakthi, apne ke liye shivaay aur pinky aunty ko alag nahi kar sakti, ( How could I say this to shivaay? It will break shivaay’s heart.He will start to her his mom. I can’t separate them for myself, No,I can’t do it) Wiping her tears she gets up and heads towards the main hall.
(to himself) : Meri maa aise kaise kar sakthi? Apni hi bahu par itni dvesh? Maa,yeh aap teek nahi kiya. Pata hai ki aap mere khushi ke liye kar rahe hein,lekim aapko kyun nahi samaj aathe hai ki meri khushi anika se judhi hui hein. Mai usko kya muuh dekhaunga abh?Mai usko kaise kahunga? I am sorry anika,,, Am sorry, ! ( How could you do this mom? How can someone show this hatred to her daughter-in-law? You didn’t do this right. I know you want my happiness,but why can’t you understand that My happiness is anika? How could I show my face to her now? How could I say all this to her?) He goes to main hall.
Shivika faces each other. They walk towards each other with controlling their emotions and smiling. They reach the puja hall.
Pandit : Now, I am going to write both daughter-in-laws and their kul aur gothr aur vansh in this oberoi kul gotra !
He takes a pen from a extremely precious box.
Pandit : Yeh oberoi’s ka pamparara hai. Isi se likhna hoga.
GAuri ( to herself) : Hum yeh kar sakthe. I will act as I am fainted now.
She takes measures to fall. But just before,shivaay’s eyes falls on that pen,and he decides to break that. Nayanatra walks past him and he keeps his leg a step forward as she fells on the pen. As planned, She falls on it which breaks it. Everyone will be in shock for so long.

PRECAP : Om-Gauri’s moments -love in anger, shivika’s hard times, Rudra in Meerut !

Hey hey ! Just a minute, I want your opinion! As you saw, the previous episode was romance, and this episode was drama. So, I want make my readers, I mean YOU happy with my fan fic. So,please say,
what do you want more?
MORE ROMANCE,less drama or
MORE DRAMA,less romance?
And thank you for reading and please do comment your views like is it boring.or is it lengthy or is it routine,,,,,,? What did you dislike and what did you like ! It gives me strength to write more just like tea,horlicks! Lol,,!
Ruchitha Thavutu,
Keep smiling smilies!

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  1. Dhar

    I think more romance, awesome episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you Dhar ! Keep reading !

    1. Ruchitha

      THank you Anaya ! Keep reading

  2. Awww great pinky truth has came out… I am so happy… I want more romance n less drama or more romance and more drama…. waiting for the next one… Post it as soon as possible…

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you Sagithya ! Actually we all want this pinky’s truth to come out,so did I. Glad you liked it. Keep reading, I will try to post it very soon

  3. Samm

    More of romance, fun, everything else. Except for the drama, I’m cool with everything. We’re getting plenty of that in the show! ?? Also, can you please try to upload this around 10:00 or after? It’s just that I don’t like spoilers a lot. Sometimes, I do come across one or two like the pen breaking one, but I usually keep away from spoilers in gen. If there are more people like me who read this ff, it might spoil the episode for them. It’s just a suggestion, so please don’t mind. ?? this seemed a little fast paced, but I liked it all the same. ?

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you for your valuable suggestion samm ! I just don’t want this ff to be sooo different from actual running,that’s the reason, I kept it. Sorry, If I spoiled your excitement. I will keep spoilers as away as possible from this ff. I just wanted to end this pinky-chipdi drama in this ff and trying to focus on romance,heart break between shivika, Om&gauri,Rudra’s new love story,you know ! And you are right,we are getting much drama in IB,! I will try to write on romance with little drama included. And I promise to consider your suggestion. Glad that you liked it ! Keep reading and keep sharing your views

  4. Niriha

    Awesome ….I think option 1 is best waiting for next part update soon

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you Niriha, I will post it very soon! KEep reading

  5. Arthi

    Romance dr……….and it was awesome…

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you Arthi ! Keep reading

  6. Trust me you didi it that what i want..both will know about pinky ponky snd you fulfill my wish…..thank you sooòooooooooooo much…

    And plz more romance less drama ..

    1. Ruchitha

      Glad you liked it Arpita ! Keep reading !

  7. Garu_2401

    I’ll prefer more romance and less drama
    Nice episode

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  8. Ananyagour

    Very nice….i think this should happen in show also. Shivay should see the real face of her mother. Well, i want more romance and please update next part soon ??

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      Thank you Ananyagour ! Yeah, I hope you keep reading !

  9. Awesome dr….. Kas ib main vi asa hota… I really want it in ib….

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      Thank you Banita ! I am hoping for it too ! Keep reading !

  10. First of all tnq for this episode as I was totally disappointed by yesterday’s mahasangam episode.
    It was fantastic.
    Would like romantic scenes but little drama is also good

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you Madhuani ! Keep reading and sharing your views !

  11. Gayathri.visu

    Ur idea is much better than real IB. shivika knows about stupid pinky ponky’s ugly plan! Its really good idea. Waiting for next part.

    I want more romance, less drama!

    1. Ruchitha

      Thank you Gayatri.visu , Keep reading and share your views !

  12. Awesome di. And I think more romance and less drama is better option. ?

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    Awesomeness overloaded??

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    It is nice one dear

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    Nice update

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    Amazing yaar.. I’m loved this so much becoz u revealed it to both of them
    ( shivika) … N would prefer more romance n less drama ?. Sry now only I saw this epi( my comment prev epi).. Post next Asap☺

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