Hey Guys !. I think we all loved this new oberoi special which may last upto 29th May. We also saw this combined both ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi. Well, we also love chemistry between oberoi brothers but we can’t deny the fact that the main leads also had a great chemistry. So, here I am with a new fan fiction about all these people. This episode continues from 23rd May’s episode. So, Happy Reading !


With the ring ceremony and dhoom dham dances of oberois, the mansion filled with great happiness. Then Gauri,Omkara,Rudra,Shivaay,Anika gathered near pool and having some conversation. With the force of shivika and rudra, Gauri started talking. But the sad thing was,she didn’t stop it. Her talk continued when Rudra came with a plan.
Rudra : Chalo,, abh toh hum truth or dare khelenge ! ( Now, let’s play truth or dare )
Gauri and omkara stared at Rudra while Shivaay and anika revised some memories of previous party when they played it and started to smile madly at each other.

Rudra : Bhayya, bhabhi, aap logon ke bollywood wali ankhon se romance hogaya toh khele kya ? ( If you finish this bollywood type romance with eyes, shall we play?)
Shivaay tapped Rudra’s head. Gauri laughed.

Omkara : Rudra please, I have no interest in this ! I am going to sleep!. Om left.
Shivaay : Om is right. We are all tired. And see them ( pointing towards Gauri and Anika ) , they were wearing all these jewellery and grand outfits from a lot of time. They have to change and take some rest.
Rudra : ( placing his head on his chin) aap bhi sahi keh rahe ho. Lagta hai mujhse aap bahut kuch seekh gaya,,haa,,( You’re right.It seems like you have learnt a lot from me).
All went to their respective rooms. Gauri headed towards hall to sleep in sofa but Dadi insisted her to sleep in Omkara’s room.
In Omkara- Gauri’s room :

Gauri was at entrance. She knocked the door.
Om : Knock kyun kar rahi ho, yeh toh hamara kamra hai, iski zaroorat nahi hai ( Why are you knocking? It’s our room, You need not to do it) Om said while making the bed clean.
He turned around to see Gauri. She was still at entrance in shock. He smiled.
Om : Tum abhi bhi wahi ho? ( You are still there). Gauri didn’t speak anything.
Om went towards her.
Om : Aao, let’s sleep?

Gauri : Ek hi bed pe ?
Om : Tum meri biwi ho ! (You are my wife)
Gauri couldn’t believe her eyes.
He placed his hands on her shoulders.
Om : Dekho Gauri, Jo hogaya so hogaya. Bhul jao. Hamara shaadi toh ho gayi, hum kuch bhi nahi kar sakthe hai. Abh toh sab ghar wale bhi maan gaye ki tum is ghar ki bahu ho! Mai kya kar saktha? Waise bhi tum mere saath diya, hamesha ! ( Look Gauri, Whatever happened,it just finished. Forget it.We’re married and we can’t do anything now. And even everyone home accepted you. What can I do then? Anyways, You are my side, always).
A tear dropped from gauri’s eye.

Gauri : Omkara ji, humein maaf kariye ! (Forgive me). She took a step front to hug om. But OM took a step back and his eyes turned red. His smile vanished.
Om : Did you expect that I will say this? Tumko mai biwi kya, ek maunshy ki tarah bhi nahi dekh paaunga. (Keeping wife thing aside, I can’t even see you as a human).
Om placed his hand on Gauri’s chin causing her pain. Gauri cried. He took his hand off her.
OM : I can’t even treat you badly !
Saying this Om left the room to sleep down in the hall. Gauri fell down on her knees and started to weep very badly.

SHIVIKA’s room :
Shivaay was looking at his files. Anyone could say, he was doing something important. Anika took a quick shower and changed into her normal bed time white clothes. Her hair was still wet. As anika entered the room,she unknowingly turned her head around very fast that the water droplets fell on shivaay’s face which made him look at her. Anika took all her hair to the front which made her neck completely visible to shivaay. He stood up without even bothering about the papers falling down. He walked towards her because he can’t resist her beauty. “Beauty lies in viewer’s eyes”, someone said,very well said he thought to himself. As he reached her, she saw him on the mirror which reflected the whole situation.
Anika : Aap ko kuch chahiye? ( Do you Want anything). Anika asked while looking at him in the mirror. He nodded.

Anika : Kya?(what?).
Shivaay came even closer.
Anika : Shivaay, aap kya kar rahe hai? ( What are you doing?). She said while escaping from the scenario to the swimming pool. But shivaay didn’t give up. He followed her to the swimming pool. He caught her right hand. “O jaana” started playing.
Shivaay went closer to anika. He whispered to her, “You know what?”.
“ Uhmmm?’’

“You look gorgeous while you are blushing”.
“ Mai koi blush vlush nahi kar rahi huin “, Anika replied.
“ Vlush nahi Blush”, Shivaay teased.
“ aaaah wahi “, anika confornted.
Shivaay placed his right hand on Anika’s waist which made her totally uncomfortable but she didn’t want to stop him. He slowly turned her around towards him. He took her hair from her eyes with his right hand. Anika closed her eyes. Then shivaay placed his hand on her chin gesturing her to open her eyes, so did she. She smiled when Shivaay placed his lips on her neck. Anika hands are now going through shivaay’s hair.

PRECAP : Love sparks between shivika, Anger explodes between pinky and cheepdi(fake mom), Comfort takes place between Om and Gauri, Rudra meets a new girl. Silly fights between oberoi brothers !!!!!!!!

Guys, sorry if you find my English/ Hindi bad. Let me know your views in the comment section. If you find this Fanfic boring or let me know to fix it. Today, I have written only about romance, but you will get drama in next episode. And if you are not happy of lengthy, I will make it short. ! But aah, please do comment ! It gives me strength to write more. If you don’t want this, I’ll stop and start new !

keep smiling smilies !

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  3. Its awesome….Why did Om behaved like that?? Waiting for next part…..post ASAP

    1. Ruchitha

      As per now,if we see, om didn’t want Gauri to be in home, but some where inside his heart, he had feelings for Gauri,! Very soon he will realize his feelings! I promise I won’t make you wait for so long ! I will submit it in an hour ! Keep reading ! Thank you

  4. no write it lenghty yaar plz dont shorten it

    1. Ruchitha

      As some other commented to make it short, I won’t make too short or too lengthy , I’ll try to make it in medium size ! One hour ki episode hai na ! lol ! Anyways, Keep reading !

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      sorry attu, I read the other comment wrong ! I won’t make short ! I will make it long

  5. Samm

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      I too don’t like khadoos om yaar! And haan he will change into romantic Om like shivaay very soon ! Abh toh nafrat ki pyaar chalega, lol ! As in serial too, they are trying to end rudra and soumya, I intoduced new girl ! But if my readers want just RUdra and soumya, I will try to make some jealousy track and make them back together ! BUt as per now, Rudra to pair with new girl ! Hope you like it ! THank you ! Keep reading and don’t hesitate to share your views !

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    Wonderful episode

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    Felt bad fr Gauri….Shivika r amazing….
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

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