RECAP– khanna was about to reveal anika’s details. ///.. SCENE 1:: SHIVAAY:: “” Khanna..speak it up.””. “. What’s going on?” Came the sound of anika from behind. Anika was standing, she was indeed weak but her eyes reflected courage to fight every odds. SHIVAAY::”” anika..what are you doing ? You should be resting. “” ANIKA::” what was khanna jii going to say about me?”” PINKY::”woh anika.. Shivaay had assigned khanna to find details about you”” said pinky innocently. jhanvi om rudra and shivaay was dumbstruck that pinky had accidentally revealed about their investigation on anika. Anika turned her angry gaze at shivaay. ANIKA::” see Mr.oberoi..iam working under you ..but that doesn’t mean you can interfere in my personal life. Sorry to say..but I can’t continue in a place where I don’t get enough space and privacy””. PINKY::” but beta…we were trying to sort out your problem. We wanted to know the reason behind your condition”” JHANVI::”” pinky is right..we were just helping””. ANIKA:: “” it’s an immense pleasure that I have people who care about me..but iam not comfortable in sharing my personal life with anyone””. Anika was heading towards the exit. Just then Shivaay holds her hand “” anika ..please listen to me once”..

ANIKA::”” don’t worry Mr.oberoi. iam not quiting my work. I’ll resume my work tomorrow. “” Shivaay couldn’t bare anika calling him as Mr.oberoi. It made him feel as if he is a stranger to her. But what he did wasn’t right , om was right he should have asked anika before Digging up her personal information. But shivaay couldn’t fold his hands and watch anika in that condition. That poor girl was starving for a week, and he couldn’t do anything to make her life better. But now khanna has gained some information about anika , he could use that to help her to an extent. But Shivaay decided to ask khanna later on,First he has to pacify anika. ///. SCENE 2:: ANIKA’S HOUSE //.

ANIKA’S POV:: I spend a long time in the shower, crying with frustration, the cold water was stinging my skin. It’s not just the whole conversation in oberoi mansion that has upset me. What got me to that point in the first place was my bitter past and present. I can’t let my bitter past come in front of me again. That’s why I shouted at shivaay, otherwise I would never even dream of giving him a slight raise of voice against him . I don’t want people to sympathize on my condition, whatever it be ..iam not ready to lower in front of anyone. I put my coat over my pyjamas and went outside. As soon as I went outside the washroom, every light in my house including the entire street goes off. Unlike me , others didn’t bother about candles, I quickly rushed to get the candles. One more minute I stay in darkness then it’s for sure that I’ll suffocate to death. I can barely enjoy the songs from my phone because of the horrible snoring of buaa..thank God that Sahil has adjusted in sleeping without the fan and gracias to the wind keeping Sahil cooled up. The phone displays a threateningly low red battery, when that dies I feel like crying. ///. ..

SCENE 3::: OBEROI MANSION. RUDRA::”” bhaiyaa…why don’t you write a apology letter to anika Didi..iam sure she will fall in that..we will right like this LADAI LADAI MAAF KARO GANDHIJI KO YAAD KARO””” .. om and shivaay in unison””shut up rudra””. Shivaay’s anika sense meter suddenly beeped , he turned around to see anika coming. Shivaay didn’t know how to speak to her . ANIKA::”” HI rudra. Hi omkara kanji aankhon wala bhaagad billaa”” SHIVAAY::”” what ?..what did you just say?”” ANIKA::” bhaagad onwards I’ll call you billuji ..this is your punishment”” RUDRA::””punishment?..such an awwwww wala punishment..even I want that punishment””.

Shivaay was extremely happy that anika moved on without creating any sort of major hustle.and with the name billuji ..he will adjust with that’s much better than Mr.oberoi. SCENE 4:: POOL AREA anika was busy with the lighting’s. SHIVAAY::”ANIKA.. iam sorry for inconvenience caused yesterday. I was just trying to help you. “”. ANIKA::” billuji ..let’s leave this matter””. Shivaay could see a thin film of salt water in her eyes. He pulled her towards him. “”Anika .. what happened?.”” Anika couldn’t hold it anymore. She started weeping badly and hugged him back. “” I quit in life shivaay..iam fed up of this. Even I dream of a perfect life shivaay..but perfect life and love happens only in stories. Life is just about facing the bitter truth of being an orphan and being abandoned by the family””. Shivaay holds his anika with great care . He promises himself that he will find out the truth behind anika’s misery.

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