RECAP–Anika bumped into shivaay.

SCENE 1::. ANIKA::iam sorry shivaay..I was just searching for ..never mind..even you could have been careful. didn’t you see me coming.?.Isn’t your kanji eyes of no use?..
SHIVAAY::” what the wuck?. What did you say about my eyes?..and don’t use this weird language. “”
ANIKA::” you called my language weird?.. how rude ? are jealous of my colourful are breathing and living in this dull coloured three piece suit.””

Anika and shivaay was busy in their verbal fight. They were completely involved in their fight that they didn’t Notice that they had the entire oberoi mansion as their audience and anika was on top of shivaay!!!
JHANVI::”” get up both of you… fighting like small kids?””
PINKY “”oh my mata shivaay.. what’s happenings?..come-on get ups and anika don’t waste your energy in this fight ..come you have lots of works””
Tej”” shivaay..are you planning to stay down itself?..,our stock Market will fall down”.
DADI::”” this is the start of ishqbaazi..we will fall in love “” said dadi to om and Rudra. Tej and shakti headed to office , while pinky and jhanvi dragged anika to their room . Om and Rudra was busy teasing shivaay .

//. .. SHIVAAY’S POV::. What have I done?.I should have started friendship with ? chance shivaay!! But that girl ..what kind of language did she use? But Shivaay you have to accept the effect she has on you. She is different. Just like dadi says takkar ki ..wait ..not Jodi. We aren’t even friends…ye ho kya rahaaa hai.”” Shivaay did his signature step and went away to attend his important clients call.

//… SCENE 2:: anika was busy explaining her extravaganza ideas to pinky and classy ideas to jhanvi. As anika served her best ideas , she tried not to look too tired. Her buaa nearly doubled her laundry chores and without having proper food anika was finding difficulty in doing her work but anika didn’t feel weak , she is a Strong independent girl. By keeping the image of Sahil in her mind, anika started doing her renovation work. But suddenly she found her head spinning, she started coughing. Anika ran towards the living room to get help, she was stumbling, and blood was coming from her nose. Anika couldn’t hold it anymore. She was dragging herself downstairs and omkara was coming upstairs. Anika fell over Om. Omkara was shocked to see anika in this state. “” Mom.. CHOTI maa.. Shivaay”” yelled Omkara.

All came rushing and shivaay was shocked to see anika like this. He immediately dialed the family doctor and commanded him to come oberoi mansion .

SCENE 3:: doctor came to the living area after checking anika.
SHIVAAY::” what happened doctor is everything fine?””.
PINKY::”” is she okay ? Oh my mata..she is a such a good girl ..what happened?””.
Doctor::”” nothing to worry Mr.oberoi. she didn’t have proper food for about one week. If iam not wrong, she was surviving in some sort of food supplements,maybe energy bar. That’s the reason for bleeding. Please ensure that she gets some proper nutritious food and no sort of liquid items because she had plenty of water . Maybe only water was her source for one week and those food supplements. Take care of her and I have prescribed some medicines.please get it.””

RUDRA accompanied the doctor till the exit while om went to get the medicine personally . Oberoi ladies was worrying for anika and waited till the one hour completes so that she will regain her conscious. Shivaay was hell angry , he wanted to know what is the reason for anika’s condition. Khanna was immediately assigned to find about anika’s family and whereabouts. Khanna was really efficient in his work , he came within half an hour . The entire family was waiting to know about anika ..and khanna had some shocking news to reveal.

/////. .. Sorry guys for the short update. And I won’t be able to post for a week. Sorry and please comment down your opinion.thank you.

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  1. Sairan

    Oh my God I was so happy when I saw that this episode has been updated
    Fantastic episode Anika is a survivor she is awesome you are awesome that you have portrayed her in such an amazing man please please please please please post the next episode as soon as possible I can’t wait much

    1. Anagha

      Thank for the lovely comment…but I seriously can’t update for a week.. really sorry…

      1. Sairan

        No problem anagha
        U must be really busy somewhere..BT promise that u will definitely post after one week..pakka ????

    2. Anagha

      Ya..sure . After one’s a promise.

  2. Awesome update as always anagha ?…
    Shivika nok jhok was cute… ?
    Poor Anni… She has to face a lot because of that chudail bua??… Just hate her…
    Waiting to know Annika’s past….
    And you will update after one whole weeeekk!!!??????….
    That is soo long.. .
    Please dear try to post soon ?…
    I’m eager to read the next episode.

    1. Anagha

      Thank you Sofia dear for the lovely comment..but iam really sorry that I can’t update for a week…sorry dear…

  3. Haridhra

    Awww nice epi di … This Shivaay accepts his feelings so easily haan interesting .. Waiting 4 the revelation..

    1. Anagha

      Thanks a lot sis…I made this shivaay accept his feelings as soon as possible because I don’t like it when people suppress their feelings…???keep reading

  4. Madhu.r

    nxt update soon plz

    1. Anagha

      Yes sure…but after a week..

  5. Kajol

    Loved the first part and second half is much intresting

    1. Kajol

      Post asap eagerly waiting

    2. Anagha

      Felt glad that you liked the episode… thanks a lot…but I can’t update for a week..sorry

  6. Awesome di.

    1. Anagha

      THANKS dear.

  7. Dhar

    Awesome episode ?? waiting for khanna to break the news, plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Anagha

      Hey ..well let’s see weather khanna will be able to reveal the news or not..??

  8. Arthi

    Am waiting more than them……superb dr…….just post soon. …

    1. Anagha

      Thanks dear

  9. seriously I have to wait ONE full week to read next part 🙁 ….. but trully it was a sophisticated episode…and their nok jhok is wat different from other jodis…post asap…and huh it was a nyc updatd 🙂

    1. Anagha

      THANKS a lot for the wonderful comments…keep reading and keep pointing out your opinions

  10. Awesome….
    Shivika r adorable…. ?
    Anika is a fighter….Poor Anika….?
    Waiting fr d nxt… ☺

    1. Anagha

      THANKS dear. .. keep reading

  11. Its really nice….whole family caring for Anika….just loved it and post next part ASAP….and little bit longer…?

    1. Anagha

      Next tym it would be longer… thanks for the valuable comments

  12. Wow!!!! It’s AWESOME dr… Plzz post soon…

  13. Awesome epi….

  14. Wow amazing… ANIKA truly is a fighter n it’s OK but after 1 week do update eagerly waiting

    1. Anagha

      Thanks a lot for understanding dear..after a week I’ll try my best to update regularly…

  15. Niriha


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      Thank you

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Loved it!! Shivika’s nok-jhok is cute… Anika is really strong to fight with entire world! Amazing part… Next part….one week! OMM!!

    1. Anagha

      Thanks Gayu

  17. Aashi26

    Amazing…..i loved tej’s reaction on shivaay falling down….poor Anika just hate her chipkali bua….Anu di……i have to wait for a whole week for ur next update not fair…?

    1. Anagha

      Even I hate that chipkali buaa..!!.. just one week..after that I’ll update . thanks for the comment sis.

  18. Aashi26

    But I can understand…..?

  19. Jerry_36

    Anagha, this is not fair !! You will post after a week… Suspense pe chod Diya. The episode was amazingly beautiful and fantastic. Will be waiting eagerly for the next one. Post soon❤

    1. Anagha

      Thanks Jerry ….and sorry for the update being damn late..but can’t help it..

  20. Sorry for late cmmnt dear…this was amazing…nd plzzz try to update asap!!!!

    1. Anagha

      No need to be sorry.nd thanks

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