SHIVAAY’S POV:: ” How am I going to keep anika as mine…mine?..she isn’t mine?..I meant the oberoi’s personal event manager. But how?.her work is appreciable and there is no chance that her boss will fire her. BUT iam shivaay Singh oberoi. I can buy the whole event management group. Wait..I’ll ask badi maa about her.come on shivaay go and find the oberoi ladies.


JHANVI::””this year’s decorations have been fabulous.look mummy Jii , that girl has indeed done a splendid job.I was wondering to assign all the duties of the upcoming events in oberoi mansion to anika and her group. what’s your opinion about it mummy Jii?””.
DADI::”jhanvi..even I was about to say it.”.
PINKY::”mummy Jii..I liked the girl more than her works. She is soo energetic just like me. I just liked her.””
DADI::””Achaaaa…then we will give anika the duty for renovating oberoi mansion.. specially your room””
PINKY::”really mummy Jii..anika would be great helps for me””

Across the garden, shivaay stood close enough to hear the entire conversation of the oberoi ladies. He felt that rudra’s angel has been hearing him very often. Shivaay’s heart thundered In his chest. He felt immense pleasure about the fact that anika will be here..around she is going to be assigned the duty of renovation,which means she has to start working tomorrow itself. Pictures started appearing in Shivaay’s mind. The picture of their future encounter.maybe he could shake the hands of friendship with her. The final image jolted him with shock. In that picture a boy , her boyfriend seems to be was shown. Shivaay suddenly shook away all his imagination, specially the last picture. She won’t be having a boyfriend.she is soo much involved in her work , she can’t have time to make boyfriend.shivaay started pacifying himself. Shivaay started searching for anika. There she is .. standing on a tree branch to hung ornamental lighting on another tree branch. Anika was about to slip.. Shivaay ran towards her..but before anika reaches the ground with a great thud, she was rescued by protective arms but it wasn’t Shivaay’s. It was of om and Rudra. Shivaay thanked them in his mind.what a perfect timing he thought!.
OM:”you should have been careful””
RUDRA::”yes anika Didi..what would have happened if we weren’t there?””.
ANIKA::””why should I worry if I have a strong brother like you”” she said by slightly pulling rudra’s hair. She gave a heart melting glance at me and went towards dadi and badi maa. I can clearly understand from the conversation that badi maa and dadi is assigning her the renovation duty.i felt glad, that from Tomorrow onwards anika will be around me. Then I can perfectly figure out what’s happening to me when she is around?.Is she feeling the same ?.

SCENE 2:: anika’s house
ANIKA’S POV:: The oberoi family is such a caring and lovable family. Thank God they got impressed by my work. Now through my payment via the renovation work I can somewhat balance Sahil’s treatment and education.

//. … She headed towards the dining area. Today was hectic for her and she survived only on one small energy bar.Anika hopefully opened the casserole to find something, but her hope went to vain as usual. This has been practicing since a week that she has been not given the dinner . Seven long days she was just surviving on her morning breakfast with Sahil and few bites of energy bar she gets to eat at work. She won’t be even granted with the breakfast if Sahil wasn’t there. Buaa has banned her food just because she didn’t give money to buaa for gambling and kitty party. Anika couldn’t afford it. Firstly she has to walk from her work place when her champa goes on a strike because she can’t pay the rickshaw wala. Secondly, walking for long kilometres in the absence of proper food didn’t make things go easy. But she is ready to fight anything. Because she is anika.and will do anything for the happiness of her brother. Anika quickly gulped some water and cuddled near her brother. Tomorrow is a big day for her.she can’t be in the first day itself. Anika after her calculation went to her not so peaceful sleep.

///. … ANIKA’S POV. My eyes flew open. I got dressed and headed down to the kitchen long before I needed to . First I cleaned the already tidy rooms and then when Sahil was up I made him aloo Puri . We both munched our breakfast and headed to our respective locations. I dropped Sahil and myself headed to the oberoi mansion.

SCENE 3:: oberoi mansion. Shivaay was walking like a pendulum.his brothers were wondering what happened to him?. Khanna was repeatedly coming and reporting to shivaay about who all are coming and leaving oberoi mansion.but khanna didn’t even say once the name shivaay was longing to hear. RUDRA::””anika Didi””..

shivaay abruptly turned to see anika coming. She was stepping at each steps with great elegance and was busy searching something in her bag. It was quite clear that she wasn’t aware of the surroundings and was busy in her search. THUDDDDDD..there she is in the floor ,on top of the great shivaay singh oberoi.!!!..

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