The breath went out of shivaay as he looked at his life staring back at him. His heart started beating to a frantic rhythm. He was mesmerised by her. He couldn’t believe that anika will be staying with him for two whole weeks ! And the best part is , the gauri ,who is OM’s heart robber is Anika’s soul sis. Shivaay could picturize Everything in a perfect slot. ” Anika !” Shivaay again called out to make sure . ” Yes billuji” replied Anika with her kidkithod smile. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room, until the noise made by the glass which fell from gauri’s hand . ” Anika Di !! You knew bade baiyaa before ?… Are you seriously taking ” the chance ” I told before ?” Asked gauri , her voice filled with flavor of teasing, after all she has to take revenge regarding the letter incident. Anika understood what gauri was up to , she wanted to play fair enough ” gauri.. did you take the letter for Zulfi jii along with you ?”. Questioned Anika by winking at gauri. ” What letter ?” Asked omkara . ”

And what ” Chance” where you talking gauri” said shivaay, still not taking his eyes from Anika. ” Nothing!” Said both the girls in unison. After the chit chat of the oberoi ladies , shivaay and omkara managed to get anika and gauri out from the elders circle. Gauri went with om to check on the new sculpture.while Anika stood there with shivaay. She turned around to see shivaay staring at her. Anika in her composed manner , asked sincerely ” shivaay?. Is everything alright?” . Shivaay continued to stare at anika , the words running through his mind ” how have you been ?. I’ve missed you . Don’t you think I’ve fallen for you ? Is this love?” All these questions were running in his mind , he didn’t allow them to fall on his lips. Anika bit her lower lip, shrinking her eyes to give a look, ” billuji !!!! ” She called out.

” Haaaan,,. Yes yes.. where you asking something” said shivaay awkwardly. Anika shook her head in disbelief , shrugged her shoulders and started to walk away ” nothing at all , could you show me my room ?” She asked while walking. ” Come !” Said shivaay enthusiastically, locked her hand with his and headed towards his room. ” shivaay. This is your room !” Anika sounded confused. ” Oh shivaay ! This will be her future room ” thought shivaay , while he grinned sheepishly. ” Ya, I know that ! Come , let’s go to the guest room ” this time shivaay took anika to the correct room.

Before they entered the room, they saw gauri and omkara. ” Sshhh.. stay back and listen” said shivaay as he pulled anika back. ” Hawww shivaay.. we can’t eavesdrop. Bad manners ” said Anika faking her anger. Just then om and gauri started their conversation , shivika decided to see what actually is gonna happen. ” Omkaraji, come to the topic .” Said gauri to omkara who has been sweating profusely. Om turned back , with a bowl of gol gappa’s. He knelt down , forwarded the bowl to gauri and said those three magical words ” I love you !”.. I might be the first person to propose a girl without a rose or a ring, cause I know that my girl loves these . Will you allow me to be your partner in all your antics and tantrums for the entire life.? Ruhaani sukoon aur dil mein chaein hona chahiye, zindagi bitaane ke liye mujhe tumare saath chahiye !”.

Gauri was in tears of happiness , she smashed herself on omkara , such that both fell down on the fluffy carpet . ” Yes.. yes Zulfi jii! Yes ” the words managed to slip through her mouth through the silent sobs. Both stood up. In a moment of chivalry, omkara reached down and lifted gauri’s hand to his face. His lips brushed her hand . The new ishqbaaz Jodi sliped into their perfect moment.

” Shivaay!!! Come ,, let’s go . They should have some privacy” Anika ordered shivaay. She pulled his coat and dragged him to his room.

” Don’t tell me you don’t know ?” Said shivaay. ” I swear, I didn’t know about this . Gauri never mentioned.” Backfired Anika . ” Om has become parayadhan ” said Rudy faking tears. Shivaay went to his own world , he thought ” wasn’t it high time to realize his feelings too ?”. But the great Shivaay Singh oberoi was afraid, he was tensed to the peak . Every second he was being succumbed to the fear of getting rejected by anika. So, he thought to find out anika’s feelings first. ” MISSION ANIKA !” he made up his mind .

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