‘ Gauri’ Anika said in a low warning voice ‘ what’s this ?’ asked anika pointing towards a pink letter. Gauri sighed. ‘ Anika Di, give it back. It’s just a pink colored letter which I bought just because I fancied it’s color ‘. Anika’s arms were folded across her chest , looking at gauri , carefully assessing her . Anika felt unconvinced by gauri’s story . She suddenly backed out and ran to the terrace. ‘ Don’t open it ‘ yelled Gauri. She made a run for her secret letter , which can reveal her innermost feelings. Catching her breath, gauri reached the terrace to find her Anika Di tapping the letter against her open palm, slowly and rhythmically. ” Who is your letter addressed to ?” Asked anika looking at gauri. ” Wohhh… My friend” gauri stalled , assessing the situation. ” A friend without name ?” Said anika as she hold the letter out to gauri , millimetres away from her fingertips, then suddenly anika whipped it back and tore it open. ‘ No!’ graoned gauri as she tried her level best to get back the letter. ” Dear ZULFI JI ” read Anika with a tint of sarcasm. Anika looked up at gauri, then resumed reading with her normal voice , but filled with curiosity. ” I have listened all your Sher o shayari that formulated your thoughts on relationships and your identity is a mystery for me. I always feel that I know you , but never really know you when you hide your sadness from me. You always support me in my hard times , but you never share yours with bury your problems inside you and never shares it.

The day I met you , I understood what a pure soul is ! You are more than what you believe yourself to be. I like you the way you are , I wonder why your ex wanted more colors in you , because for me , you are no less than a beautiful rainbow” Anika stopped reading and there was a long silence between them. ” Is this a love letter ?” Anika said , eyes twinkling. ” No !” Gauri said as she grabbed back her letter ” you won’t understand”. Anika cleared her throat ” well, this Zulfi jii will be genuinely moved reading this .” ” Hope so ” gauri said in a low voice. ” Come , let’s pack our things , we have to reach there by 9 in the morning” announced gauri , she badly wanted to change the topic. Anika understood her embarrassment, ” okay okay.. but where is your boss house ?. Atleast tell me his name ” , gauri turned around , rolled her eyes and said ” anika Di , you are going to meet him and his family. He even as a elder brother, you may have a chance ” winked gauri . She let out the tongue at Anika and made the run for her life. ” Gauriiiii..” groaned Anika as she ran behind her. ****** It’s 8:30 in the morning, and omkara had managed himself to be a pendulum. ”

Omkara, you still got 30 minutes, go and freshen up” said jhanvi as she adjusted the flower vase. ” No mom, she will be here at any moment, it’s my responsibility to make her feel home coming” said Omkara as he continued his pendulum Wala work. ” Go and freshen up now ! Girls don’t like boys who smell bad ” Rudra , the lady killer gave his tip. Omkara ran to Shivaay’s room , which was the nearest ” shivaay.. iam borrowing your washroom ” said Omkara as he closed the washroom door. Shivaay woke up to the noises , he had a hectic night! He stumbled out of bed , disoriented and gazed at the washroom door. ” Tera kya hoga shivaay, wish Anika was coming over ! ” Mumbled shivaay as he stood up and went to rudra’s room to freshen himself up.**** Shivaay got himself breathing in his usual three piece suit , he let out a sigh and pulled himself to the living area. The atmosphere was different, the oberoi ladies were laughing and enjoying. Even Rudra was sitting beside a girl with long hair and giving hand five to her. Shivaay spotted one unfamiliar head . Omkara came rushing, his hair still dripping with water. ” Gauri!” He called out. A girl with almond eyes , long black hair and milky skin stood up and gave an ear to ear smile. ” Omkaraji” she responded. ” Oh.. this is Gauri ” thought shivaay. ” Shivaay, omkara’s brother ” shivaay introduced himself in front of gauri . ” Namaste bade baiyaa” said gauri . ” Baiyaa.. see , there is one more guest , gauri didi’s sister ” said rudra , tone filled with mischief. ” Haaa Billu ,dekho who has come ?” Said Dadi. All the ladies cleared the view and shivaay saw anika sitting over there in the sofa. ” Hi, Shivaay.omkara’s brother ” said shivaay mechanically and walked away. Suddenly he stopped and turned behind and partially screamed ” ANIKA !!!!!!!”
Here goes the next chapter. I know iam a bit late . Sorry . Readers do comment how you found this piece of writing, even silent readers. I would love to hear from you.❣

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