Thanks guys for the immense support for the ff SHIVIKA AN ISHQBAAZI JOURNEY..hope you guys will love this one also.

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SHIVAAY’S POV:: I stood in the bathroom with my eyes had been my idea in the first place to attend Omkara’s new art gallery exhibition but that didn’t mean I had to enjoy it. That place will be filled with full of loud and unclassifiable people.but this was the way to support Om after the emotional drama between badi maa and bade Papa.When I’d brought up the idea earlier that afternoon I could see OM’s eyes twinkle with happiness when he understood that his brother is ready to cancel all his profitable deal to attend his exhibition.IF I hadn’t suggested this he would have…no don’t think about it shivaay.i have to make sure that om and Rudra always remain happy.okay. I think iam done!.


It didn’t take much time for shivaay to reach the venue because the traffic cleared itself up seeing the oberoi’s car.shivaay wondered weather people will treat him in the same way if he wasn’t an oberoi.everyone is bothered about his name and money and not him.that is the main reason why he rejected all the marriage proposal bought up by his mom.he wanted a gal who loves shivaay not shivaay Singh oberoi. He wanted to blurt out.time faded but he didn’t meet his life partner.

SCENE2::: Om and Rudra were already waiting for shivaay in the entrance. Just the moment shivaay stepped out..both of them lounged on their brother to give a bone cracking hug.well of course they had their trade marked O bro moment and dadi and prinku was standing a few feet away watching the unique brotherhood with their eyes having a thin film of salt water filled with happiness and heart chanting the prayer that no evil eyes should cast their evil sight on the Rare brotherhood.
RUDRA:: you are my brother.
SHIVAAY:: you’ve got to know it now? OM::”our dumbbell oberoi is becoming emotional””
RUDRA::””bhaiyaa..I want something more than o bro hug.”” Shivaay and omkara in unison”” RUDRA WE ARE BROTHER’S!!””
RUDRA::”areee baiyaa I meant that I need a promise that we won’t break the o bro code.we will always be together whatever happens and never let go of each other””
OM ::”dumbbell oberoi..we are the three tales of the same story””. Shivaay Rudra and omkara in unison””DIL BOLE OBEROI””.
RUDRA::”” bhaiyaa come-on we are getting late””.

As Rudra and om ran off after the others, I started to follow them. Suddenly I stopped as Rudra ‘s black sweat shirt showing off his masculine feature and dark hair disappeared in the crowd. Inorder to reach them,i started walking blindly. THUDDDDDD..I bumped into someone. both of us were in the ground.My head jerked up. The girl looked up. her warm brown eyes radiating, with soft brown hair that had a curl to it .”” I’m sorry..I knew that I should have been careful..iam sorry “” ‘said the girl in a humming apologetic tone. The sun hit her face making it glow. I grabbed her bag from the ground and helped her up also. Suddenly the girl said “” come on we have to be fast..the exhibition has started”” she half turned and dragged me into the crowd. Her energy started to sweep over me . I wanted to tell her to slow down but somehow I just couldn’t say no to her. She was so eager to watch omkara’s exhibits and also wanted others to enjoy it too. Who was this gal??…

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