The Oberoi Empire : Prologue

The Oberoi Empire

Hey People ! I’ve attempted a Fan Fiction (ff), on one of my favourite serials – Ishqbaaaz !! Hope y’all will like it !! Do comment !!
(This story contains second person and third person narrative. It is set in the future)

Prologue : Part 1
Shrouded in Secrecy

13th February 2018
Shiv Mandir

One chopper has just landed. One more to go. You took a step forward and just entered the magnificent temple dedicated to the lord of lords, Mahadev. You had received special orders from your ‘grand poobah’ the previous night, and this time you are concerned about not messing things up like you did last time. It had been embarrassing and you could’ve seriously lost your job ?.
If you are a part of the Oberoi Empire you may have to deal with a lot of clock and dagger activities and if anything goes wrong, you’re screwed.
So welcome to the Oberoi Empire of mysteries, secrets, pain, regrets, guilt, hope and love. Get ready for some ‘high voltage’ drama.

Today is 13th February 2018, and the clock is about to strike half past eight. The Oberoi(s) will be here anytime now. Priests from Varanasi have been chanting for a long time, of course, they have been ‘generously’ paid. You stare at the majestic Shiv Ling and reverentially say,
“Om Namah Shivaaya”
It is said that, if one performs a grand puja on the day of Maha Shiv Ratri, one washes away all their ‘sins’. Maybe this is the very reason, why the Oberoi(s) perform this puja every year, you think and chuckle to yourself. Your thoughts are distracted when you hear a sound. The sound of a chopper, the second one. Finally, they have ‘all’ arrived. In less than 30 minutes, four women enter the temple dressed ostentatiously. One of them looks nervous, tensed and disturbed, while the other three look completely unflustered, but still, you notice that no one is exactly ‘happy’. As they advance towards the shrine, they are followed by four men who possess a regal bearing. All eight looked glorious in the outside, but did they really feel the glory inside ?, you wonder. This monumental temple belonged to them, the Oberoi(s), one of the most respected families in the whole of India ??. You don’t know whether you respect, but you definitely fear them.
Respect and Fear, they’re two different things (feelings).
One of the Oberoi(s) was adorned red and white. His attire looked simple but one could make out that it must at least cost a hand. As he was observing the proceedings, his imperial gaze shifts towards you.

12th February
11:15 pm
The Oberoi Mansion
First Floor
Room No. 3

(A man is in his room. He is in anger and looks downcast. The room has various paintings hanging on the wall. A pair of dumbbells lie on the floor along with some gym equipment)

He clenches his fists and bangs it to the dressing table. His jaw tightens. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that she could do this to him. He had loved her so much, and now, all he feels for her is pure hatred. He came across her shocking truth last month and the same day he had told her that he would divorce her as soon as his family problems settled. He did not want his ‘family’ to breakdown.
“Does she even feel guilty ? Is her heart made of stone ? Can I ever move on ?”
The numerous questions in his mind tore his heart repeatedly. And then a disturbing question erupted in his mind,
“Did she ever love me ?”
He looked up, into the mirror. He could see the reflection of her portrait photo hanging on the wall behind him. He looked at the reflection and felt as if she was smirking, right at him. He pointed his index finger at the mirror and said bitterly,
“You are the reason, the one and only reason, for my grief and agony”

11:15 pm
The Oberoi Mansion
First Floor
Living Room

(A tall hefty man is seated on the couch and seems to be lost in his own thoughts)

“Tej”, calls out a woman, who must be around her mid-fifties. She looks smart, mature and composed but her pale eyes suggest that ‘all is not well’.

“Tej”, she calls out again, but Tej isn’t ready to listen to her, instead he says,
“Turn the TV on”

As soon as the television is turned on.

‘….this international product for ₹8999 only. But wait there’s more. Magic Mop ke saath saath aapko Magic Brush bhi milega, bilkul muft. So jaldi order kijiye by dialing 48485….’

“Magic Mop, my foot, a ban must be imposed on such ads”, complained an irked Tej. His hand reached out for the remote and quickly switched to the NEWS channel.

‘….this is a game played by the opposition. I firmly believe that, jo kuch bhi pichle mahine hua, uske peeche zaroor kisika haath hai. The ruling party is not responsible for the tragedy….’

Tej takes a deep breath and exchanges a look with Jhanvi. Both of them were thinking about the same wretched event which had occurred a month ago.

11:45 pm
The Oberoi Mansion
Ground Floor
Great Hall

“Rudra, tomorrow we have Maha Shiv Ratri Puja and you must attend it. Pause you campaigning and stuff for a while and spend some time with us, your family…”,says Omkara to Rudra, through the phone.

“Om bhaiyya, Iam will be there, don’t worry”, Rudra assures.

11:45 pm
The Oberoi Mansion
First Floor
Living Room

“Rudra kal aa raha hai na ?”, asks Tej.

“Of course, he is”, replies Jhanvi.

“And -Roop, what about her ?”

“I’ve given all the instructions. There will be extra tight security for tomorrow’s celebration and the mission is on to hunt down that woman”

“And Media, Press ?”

“They will be there”

“What ? Why did you invite the Press ? Are you out of your mind ? What if – “

“Relax, Tej. If I hadn’t extended an invitation to the Press, things may get conspicuous for them. Media coverage has been there every year and – “

“Jhanvi, interrupted Tej, Roop has given us an open threat to destroy us”

“Exactly, Tej. Barking dogs seldom bite”

“Only a stupid will wait till a barking dog bites. The wise will run away from that blo*dy dog even if you tag him a coward…”

“Tej, please”

Jhanvi was trying her best to pacify her husband but it didn’t work because she herself had her fingers crossed nervously. Tommorow is the day. It could be the most dreaded days of the Oberoi Empire.

11:50 pm
The Oberoi Mansion
First Floor
Room No. 4

“Do you love me ? Or do you still love that girl ? Are you happy with our marriage ?”
She is laying on her bed clasping a photo close to her chest. She was teary-eyed and was interrogating the man in the picture all the while. She saw ‘his’ photo. He had mesmerising eyes, they were lovely and intense. She had first fallen in love with his eyes and only then had she fallen in love for the person that he was. She loves him more than anyone but never got any love back. That hurt her but she told to herself,
“I had loved you, I am in love with you and I will forever love you”

11:50 pm
The Oberoi Mansion
First Floor
Room No. 2

“Something is bothering bhaisaab”, says Shakti thoughtfully. The room is silent except for the popping sound of his knuckles that he cracked.
“Haan, Jethaniji bhi thodi tensed lag rahi thi”, added Pinky in her usual heavy Punjabi accent. She was wearing a baby pink extra large night gown and had tied her pitch black wavy hair into a bun. She is busy applying night cream to her face as if nothing in the whole damn world mattered to her. The only two things she was concerned about was her jawaani and her Shivaay.

12:00 am
The Oberoi Mansion
Ground Floor
Great Room

As the clock struck 12, she mutters,
“Om Namah Shivaaya”
Today is the day, Maha Shiv Ratri. She is eager to get rid of her ‘sins’ this auspicious day. Sin? But let’s rather say – Enemies.

12:00 am
The Oberoi Mansion

Annika glances at her watch as the small hand hit twelve. She chants the lord’s name but she was still feels restless. She has been having the same kind of feeling since last month. Her heart is beating with rapid pace. Her hands and feet go cold and numb. She couldn’t tolerate the sharp pain which strikes in her head constantly. She wants to scream on top of her lungs, but she fights it back. She resists. All she wants now, is to do away with all her hard feelings, pain and grief.
Chotu, she thinks. She knows he will heal her because he always understands her. He knew the kind of trauma she is going through.She dials his number.

‘….kyun dard hai itna…’ (caller tune)

End Of Prologue : Part 1


Phew…! ?
So how is it ?!
Remember guys this is just an attempt….
And this is the only the part 1 of the prologue…the main story is yet to start…?
But for whatever I’ve written…
How is it ?!
Should I continue ?!

-Shhrika ?????

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