The Oasis of My Life (A Raglak Two Shots) First shot


“Laksh………………. Laksh……………………” Ragini was shouting in the cinema theater watching her favorite hero on big screen when he made is entry in the movie. She was hooting whistles also. She clapped and sat down near her sister Riya who was dragging her to sit as she was hell embarrassed with her idiotic fandom. “Relax Lado. Please we are in a multiplex, not in any local theater for God sake” Riya said folding her hands begging in front of Ragini.
“Don’t you think you are over crazy fan of Mr. Laksh Maheshwari? He is just an actor yaar” she said walking on the road near their house. “Riya don’t underestimate my fandom ok, you know na I’m crazy about him.” she said stretching her hands. “Whatever.” she said and walked inside the house.

“You know in that movie na Laksh made a stupendous entry. Uff. He was looking so handsome” Ragini said to her mom Sharmishta who was smiling her daughter’s craziness and serving her food. Ragini was explaining her every detail of the movie with excitement and finished her food. “Good night Lado” Riya said turning her table lamp of while sleeping on her bed in their room. “Good night Ri” said Ragini. She looked at big poster of Laksh which was pasted on her cupboard and said “Good night Laksh” and turned off her table lamp and slept with a smile on her face.

“No bhai. Here nobody will recognize me. I have made sure by changing my looks. Chillax. Here there are not many people who watch our language people” said Laksh to his elder brother Sanskar who was really worried of his actor brother Laksh who had chances of getting mobbed. “But what was the need to go there Laksh” Sanskar asked worried. “I just wanna see this world bhai which is outside our glamour world.” he said consoling his brother. “Fine be careful and come back soon” he said giving up. “Okay bhai” he said disconnecting the call.

“What if you meet Laksh someday. I’m sure it is not gonna happen” he heard a female voice and turned and found two girls walking on the street. He saw one of the girl and got mesmerized to her beauty and started walking behind them. “I will surely get my first heart attack” the girl said keeping her hand on her heart dreamily. She looked more beautiful to him now. “Lado. You are really crazy fan of him yaar. I wish someday you meet him.” said the other girl side hugging. She laughed and said pointing towards a guy on the bike “Yeh lo. Tera Romeo aagaya. Go now otherwise he will eat me raw. I’m going to market. Call me once you return, we will go home together”. “Ok careful” the other girl said and drove off with the guy on bike. Laksh kept following her to know about his crazy fan of his. While returning from market she felt as somebody is following her. She got alerted. She took her chappal and went to the person ready to hit him. He tried defending holding his hands up. In the process his hood fell back and duplicate beard fell down. He was standing closing his eyes.

“Laksh Maheshwari” whispered Ragini and dropped her chappal. Laksh opened his eyes and saw the girl shocked. She was ready to faint due to excitement. He held her and patted her cheek to wake her up. Nearby he saw water tap. He laid her down and went to the tap and brought some water and sprikled it on her face. She woke up and saw Laksh who asked her “Are you ok?” with concern “OMG..” before she could shout he kept his hand on her mouth. She just stared at him. “Shhh shh. Please don’t shout. I don’t want people to mob me please” he pleaded. She just nodded. He removed his hand and she was about to talk loudly, he got jerked and closed her mouth again “Please”. She nodded. As he removed his hand she said “Sorry” whispering. “But what are you doing here that to like this” she asked him softly with confusion. “I just wanted to enjoy being with common people. I think I have to go back soon” he said getting up. “No no please don’t go. Not without giving me autograph.” she pouted cutely.

He felt time stopped there. “Please?” she said pouting. He came to the real world and said “Hmmm?” “Okay. But on one condition.” he said folding his hands. “I will agree to all your condition” she said jumping. “Arey listen what I’m saying” he stopped her. “Okay tell me” she asked. “You have to be my partner to roam this city, without letting me to get mobbed” he said. “Me?” she asked excitedly. “Ya” he said smiling. “Fine I will be your partner” she said smiling. “But it should be a secret. You should not tell it to anybody. Promise?” he said forwarding his hand. “Pakka promise” she held his hand excitedly. He felt a current pass through his body.

“So this is my favorite Puchka stall. Yeha ke puchkas Kolkota me world famous hai” she said proudly. Laksh was just smiling at her antics. She told the stall keeper to serve two plates. She was enjoying. Laksh kept the first puchka and started shouting “Ahhh it’s so spicy.” Ragini panicked to his condition. She searched for a water bottle and gave him. He took it and drank it quickly and relaxed as his burning mouth cooled. He looked up and found Ragini pouting and saying Sorry. “Hey Ragu. That’s ok. I’m not used to these kind of foods na. You are not at fault, chillax. Now come we will go to our next destination” he said dragging her.
“Arey you have to peel it like this” said Ragini showing him how to peel and eat a sugar cane walking beside the lake. “Okay. Hmmm so what were you saying? Haa you don’t have any relatives? How is that possible” he asked chewing the sugar cane byte and spitting out the residue. She spit the residue and said “Ya. Actually my mom and dad got married against their parent wish and came here far away from them and settled. They never talked about them, I don’t even know my grandparents name. Literally we have nobody in the world” and became sad. “Hey chillax yar. Come let’s leave. I will drop you home. It’s becoming dark” he said moving.
“Noooooo” Ragini screamed collapsing holding a dress piece near her chest in front of her house which was burned into ashes due to the bomb blast. Laksh saw her teary eyed. He hugged her and she cried and fainted in his arms. “Ragu Ragu” he patted her face. But she did not wake up. Her family was burnt alive due to a terrorist attack. She was safe because she went out with Laksh. Laksh took her with him to his hotel room and arranged for a separate bed in his room. Doctor came and checked her and said she is just shocked. Prescribed medicine and went out. He sat on the couch whole night looking at her and dozed off after some time. Ragini woke up and realized her tragedy. Laksh woke up and saw she was sobbing. He went to her and sat beside her. She hugged him tight and sobbed. He was surprised to her hug but reciprocated to it.

“Ragini you have not eaten from yesterday. Please have something.” pleaded Laksh holding a spoonful of food in his hand. She just nodded her head and started tearing. He knew how much she missed her family. She was left alone in this cruel world. She had nobody other than him.
“Will you come with me to Tamil Nadu?” asked Laksh to Ragini who was having food silently after three days. She was shocked and looked at him. “Only if you trust me” he said holding her hand. “I don’t wanna be burden in your life. Whatever you did till now was more than anybody could do. It’s ok I can manage. Sorry I troubled you so much” she said teary eyed. “Shhh” he said keeping his finger on her lips. She was surprised and looked into his eyes which had honesty and care. “I’m not doing any favor. We are friends. You can work in my company for living. You are never a burden on me. Trust me” he said pleading. “Okay” she said after thinking much.
“Who are there in your family?” Ragini asked sitting beside Laksh in flight. “My mom, dad and my elder brother. I have already spoken to them, they don’t have any issue. Don’t worry” he said assuring her. She just nodded and leaned to the window and fell asleep.
“Ladoo. Get up beta.” Sharmista caressed her hair and she woke up yawning. “Happy birthday Ladoo” shouted Shekar, Sharmishta and Riya holding a cake and balloons. “OMG.” Ragini got surprised and shouted. “Mela shona beta” Shekar kissed her forehead and side hugged her.
Ragini got up with a jerk and had tears in her eyes. Laksh who was reading a magazine and looked at her. Her tears every time pained him more than it pained her. But he could not do anything. He has to stay strong and get her out of it. He knew being with his family will take her out of her pain. “Are you okay?” he asked her. “Hmm ya” she said wiping her tears. “Come the flight has landed already”
“Ragini come will play cricket” said Sanskar dragging Ragini. “I don’t like cricket please.” she pleaded. “Come na Ragu” said Swara, Sanskar’s fiancé whom Ragini considered as her elder sister. “Leave bhabi, she is scared that she will lose” said Laksh smirking. “Oh you think so?” she asked getting up angry. Laksh smiled as he made her play cricket. “Yess yess we won Shona di we won” Ragini jumped and hugged Swara. Laksh saw her with a smile. She had become old Ragini. Three months with his family had brought her out of her trauma. She missed her family occasionally but soon used to come out of it. Annapurna, Laksh’s mom once told her “Don’t cry beta their spirit will cry seeing you like this. Remember them with smile. They will be worried for you and will be around you always, watching over you. And your mom used to say na if we cry badly, then people who are close to our heart will get tears though they are miles away unaware of our situation. See they are around you only. How much they will be sad watching you like this.” From that time Ragini used to remember her family with smile on her face. Swara became a special part of her life. She was still uncomfortable with Durga Prasad who maintained a tough image in front of her. But slowly he also accepted her in his family. Laksh became an important part of her life. She was really attached to him.

“Ragini beta” called out Annapurna supervising the flower decorations. “Ha Aunty.” said Ragini. “Check beta whether Swara is ready. We have to start the Haldi ceremony on time” said Annapurna. “I will check aunty” saying this she ran to Swara’s room. “Ragu see na I’m confused” said Swara complaining as soon as Ragini entered. “What happened Shona Di” asked Ragini. “Should I wear this earing or this?” she asked two pairs of ear rings. “This is cute. Goes well with your attire” said Ragini showing a floral shape white studs. “You always solve my confusions. Thank you” said Swara hugging Ragini. “Come now will go down. Aunty is hyper worried about timings” said Ragini taking Swara down.

Swara and Sanskar made to sit on a platform created for Haldi but were separated by a curtain in between. First the Haldi was applied to Sanskar and then it was brought to Swara’s partition. Everybody started applying Haldi to Swara. Ragini’s turn came and she was applying to Swara. Laksh was beside Sanskar and making fun of him. Once he turned and saw through the curtain Ragini applying haldi and Swara applied haldi on Ragini’s nose. Ragini jerked and looked at Swara with fake anger and laughed hugging her. Laksh was lost in her innocence and beauty. Laksh kept his elbow on Laksh’s shoulder and asked “You love her right?”. “Hmmm” then he realized what he said and stumbled “What? No, what nonsense are speaking” he said jerking his elbow and ran from there. Sanskar smiled at his antics.
“Bole Chudiya Bole Kangana, Haay mai hogayi teri Sajana” Laksh and Ragini danced on Sangeet. Swara with her hands decorated with Mehendi and Sanskar joined them. Ragini showed her tongue to Laksh as she won the challenge. Laksh chased her. Ragini opened door of a room and entered. She slipped in the flower strands kept for decorating and fell on the bed. As she turned before she could get up Laksh came running and slipped and fell on her and accidently brushed her lips a little. Ragini and Laksh were both surprised widened their eyes for the sudden happening. Laksh tried toget up but her chain was stuck in his Sherwani button and again he fell on her. He removed the chain. Ragini was just staring at him. He got up and moved out embarrassed. She touched her lips and blushed and ran from there. Both avoided eye contact throughout the marriage rituals.
Ragini was falling in love with Laksh but she always backed off from accepting it thinking he is helping her for humanity. But Laksh had fallen for her at first sight only but he never expressed it thinking she might accept it due to his favors but not with love. He wanted her to love him truely but was unaware that she loved him really.
“That’s really great” said Durga Prasad hugging Dayal his business partner and Laksh’s movie producer. Everybody came to the hall. “Laksh come here” called Durga Prasad. “Yes Dad” he went and stood near Durga Prasad. He held Laksh’s shoulder and said Dayal has come with Kavya’s proposal for you. After our dream project, we have decided to marry you people. You both know each other from childhood. You won’t get a better life partner” Laksh got shocked and looked at Durga Prasad. He did not get a chance to speak as Dayal was there. He was the producer for his movie which was half completed and if he hears a no then he will withdraw from the project and their movie will be stopped and they will be in a never recoverable loss. Ragini was heartbroken but hid her pain immediately. Sanskar saw the pin in Laksh’s eye.

“You love her right?” asked Sanskar sitting beside Laksh who was sitting on the bench in garden. Laksh could not control his emotions and hugged Sanskar and burst out “I love her bhai, I love her a lot.”, “Then speak to Dad now before the situation gets worst. But first propose her, know her feelings, if you wait more the situation will get worst” said Sanskar. Laksh got up and headed inside with determination.

“Ragu… Ragu…” Swara was shouting. “What happened Swara” asked Sanskar. “She is nowhere to be found Sanskar. I searched her everywhere, her bag is also not there” she said panting and crying. Laksh felt a thunder fell on him. He stumbled. “Laksh” Sanskar held him. “We have to search her come, she might not have gone far come” said dragging Laksh’s lifeless body.
“This is the last hope Laksh. We have to search her in this train; she was not there in bus stands. I will search this side and you search from there” said Sanskar ran left and Laksh ran to the right.

Ragini was sitting near the window. Laksh was searching her madly. He stopped in front of a compartment holding his hair frustrated. Ragini saw him and started running inside the compartment. Laksh entered in the same compartment. She was hiding behind a man who was facing other side. She controlled her cry. Laksh stood exactly facing his back to the man frustrated. Sanskar came there. “You got her” he asked. “No bhai.” he said sadly. A tear dropped from his eye. “Hey Laksh” said Sanskar keeping his hand on Laksh’s shoulder. “She is crying bhai” he said helplessly. “What?” asked confused. “Ragu always used to say we will get unexpected tears when people who are near to our heart are crying even if they are miles away” he said sadly. Ragini heard it and looking with painful eyes at Laksh she was controlling her tears and throat from making any noise.

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