OACOC: season 2: SEPARATED by LOVE – A DevAkshi fanfiction episode 28

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Dev enters into the hall and was surprised seeing the person.. He exclaims..:

“Hey!! What brings you here?? Ms. –Ms. –”

“Ms.Sakshi” Sona replied smiling coyly.

“Yes..and I am extremely sorry to forget your name all the time..” Dev replied laughing..

“It’s okay.. Mr.??” Sona pretended not knowing his name.

“Oh! Yes.. Myself, Mr. Devrath Dixit..”

“So you see even I have forgotten your name…” Sona replies smiling..

“Coffee?? Tea?? Anything??”


“By the way, what brings you here??”

“Ah!! Well, I was looking out for the C.E.O. Dixit Group of Industries.. I was supposed to have a meeting with him..” Sona said completely ignoring the fact of having known him.. Slightly itching her forehead… at looking confused.

“Well, I am the C.E.O.,Are you–?”

“Yes.. I am the owner of the company your company is going to deal with..C E.O. of Little Angles’ Food and Nutrition Ltd.”

“Interesting name.” Dev replied, and pushed his glasses over towards his eyes, as they were hanging loose over his nose.

“So, let’s continue with out meeting..”

“You did not say… if you would love to have coffee or tea–”


“2 Cappuccinos please..” Dev orders his peon.

“No, excuse me.. I will have black coffee..” Sona replies..

“He remembers every of my choices..” she thinks.

“She only resembles Sona.. Dev put this thing into your brain.. She is Sakshi not Sona..” Dev thinks..

“Oh.. Sorry.. 1 black coffee too” he shouts back..

“Cancel the other cappuccino..” Sona said.. Looking towards Dev.

“No..” Dev replied walking towards the large ceiling length window.. “One cup is for my wife…”

“But your wife–”

“She resides in my heart.. It is because of her–”

Dev was disturbed by the peon,

“Sir! Your coffee..Do I take the other cup to Sonakshi ma’ams’–??”

“No.. Leave it here.. I will have coffee with her later.. After the meeting..”

Sona heard all this.. She felt weird.. “Sonakshi?? He is going to have coffee with me after this meeting??” she thought.. “Strange.”

Dev watches her expressions.. As they change into weird facial expressions..

“I know you find it strange, but– what ever.. Forget all this let’s continue.. With our meeting.”

A few hours later, the meeting was finally over… all the while Sona admired Dev.. As Dev walked over towards his office room, Sona followed him stealthily, she notices Dev opening a drawer.

Dev pulls out a red shawl from the drawer. It was the Shawl that Sona had worn while on their first meeting.

He stands infront of the mirror, and takes two coffee cups in his hands.. Then he enacts a conversation that would have insued between the two, if Sona would have been there.

Sona cries watching him.. She was about to run towards him.. But then stops, she needs to find the culprit behind all this.. She was about to turn when she hits a candle stand, startling Dev.

Sona runs away while Dev peeps out worried, shutting himself inside the room.

Sona walks through the road. Heavy winds blew. (sad background music).. The dried leaves flew across her face.. She was having tears.. She always wanted Dev to love her.. She neber wanted to become his weakness.. She could no longer take this.

She drives rashly through the roads towards her hotel room, storming inside and laying down upset.


Next morning,

Sona dresses herself beautifully, in a white designer saree. It was holi afterall. She did not wish to put colours on her, ever since she got separated from Dev. It was only because Soha insisted, that Sona dorned herself in a white saree.

Dev watched people throw colours on each other.. Standing on his verandah, sipping onto his cappuccino..

A girl claded in a white designer saree is seen entering into the colony.. Her stitches are clearly seen on her forehead.. She had her sunglasses on.. Her lips red as strawberry.

Dev was surprised seeing her.. While the girl enjoys the holi. Dev watches her mesmerized.

Sona is seen walking through the colony enjoying the fun, yet avoiding the colours.

Sona walks towards Devs’ house. Ishwari brings colours for Dev. But Dev gets angry about it.

“Mom!! You know I don’t–”

“Please Dev–”

“No ma!!” Dev was about to turn and by mistakes hits the plate of colours… Sona too rushes to take shelter from the colours that everyone was busy throwing into each other…under his verandah… But rather she gets coloured in Devs’ colours..

Sona stares up towards Dev.. And smiles coyly.. Dev too stares at her from his balcony.. While the krpkab tune plays in the background.



A room with pale blue curtains flying all around. Candles lighted everywhere a beautiful setting with soft music..
Dev is seen sitting on the floor crying over his life bereft of Sona. He notices her and was about to touch her when she just disappears.. He screams “Sona”.
Asha and Ishwari console him and tries to make him understand that she is no longer alive. But he argued about seeing her. He was in a dilemma about everything that was happening.. His thoughts distorted. Pain increased. Doubts arouse..

He hears the sound of the anklets.. Chan Chan Chan… Drawing closer… He looks towards the direction.. And runs through the candle lighted corrider.. That drew in enough moon light.. The curtains flew.. As though some deep secret would be unveiled.. Nature was furious to have separated the lovers…

He sees a woman, thin tall adorned in a red saree… That same flower crown.. Those stitches on her forehead… Those bangles.. And that very anklets.. He walks closer while the voice says.. “Come Dev.. Come… I am your Gauri! Your Sona..Come.. Follow me!”
Dev blindly follows her into darkness.


So guys what do you think of the new promo… Keep guessing who it could be??? ??? so many stuffs to be revealed… But keep thinking …

Please do comment on who you think it could be?? What do you think May happen?? I am excited to know your views.. ??

Btw, do you want the antagonist to enter soon and jealousy track to begin?? Or do you want the story to go as such???

Please do comment and let me know.. 🙂

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