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The men begin to walk towards the sounds of Soha crying… Sonas’ heart began to race faster.. 

“Look what I found!” shouted a man from another room..
Sona hoped that they have not found Dev.. Soha was feeling suffocated and stomps her feet against the wall.
Her musical shoe began to play.. Thus drawing their attention back to her.
Sona was now sure they would be killed.

The men walk closer to the cupboard… Sona watched them as they drew closer to the closet.. It had an opaque door.. Beautiful and elegant.. Her heartbeats increased..
Two men drag Dev towards a chair.. And throws him on it…

“Found the source of sound??” one of them asks.

The leader smirks..and pulls the closet open.. And dragged Sona outside… Throwing her on the edge of the bed..

The men were screaming something in a language foreign to Sona.
The leader aims a gun towards Dev..

Sona looked on terrified… *gunshots*


“DEV!!!” Sona screams waking up from her nightmare.

Dev in his room wakes up saying… “Sona??”

Sona checks the time… It was only 30 minutes since she had slept… She looks towards Soha… The clock on the wall showed 7 AM..
She felt too lazy to wake up.. But her dream.. She was worried.. She gulps down a glass of water… And gets into the washroom… The freezing water felt quiet relieving… As the water embraced her tanned half nude body.. Flashes of her dream kept sipping into her brains… She was drowning in her thoughts… Her face now beneath the water as the water bubbled up…

“Mamma!!” cried out Soha.

Sonakshi lay still, underneath the water..Soha gets herself down the bed.. “Mamma!!” she cries..not seeing her mother around. Just then she notices water flowing out beneath the washroom door…

She bangs on the washroom door .. But rather falls inside…*splash*… Sona had not shut it.. She never does…ever since staying alone with Soha.

Soha walks up towards the tub to stop the running tap.. Water was overflowing out… It was flooding in here..
“Mamma” she calls out…and walks over towards the tap..looking around for Sona.

She gasps in horror, seeing Sona inside… She puts her tiny hands into the tub and jerks Sona…if she would have just bent a little more…she would fall into the tub herself.

Sona wakes up suddenly..*splashing sound*
“What happened to you mamma??” Soha hugs Sona tight…getting into the pool of water..

Sona hugs her back..”Just a nightmare baby!!” 

“You have a lot to know..”she thinks.

Both Sona and Soha have a cute time bathing and playing with soap bubbles..

Sona dreams of having this moment with Dev….
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*********DREAM SEQUENCE*********

Sona is seen wearing a beautiful blue saree, Dev in a blue shirt…
Sona walks into the washroom and keeps her stuffs in there.. She opens the shower gel bottle and puts a little in her hands just then she realises that the tap is not working…

“Dev!! Dev!!”

“What happened?” Dev says poking his face into the washroom..

“Tap is not working properly..”

“Not working???” Dev thinks..

“Is it that it has some technical errors or is it that you have no stren–”

“Dev!!” Sona replies angrily…

He walks in innocently and opens the tap easily… Both getting drenched..

“So Ms. Bose–”


“Ah.. Mrs. Dixit”

“Mrs. Dixit??!”


“There are so many Dixits around the world–”

“Hmm… Mrs. Devrath Dixit…you have officialy failed in the Strength test”
He says teasingly, pulling her nose.

Sona gets angry and starts to walk away..  But rather she slips…

Dev holds her.. Both staring into each other’s eye…as water drenches them completely..

*****Meri aankhon mein, meri saanson mein
Tera chehra tera chehra
Meri dil ki har ik deewar pe tera chehra tera chehra******

Sona and Dev move away.. And turn opppsite.. Dev holds Sonas’ hands and twrils her towards him…

******Meri aankhon mein, meri saanson mein
Tera chehra tera chehra
Meri dil ki har ik deewar pe tera chehra tera chehra
Tu hi hai tu hi mera jahaan
Tu hi rab, tu hi dua
Tu hi labh, tu hi zubaan
Tu hi raah, tu hi makaam
Tu rehnuma******

Sonas’ saree gets stuck to a pin..and her saree begins to slowly slips off..Dev notices her saree slipping off and comes from behind.. Wrapping her with her pallu..

******Tu hi rab, tu hi dua
Tu hi labh, tu hi zubaan
Tu hi raah, tu hi makaam
Tu rehnuma

Tu hi rab, tu hi dua
Tu hi labh, tu hi zubaan
Tu hi raah, tu hi makaam
Tu rehnuma********

Sona shivers in cold…The water in the tub was fully filled.The shower gel had fallen into the water creating bubbles… Dev notices this and puts some soap water between his hands and blows bubbles into her face..Sona stands in surprise…

Sona was surprised hearing a child calling her “mamma!” and jerking her..

////////END OF DREAM SEQUENCE\\\\\\\\\

Sona realises that Soha had been calling her up in real… Sona hits her head with her hand laughing… Soha looks at her puzzled..


Sona hugs her tight… And kisses her… She wraps Soha in a towel..and walks out of the washroom.. She knew she had a lot to clean up today… But she had to check out on Dev too… So she calls up the homeservice to clean up.. And gets herself and Soha ready..

Later, both get into a cab for a small trip… Sona takes Soha out to see the historical places around Delhi…

Her car stops at a traffic… She notices Soha looking outside and smiling.. And looks towards what Soha was smilling at…

“Dada!!!” Sona thought on seeing Saurab.. She wanted to run and hug him… “Who is this girl with him?? Did he marry?? My Boudi!!” she whispers to herself… And watches Saurab and the girl sharing an ice cream…
She thanks Lord for getting her brother a perfect “Dhai kilo ka pyaar”

She imagines Dev and her and smiles..
“Mamma… I also want an icecream!”

“I will get you one…but not here…this is unhyg–”

“Mamma..” Soha says longingly looking at the street vendors’ stall..

Sona ruffles her hair..

“Driver!! Get an icecream from there please..could you??!”

“Mamma.. Can I also go???”

Sona smiles.

Soha runs out towards the stall, the driver following behind… She stands next to Saurab… Saurab notices her and her way of talking to the vendor, her cleanliness and hygienic talks…made him think of Sona..

He kneels down..

“Dear! You came alone??”

“No.. My mamma is there” Soha points towards the car.. Sona who had been watching all this turns her face away… Her tears rolling of…

“Oh.. You are very sweet child… Just like my late sister..”

“Late sister??!”

“Leave it.. You are too small to understand… ” he pats Soha and gets her an icecream…

“What is your name??”

“Suhana.Suhana Bo—”

“Soha baby…” the driver calls out..

“Ops…Bye” Soha bids goodbye to Saurab and walks towards her car.. Saurab looks on with tears welling up in his eyes…


Dev wakes up in his room…thinking about Sona… He missed her so much… He walks over towards his bathroom and gets fresh..

“Dev!!” Ishwari calls out..


Dev walks down the stairs pulling his sleeves up to a quarter length… Radharani looks on…

“Got to go early today…” Dev says groaning..

“Hmm… You always say that and then you end up going late…” Ishwari says teasingly..

“Mom!!why don’t you wake me up??” Dev frowns..

“Did you ever tell me to??”

“Feed me na,Mom… Its been so long..since–”

Ishwari puts morsel of food in his mouth, while Dev is busy looking out for Rithwick..for an appointment…

Sona drops Soha in a nursery to play with…and drives towards Devs’ office..


Dev is seen driving towards his office… Sona is seen walking up the stairs… In her Sakshi look, Sona looked nothing less than a supermodel.. Hot and S***.

Dev walks up towards his room…

“Sir! There is someone waiting for you in the hall.” Tina says..


Dev walks towards the hall…and on opening the door… He exclaims..

“Hey! What brings you here??”


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