o saiyyan….. OS

Hello guys…am back with an os this time
While listening to this song an idea came into my mind and I thought of penning it down for my beautiful readers……
It’s my favourite song and I can listen to it a thousand times…..hehehe…which is your favourite song???
I wanted to post it as an ode to my lovely sisters who wrote amazing os for the competition….but I am very late….lol…..as usual…..sorry…….tell me if you guys like it or not
I had already posted it before…but it got deleted……because I DIDN’T WANT ANOTHER ROUND OF BASHING TO BEGIN SPECIALLY BY SOME OF OUR READERS BUT THEN I THOUGHT why to not share my point of thinking with my friends out there and here I am again publishing it once again.

Here we go……..

Camera rolls on…..scene of the baadi……..the gadodia house is decorated and people are running here and there…its looking as if some function is there in the family….
A man wearing a cream coloured sherwani is guiding the workers
M:arre bhai ye kya kar diya….theek se lago…baarat aati hi hogi
W:ji sir
A woman wearing a orange coloured saree in marwari style comes there
W:shekhar what is this…why are u wasting time over here go and change the groom’s family might be coming….
S:I am not wasting time shomi everything has to be perfect…today is my laado’s wedding..nothing should go wrong….
Sh:nothing will go wrong go and change
Shekhar and shomi go in the house

After some time……
Gadodia family is standing at the gate waiting for the groom…
The baaraat comes with the groom on the horse..face covered..
Gadodia’s welcome the maheshwari’s
And makes the groom sit on the mandap…..
S:shomi go and bring our laado
Shomi goes to bring ragini
A beautiful girl wearing a red lehenga comes down but no one can say whether she is nervous , happy or sad. Her face is expressionless as if it doesn’t concern her that today is her wedding
She comes and sits near the groom….
Ragini’s pov
Who thought that one day my life will come at those crossroads where I would have to choose between my career and my family……both are very important to me and choosing between one is not possible bhagwan ji please make this marriage stop I don’t want to marry him….had it not been for baba’s health I would never have agreed for this marriage..
Panditji starts the rituals and they are married in no time
It’s the time of bidaai now…ragini hugs her family and bids them a tearful good bye
Ragini comes to MM and is welcomed into their home and lives…..

After some time…..
Ragini is waiting sitting on the bed for her groom to come…….
A man enters the room and comes near the bed….ragini clutches her lehenga in nervousness …..he sits near her and forwards his hand towards her……….
Well this is the prologue of my new os……
I will give the rest part on Sunday or on Monday
Now guys guess the pairs……jaldi se…
Ok chodo…
Main bataun……..accha one hint haan
“pair of my ongoing ff”
Ab itna bada hint de diya
…….now guess it yourself

And yes one more thing to all the readers on this page
Its sort of an open letter to all…….
Well I wanted to write quite big letter but my readers know me…am very lazyyy…hehehe
And guys no negative comments please

RAGLAK or SWASAN or RAGSAN or SWALAK…….all of us have an emotional attachment to the pairs…agreed…even I have but some of the readers are openly insulting other writers and stories…if u do not like a particular pair don’t read that ff and don’t comment…it’s the writers own choice which pair it wants to choose…..be ragsan or swasan or raglak or swalak fans…….ragsan and swalak never paired up but I actually want to praise the writers for writing stories around these pairs because writing about a pair which was not shown is really very commendable…..swasan and raglak both are heavenly pairs…….no pair is less…..all are great……and from the last few days some readers are actually openly insulting the writers……and one more thing…whatever the characters were in the serial…they were written by the cvs in such way only…….ragini , laksh and sanskaar were negative for some of the episodes and swara was a positive character but it does not mean that in the ffs also these characters will be portrayed the same way….and all the pairs are good…..if its your favourite pair then only read it but don’t bash or write negative comments…..and now some readers must be thinking that some writer want the readers to guess the pairs…well guess the pairs but if they don’t end up as your favourite ones then don’t comment and if you want to give negative…a very big “BYE” ….I am not going to name neither the writers nor the commenter ….if u don’t read ffs of some particular pairs then don’t and no need to comment that u don’t read stories of that particular pair…no one has asked
And I am really sorry if I have hurt the sentiments but guys please don’t give hate comments…..one really feels bad
Take care
Bye for now

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  1. Berdilla

    Superb dear friend

    1. Jayanti

      thank you berdilla dear

  2. Aanchal

    Plz ragsan

    1. Jayanti

      surprise in the next part…..wait for it…it will be worth it

    1. Jayanti

      thanks for the comment dear….wait till next part

  3. Aditi.Ayansh

    Cant wait for it Jayu di..Awesome prologue Jayu di..well i completely agree with u..all pairs equally gud ..u all should knw when a writer gets a negetive comment just becoz of the pairing hw much upset she gets..guys we should encourage all writers here..see we all r frm different places..still we r here..i ‘ll go with Jayu di..all writers here are doing marvelous job and yh i agree we all love some pair but here we should appreciate the writer’s creativity..and if u dont lyk the pair..dont discourage the writer..i hv faced this so i knw how much it hurts..so pls friends lets not fi8 for this..and pls..i never meant to hurt anyone..its just my opinion 🙂

    1. Jayanti

      thank you choti…will surely post it on sunday…pakka….and love u lots…I totally agree with you

      1. Jayanti

        and thank you for standing by my side….means a lot

      2. Aditi.Ayansh

        love u Jayu di 🙂

    1. Jayanti

      thanks sindhu dear

  4. Follybraverl

    Hey nice dear keep.doing I support

    1. Jayanti

      thanks folly dear for your support..will post next part asap

  5. Bela

    It was a good episode. I agree, we are becoming too intolerant. Thanks for the message ?

    1. Jayanti

      thank you bela dear……we all should be thankful to the writers for giving all of us amazing stories…so wrote what I felt

  6. superb dear

    1. Jayanti

      thanks a lot ammy

  7. IQRA222

    wish it is raglak
    and really agree with you jayu di
    waiting for the next part

    1. Jayanti

      wait till the next part dear…u will get to know …..and thanks for the support iqra it means a lot

    1. Jayanti

      thank you mk

  8. see the readers also get hurt. u expect ur fav couple n suddenly u get to knw that thw couple is not what you want to be. dont u get angry when u expect ur fav thing but dont get it. if u r trying to to explain the writers pov then try to understand the readers pov also.
    dont get this type of attitude that “””” if u dont like then gudbye.”””

    1. Asra

      whn u except ur fav writer do against with ur exceptation for that u can use bad word against them….it’s good doing for u….

      1. see i never used bad words against u. i am mostly in swasan ffs so u dont even know me. so dont poke ur nose in between. i had said this to writer not to u so plz dont bother to reply

    2. Jayanti

      thanks you so much xyz for commenting….I really understand your point of you and it was an open letter to all the readers and not just one in particular and the type of attitude you are talking about…..many readers are doing this only…..and I hope now u might have understood how it feels when people say negative about the work in which u have put your hardwork and soul into……

      1. n yeah i hope its swasan n raglak

  9. Awesome

    1. Jayanti

      thanks a lot dear

  10. Mintu

    Awesome dear…ur message is nice bcoz now a days its happen regularly

    1. Jayanti

      thanks you mintu for understanding…the next would soon be posted

  11. Asra

    awesome dear…pair u writing both na….i don’t know dear….waiting for ur update….
    and ur msg s good dear…if they didn’t like pair ignore that…but someone talk bad things about writer…it’s too bad….tkcr dear…

    1. Jayanti

      thanks you so much asra dear….your comment really means a lot……and true that we should not say bad about the writers because it is because of the writers only that we people get to read so many fabulous stories about our fav pairs…and we should respect that

  12. Interesting prologue dear

    1. Jayanti

      thanks rehna dear

  13. Shrilatha

    Thanks jayanti di for this beautiful message …I have known writers recently who r bashed on this grounds…and they have quit writing…readers u what us to understand ur pov…then it should be about story not pairs…casting is completely writers choice…love u jayanti

    1. Jayanti

      thanks a lot for your support shri dear…..writers should not quit writing because they are doing an amazing job…and just because of some people they cannot just quit because many other people are also their who love their work and waiting for their ffs…..love u too…and please pass this message of mine to them…thanks a lot……lots of love

  14. Asw

    Nice maybe ragsan keep going

  15. Richa19

    Interesting prologue!!! !! N I hope its my favourite pair but anyways I’ll read it as the concept is interesting… N I totally agree with u some ppl are here just to bash the writers and commenting bad abt them and the pairs….. I really feel pity on them.. …

    Update soon dear!! Bbye.. Take care ??

  16. AMkideewani

    Truly said dear and I completly agree with you, I never went to bash any writer, because I’m someone who would support the person who gets bashed. FOR THE BASHERS, THE PAIRS ONLY MATTER NOT THE STORYLINE, BUT THE STORYLINE AND CREATIVITY OF THE WRITER MAKES STORIES WHAT IT IS, BECAUSE ALL STORIES ARE UNIQUE JUST LIKE ALL OF US.

  17. Dharani

    very interesting

  18. Lovely7

    Your pov is correct sis no one is perfect in real life also,
    Raglak or ragsan both are ok

  19. Amazing dear ? ….. I will read it whether it’s raglak, swasan, swalak or ragsan . All the 4 Jodi ‘s are amazing.

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