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Hello everyone.This is KEHKASHA reporting with a new ff “O SAATHIYA” on ISHKARA. I am new here but the idea that stuck my mind is so powerful that i can’t stop myself in sharing all that with u. So guys & girls I want to say a big thankyou to all of u who have inspired me a lot. Thankyou all the authors who posts the ff(s) or shots for inspiring me within a short time period of just a month coz i started reading all these only a month ago as a silent reader. I am currently following ff(s) of shivika22kapoor, mihra, aditi, annie, hateera, nans, shivika etc. U all are doing great justice with ur ff(s) & ur story lines are awesome.

OK fine I have spoken a lot so giving a break to my talks and a beginning to my ff let me give a quick intro of my ff;
My ff starts from the point when all the MU got cleared b/w Shivika & TIA is out of the frame (coz I just don’t know how to expose her so I left it on the show only with thee trust that one day it will definetily happen). So basically the story will start after the exit of Tia with her so called drama of being pregnent.

SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI- A young & successful businessman who now started believing in love & had gradually developed a kind of disbelief in blood, lienage, class etc. He has turned out to be caring & loving equally for all.
ANIKA SSO- she is wife of SSO and is unaware of the fact that she is in love with him; which is obviously not unnoticed by others including Shivay.
OMKARA SINGH OBEROI- He is same as the show. The only difference is that he is constantly working on a dream project. He want to fulfill this dream project. He is not having any past as shown in the show but ya once he was a drug addict (due to different reasons, which would be revealed slowly).
RUDRA SINGH OBEROI- Exactly same as the show.
SOUMYA & RANVEER are bro & sis. Actually RANVEER is the same brother whom she used to miss & how they found each other will also be included in the story line.
Rest all characters are same.

Guys I want TRIDHA CHOUDHARY who played SWADHEENTA in DEHLEEZ as OMKARA’S love interest. So,
ISHANGI (played by Tridha)- I won’t reveal her character. But in all she is just a muti tasking girl.

LOC.: Hotel @ kashmir
Suddenly there is a sound heard. A sound of fire alarm. There was a stampede to exit . Yes the place was set on fire. A boy with his deep blue eyes is seen searching someone. He got stuck in the crowd running towards exit. But his eyes were sill eying someone when those got fix on girl clearly visible among the crowd. She was trying to escape the place along with others. there were 5 more with her. Yes they all were one family. The boy immediately rushed towards them only to make sure that they all are safe. He then mention their names ; & said Anika OmRuMyaPriVeer come with me………………
There is a blast…….

LOC.: @ Oberoi Mansion
A boy in his mid 20’s is seen sleeping or should say that tosssing the bed. Within a sec or two he got up with a jerk holding his head and caressing his long hairs. He got down the bed and was covering the distance till his work station remembering those flashes which didn’t let him sleep. He sat in front of an incomplete sculpture & started shaping its “EYES”. A name is continuously banging his head i.e. ISHANGI ISHANGI ISHANGI……………..

So guys done with todays update. Hope u would like it. Now I am signing off leaving few querries for u all to guess;
How do they all reach Kashmir??

How do Om knows Ishangi???
For knowing the answers please read my ff O SAATHIYA & drop ur valuable comments.
signing off… Kehkasha .

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  1. Riana

    Its really good kehkasha but why is it posted on Saathiya’s page….it should be posted on Ishqbaaz page right…and the cover pic is of Gohem n Raji…why is it so??…are they in your ff??…if not then i think you had posted wrong cover pic…you should post the pics of ishbaaz characters like Shivaay,Om,Rudy,Anika etc…

  2. Kehkasha

    Don’t know why it happened Raina but I will surely do something so that it get posted on ib page

  3. Diyaa


    1. Kehkasha

      Thank you so much ?

  4. Mrunal

    Hey dear…
    I am here to fulfill my promise..
    Nice start eager to read next story…
    Good choice of actress opposite to om..
    I am fan of freedom i loved to watch her in dahleez…
    I hope I’ll love her character in ur ff also….

    1. Kehkasha

      Firstly a big big wala sorry as I was soo stupid that I was taking ur name. Today I checked ur profile and realised that you are elder to me. So I would rather call u a friendly sister.
      Didi ( Finally I realised it) thanks a lot for reading it.
      I am also a big fan of Freedom. I wanted to bring out max. shades of her character in my ff so I didn’t gave her intro
      And sorry once again.

  5. just one thing::::
    its a mysterious beginning
    hope it continues for long

    1. Kehkasha

      Thanks D…..
      Thanks a lot for reading and ya u can check rest epi…here?
      Once again a big wala thanks?

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