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Coming to chapter 5,
After having lunch all of them straight away went to their respective rooms. All the while everyone was discussing about their both the days (like what they did, how they spend time etc). Meanwhile Rudra who now could not control his curiosity (to know the reason behind the continuous smile on Om’s face). So he started,
Rudra- Ranveer don’t you think that someone is continuously smiling since yesterday for no reason!!! (he asked with a James Bond wala look, raising his eyebrow)
Ranveer- I think you are right. I have heard that those who laugh for no reason are called MAD.
Rudra- Haww…how could you call Mr. Painter MAD. He mad for only one thing and that is his art.
Ranveer-Hmmm then what is the reason for this unusual smile as here he is not doing any art work.

Om who got irritated shouts I am not smiling ur eyes ? are gone. He storms towards Shivika’s room as he don’t want any further queries.

SCENE: @Shivika room
Here PriYa were already present. Om enters the room followed by VeeRu.

Rudra- Bhaiya look O is hiding something. He is not telling me the reason why he is continuously smiling since yesterday.
Om- Shivaay trust me they both have gone mad ( he was still smiling instead of being angry)
Shiv- Om u r still smiling, are u alright (checks if he has fever or not)
Om- Now u also started. I just can’t believe this.
Sumo- But BBW bhaiyya u seriously smiling.
Anika- Even I have noticed u smiling since yesterday ( after thinking for few seconds). I guess after we have came back from dal lake….
Shiv- What’s the matter Om?? ( bit confused)
Rudra- O tell me kal aap kis- kis se mile the.
Ranveer- Any childhood friend or u got the new order.
Om- I didn’t met anyone since yesterday and the one whom I wanted to meet………she got lost somewhere (he said while thinking of the incident near Dal Lake)
All in chorus – oooooo….
SHE (stressing on this word) got lost.
All burst into laughter. Here Om realized what he told them in flow of emotions.
Prinku- Bhaiya aap to chupe rutum nikle.
Ranveer – Right. Luv shuv tey long hair Oberoi.
Anika – Tell us exactly what happened
Om with no option left narrated the whole story. All were starring him dropping their jaws.
Rudra but I don’t get one thing that how could you not see her face. I mean there was light fog na.
Om- Actually she was covering half face with a scarf. So I only saw her eyes that’s it.
Oooo(all in chorus)

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Shiv opened the door and the manager and receptionist told him something and left the place.
Anika- what happened, what were they saying???
Shiv- ( while closing the door) Actually they were telling that there is a Christmas party organized by this hotel every year for the guests so they have invited us for party.
Prinku- but we were going to club na.
Om- Its ok we will cancel that and will attend the party.
Rudra- what else did he taught
Shiv – He said that its a mask party with red and white colour as theme.
Ranveer- So it’s a theme party.
Anika- That’s great.
Ranveer- Guys excuse me I have to make an important call.
Shiv- sure.
All dispersed.

SCENE: @party area I.e. hall of hotel.
Every one gathered there wearing masks and following the colour code. There enters the Oberoi brigade.
They were looking awesome in their attires.
Anika was wearing red long skirt with a white crop top, Soumya was wearing an off shoulder red colour knee length frock, Prinku was wearing red colour crop top with palazzo pants of similar shade.
ShivOmRu were looking dashing in their outfits.
Shiv was wearing three piece suit completely in white with a bright red coloured tie, Om was in a white kurta and red coloured baloon pants, Rudra was wearing red colured crepe shirt with pearl white pants.q
Ranveer entered a bit late. He was wearing red shirt white pants and a complementing vestcoat.
Shiv- Where were u Ranveer??
Ranveer- Actually I was waiting for my friend, about whom I was talking yesterday.
Rudra- Is she coming here??? How did she look???
Ranveer- No no dear don’t dare to flirt with her , she will knock u down.
Rudra- That means she is a….
Ranveer cuts him in between,
Ranveer- She is a…

Before he could speak anything there is an announcement done by the manager.
Manager – As we all know that this time we are organising a mask party, so I request all those guest who have not taken their masks plz take it and wear it and join us for a couple dance , along with ur respective patners.
All complies. Boys were given masks which cover their full face while girls were given masks which covered their half upper face.
Shivika , Rumya and Priveer joined the other couples on the dance floor. They were dancing on the romantic beats of song kuch toh hua hai (from movie Singham 2), ( plz guys think of a better song), at the same time the three Oberoi couples were giggling seeing Om standing alone. As soon as the beats of the song changes a girl in a full sleeved long red gown, beautifully carrying a scarf, wearing a mask entered. She was searching someone. The manager approaches her to ask about whom she was searching but before that Ranveer pulls her near Om , gave her hand in his(om’s) and takes them also on the dance floor.

BG Music plays- Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein…..
As they were heading towards dance floor, rest of them were chuckling. While Om and that girl were feeling really uncomfortable but they soon became comfortable with each other as they faces each other while performing salsa.Om was lost in her eyes and same was the case with her. Suddenly Om notices that she was carrying the same scarf as that girl was wearing. Now he completely diverted himself in judging the shape and size of her eyes (he is an artist afterall) and concluded that she was the same girl. He noticed her face properly as now he could see her lower portion of face also. His expressions were as if he is memorising some puzzle which he has to solve.
Firstly he became fan of her eyes and now her smile….adorable smile. All the while he forgot that he don’t know how to dance, but he was pefectly matching with her steps. All this was clearly noticed by the other three couples who although were trying to focus on their romance but were distracted by the wonderful chemistry of their brother with an unknown girl.
As soon as the song ended the hall echoed by the round of applauses. That girl again dissappeared somewhere . Shivika Rumya along with Priyanka approached Om while Ranveer followed that unknown girl but all in vain so he dialed her no.
Ranveer- Aree where have u gone I wanted u to meet someone.
Girl- I know that but I got an urgent call so I left that place but don’t worry I am in the hotel near the kitchen area.
Ranveer- Ok I’ll join you there only.
Girl- OK

There manager and receptionists were talking about short circuit in the kitchen. Their conversation was heard by Shivaay who was passing by,
Recep.- Sir there is short circuit in our kitchen. The workers are rushing here and there for their safety.
Manager do one thing go and request all the guests to empty the space as fast as they can.
Recep.- OK sir.
Here Shivaay rushes to his family and inform them about that convo which he overheard.
Ranveer- OMG she is near kitchen area only.
Om- who??
Ranveer- The one with whom u werei dancing. My friend ISHANGI.
Shiv- Anika take everyone out with u. Ranveer keep connecting her, till then I will go and check her.

Everyone compiles, while Om became restless. Here Shiv,
Shiv- (shouting near kitchen area) Ishangi….. Ishangi……… Ishangi…
When he did’t heard any response he concluded that she might have escaped already. So he ran from opposite direction of exit. Fire alarm started ringing and there was stampede towards exit.
Shivaay came running from the opposite direction of the flow. He was constantly searching his family. As soon as he saw Anika coming wit others from opposite side he ran pushing the crowd aside and reached them as fast as he can and hugged all of them. After verifying that all are ok and after assuring Ranveer that he didn’t found her anywhere he asked them to leave the spot as soon as possible.
As soon as they make an exit the hotel blast and all fall in the open ground due to blast……
PRECAP- Quick leap of a month.

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Thought for the epi.:

Keep celebrating and smiling.
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      Thanks di for asking me something.
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