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Chapter 3

Next day morning
All the youngsters gathered in a cafeteria for having their breakfast and planning the day, as all of them wanted to make this trip memorable.
(NOTE: Ranveer is ACP, but as i earlier told that there is no such past of Om & priyanka so they all are good friends and Oberoi’s know him as Soumya’s brother that’s it. They all share a friendly bond.)

SCENE: @ cafeteria
OmRu were enjoying their new work of teasing Shivika while PriVeer were exchanging glances & Sumo was just noticing everyone with a big & beautiful smile on her lovely face, having garlic bread sandwiche stuffed in her mouth (she was giggling).
As soon as soumya realised that their so called teasing will not stop, she immediately speaks (calmly but a bit loud for grabbing others attention)
Sumo- Aree should we start with our discussion, only if you both are done with exchanging glances of each other(eyeing at PriVeer), and all four of u have done with your teasing and escaping (making absolutely cute and innocent face and bowing down a bit )
Om- As u say dear sis. Your order my command.
Anika- So, I think we should go for an outing for….(before she could speak anything further Rudy cut her in b/w..)
Rudra- for DISCO in any club.
Sumo- ohhh.. Duffer if we have to go to DISCO in any random club then we would have gone in Mumbai only, then what is the need of coming here. I am sure Anika didi must be talking about site- seeing or a ride in a houseboat. Am I right di.
Anika- Exactly Soumya. Thanks for completing my sentence.
Sumo- Oh di that’s not needed.
Om- What about having a visit to Houzz. I have heard that all the fine arts and crafts products are put on exhibition here. Those are absolutely amazing( he by now was lost in his world of art & imagination, who was distracted by Ranveer..)
Ranveer- Mr.Artist yahan bhi shuru. Fine arts and all.
Everyone smiles.

Priyanka- But I would love to go to Houzz. I have also heard that the collection of interior & christmas jewelery there is awesome.
Shiv- So we will be doing as u all sugested. Today we are gonna to have a view of Dull Lake along with a ride on houseboat (says while gazing AniYa), then tomorrow we will going to Houzz (says while starring PriOm), then at night we can also go to a club (starring Rudra who till now was making a puppy face, but now is exploded with happiness) & what about u Ranveer, won’t u suggest anything.
Ranveer- Well do u thing after doing this much anyone would have any energy left, to do something more!!?? I think this much is enough, and ya my bff is also here I want u Om to meet her as she is an amazing painter and I guess she could help u in your dream project.
Om- Ya sure Ranveer. But tell me one thing how did u know about my dream project?? (with a questioning face)
Ranveer- Sumo told me.
Om- And who told u!!! (shifting his gaze from Ranveer to Soumya)
Sumo – Rudra who else.

Before Om could say anything, Rudra started stammering and making excuses as this was a secret of three brothers, although ShivRu don’t know any details and only Om knows as he wanted to give a surprise.
Om- its ok rudra. But I am surprised that the secret which I was thinking as a secret in actually an open secret (and he said all this in one flow, hearing which all burst into laughter including Om).
Soon after chit-chatting they decided to leave for Dal Lake as they were all ready. Their full day passed by sitting at the edge of lake talking, and admiring the beauty of nature. They were literally feeling as if they were in heaven. All this while PriVeer were talking about each others likes and dislikes and both make a yuckky face as soon as their convo shifted to bittergourd (karela){me too hate it to the core} and both started laughing seeing each other’s face with a disgusting expression for bittergourd.
Same was the case with RuMya, where Sumo was busy in describing her Crybaby, sometimes by copying him and sometimes by teasing him, and that too in front of him only, as she know that her crybaby possess a heart of gold, who will never scold her for her antics. Of course she was right, as Rudra was already lost in her innocense. He was simply looking at her face which she made while enacting him. His mind was constantly thinking that what is happening to him, but his heart… Nah… did heart ever listen mind???? Nooo… not at all. He did not cared what his mind was lying to him, he just lost himself in admiring his Sumo…
Here Shivika were trying to talk to each other but they were not having words to start after all this was the first time when both faced each other after Tia’s exit (let me clear, before this they were together in hotel room last night but they were tired of a long journey so they slept and next morning also they quickly joined others in cafeteria). Both were numb for their reasons, Anika don’t know how to react as although she won (in disclosing Tia’s true face) but she was feeling a huge defeat in her heart (as her love was the one who loss). So breaking the silence the words that Shivaay uttered showing a genuine gratitude to her….
Shiv- THANKYOU Anika.

Anika now was confused to hell as if she got stuck to the place where she was. Further with lot of guilt Shivaay continued….
Shiv- I AM SORRY Anika.
Now she literally don’t know how to react as she was not expecting that he will say both SORRY and THANKYOU to her and that too at the same time without gathering any courage.
Anika(thinking)- May be he might have already thought to say that. Dosen’t matter…..What should I do now?? Should I go and console him… Yes. But how..
Shivaay could sense the inner turmoil his Anika was going through. so he simply forwarded his hand and said(in a very polite tone)…..
Shiv- Friends………(taking a pause) Forever
Anika- (Since she was not able to understand what to do so without thinking much and forwarded her hand and while shaking she said…) But I won’t take that SAIRABANO, as it is bitter.
She was sounding so innocent that this line of hers bring a big curve on Shivaay’s face who was now feeling better.
Shiv- And who told u to have it!! (He peeps into her eyes, trying to figure out her answer)
Anika- (smiling, seeing Shivaay smiling in her usual tone) I have heard that friends share everything, so…..
And they walked hand in hand having a light conversation.

Om who was all alone was sitting trying to capture the view in his eyes, slowly closes his eyes and few lines automatically split out from his mouth…
Om- Badalon ke darmiyan kuch aisi sazish hui…
Mera hi ghar mitti ka tha mere hi ghar barish hui…
Before he can complete his lines he was distracted by some sound, sound of some children, who were running here and there, behind them was a girl. Her hairs were blowing and dancing in the direction of soothing breeze. Om who was not able to see her, got distracted and don’t know how but his legs automatically started covering the distance. The girl was seen simultaneous to Om at same place (where Om is sitting), a blurred image of a girl is seen (from far). Her face is not visible , but one can hear her voice, the melodious voice…. As soon as Om reach there follwing the voice he found that the girl was completing his lines…..
Girl- Uski bhi zid hai bijliyan girane ki….
Aur hamari bhi zid hai wahin aashiyan banane ki..!!

Although they were far from each other but were saying the same lines at same situation. Om as mesmerised by her voice, but he was not able to see the face of the girl. All he could see was her big, beautiful and deep eyes. After sometimes that girl dissappeared in the light fog. All this happened within few seconds.
Om- May be next time…(unkowingly he was smiling)

After spending a satisfied day all returned back to hotel for taking rest. Next morning they went to Houzz where Om got impress by the regional craft exhibition and selected few ideas for implementing those in his dream project. On the other hand all the girls purchased some christmas dagglers and other items, accompanied by their respective patners.
Then they came back to hotel for having lunch and to rest for sometime, as they now have to party all night.

PRECAP: Christmas party. Couple dance and execution of promo 1(definitely).

So friends done with today’s update. Hope u like it & double sorry, firstly coz promo 1 got delayed & secondly the first meet that I decided to post tommorow which is again delayed by one chapter as i was supposed to post two chapters today which i failed to do. So friends I am extremely sorry for this.

Thought for the epi.:

Keep constructing a door for ur success.
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