Hello dear friends, KEHKASHA is back with another chapter of O SAATHIYA. I am planning a grand first meet of ISHANGI & OMKARA and I want to post that special part on christmas. As u all know that i just started writing ff i.e. its ch. 3 only. So I will be posting two chapters in per day till christmas. And the special chapter on Christmas.

Early Morning;
Plz friends mark few points:[ Anika had already told dadi about their plan, and dadi was ok with it, after that all the elders decided to let their kids enjoy the trip and they will stay back giving them excuses. This fact is still unknown to the o’bros and AniPriYa]

SCENE: @ oberoi mansion (hall)

All youngsters are ready with their luggages. Shivaay was enquiring Anika about elders as he had already booked tickets for the whole family and is done with all the necessary arrangements (such as how will they trravel there, where will they stay etc..)
After sometimes all the elders gather in the hall and without giving any chance to their kids to ask about their stuffs etc.., they one by one started. the first one was dadi

Dadi- billu , I am not feeling well so can’t come with u all (she stares Shivaay and getting a hint about his next querry she continued…). Don’t worry puttar its just joint pain & Pinky is staying back for me. Am I right Pinky (and diverts her attention towards OMM for an answer)
Pinky- ji mummyji, u don’t worrys when i am heres (its quite hard to catch the way she speak)
All were staring each other having a ? on their faces as Pinky said all that in one breath
Jhanvi- Yes she’s right (trying to cover up). By the way my Mom is also not well so I am going to her, so I also can’t come.(saying this all three left the place)
Shakti- I have to visit few delicates so i am also not joining u all. So u guys enjoy.(He also left the place in hurry)

Now all were hell confused and slowly their gaze move towards Tej ( aree to get to know about his excuse). Before Tej could utter a word our Rudy boy poked in b/w saying
Rudra- Dad u must also be going with chote papa to meet those foreign delicates. Hain na after all aap toh TEJ SINGH OBEROI ho…..
Tej compiles and leaves th spot in embarrasment .
Shiv- What the ….. Aaj hi sabko bimaar hona tha. Like seriously and these foreign delicates, when did they got this KHIDKITOD IDEA of meeting Oberois & that too when we are going on a trip.
Anika- Hey! What is ur language!!!(out of complete innocence, as f she don’t know)
After noticing that each pair of eyes present in the hall were staring them with some kind of shocked expression, Shivaay, Anika & others quickly exchanged each others glances & all burst into laughter(This was what all elders want).
And soon they understood the plan of their elders & left the place after bidding bye to their dadi & mom(s), dad(s).
OK let me clear that who are going on that trip. They are: ShivOmRuVeer (soumya’s bro Ranveer remember friends) & AniPriYa & not SAHIL as he is already on a school trip.
They took flight to Kashmir & then traveled in a cab to reach hotel where they have already booked three rooms ( u know what hamara budget thoda kam h, so just three rooms, as these are enough).
They checked in & took the keys from reception and leave to their respective rooms ( Shivika shared one room, while OmRuVeer in other & PriYa in third room).
They all retired to beds as they were tired.

Screen freezes on their excited faces.

PRECAP: Lots of fun & masti of Oberoi’s young brigade. Execution of promo 1, with a surprise.

I know this one may be a bit boring but u will surely enjoy the next chapters.Plz ignore the mistakes.

Thought for the epi.:

Keep admiring works of all the authors of TU.
Signing off,

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  1. The thought of the day is awesome n the update is awesome dr..keep writing

    1. Kehkasha

      Thanks Rufina. I’ll try to entertain you all through this ff.

  2. Diyaa

    My! Do I enjoy your FF more or your thought for the day? Hard to decide! Nice update. I’ll comment as much as I can in the next month.

    1. Kehkasha

      I think I could help you. My thoughts are just positive approach , while ff is for entertainment ?
      Thanks a lot dear for reading.
      Now clear my confusion, what do you mean by in next month.

  3. is there any shivika scenes ????
    is this ff for om?????

    1. Kehkasha

      Well I am gonna to start Om’s story as its high time of our patience. But that doesn’t mean that I will only focus on Om as story is build up by characters and I wanna focus on each character to bring out every possible shade.
      It’s hard but I will try my best.
      Hope u got ur ans.
      Thanks for commenting?

  4. Yashu

    Awesome…….Waiting for nxt episode…

    1. Kehkasha

      Thank you Yashu dear?

  5. Sanchi

    I agree with you, one can easily catch the drift of speech of every actor present in IB but not of Pinky..
    Nice update?

    1. Kehkasha

      Hahaha…?? Thanks for supporting me.

  6. Awesome update & great thought for the episode… Waiting for the next update…

    1. Kehkasha

      Thanks dear?

  7. Samm

    can’t wait for the next one… post soon 🙂

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      Thank you dear ?

  8. Ruksy

    I love ur thought of the episode it’s makeso ur ff special and unique. Anyway amazing update ?

    1. Kehkasha

      Thank you for commenting and making me feel more special ?

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  10. Mrunal

    Hey dear again u rocked it with ur writing skills…
    But it is very short….
    Plzzz do me a favor update the episodes longer plzzzz

    And as usual thought for epi was fabulous….???

    1. Kehkasha

      Thankyou di
      Actually I posted ch. 2&3 on the same day so…
      But I’ll try to post a longer update next time ?

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