Hello friends! How are u!!?? I am happy that u all commented on my previous parts. I got 8 comments on my first part and I am happy with this start , as it told me that at least some of u are reading my ff. So I am happy, and don’t worry silent readers I will try to post such interesting chapters that u will not be able to stop urself from commenting. So links of previous episodes,

chapter-1coming to the episode,

SCENE:@ poolside

Rudra – Did u see that both bhaiya & bhabhi were laughing whole-heartedly on my stupid talks (giving a satisfactory look he continues), I want them to be like this forever. They must keep on smiling, doing catfights & paanifights, & should remain as they were (by hearts) & not by thinking.
Om looks at him trying to figureout if he is really serious with his talks or he just saying all this ……………..
but before anything could strke his thought process, he stares lovingly @ his younger brother who by now was sheding tears & was sobbing genuinely. He looked at him trying to console him with his talks he broke the silence saying,

Om – Look Rudra everyone has to face difficult situation, may be many times & that too in this one life. Some faces it by working hard trying to ignore their pains, and some just let things happen. This is what happen with these two, & look they faced it and knocked it down also coz..
But he was cutted by rudy, I should say that rudy completed his words,
Rudra – coz they are my super bhaiya and bhabhi. Right (he looks at om who nodded his head in agreement & both does a hi-fi)
Om- Its quiet easy to change ur mood .
Rudra- No not at all. Its better for me to change my mood than to listen to ur talks which simply are bouncer for me.
Both of them laughed. Rudra saw om thinking something.

Rudra- O where have lost??? Do u have any problem, any question???
Om- hmmm…… I have.
Rudra- What is it. Ask me I know all the answers(giving a befikra look).
Om- actually I didn’t get that what is BBW bhaiya(looking hell confused)
Rudra burst out into laughter. Here Shivaay who had already encountered their convo from the starting can’t stop himself from laughing and replying Om, enters the scene.

Shiv- (trying hard to control his laughter) areee u don’t know what is BBW.
Om who was hell confused with the wiered behaviour of his brothers simply nodded his head in negative.
Shiv& Rudra (simultaneously one after other in a serious tone) – Om BBW means Bade Baal Wale bhaiya and again burst into laughter.
Om was not able to understand anything for a couple of second or two, suddenly realises that today he became like Rudra and joined his brothers passing an unbelievable wali smile to himself. All three celebrated this moment with a special hug & this turned out to be another O’BRO MOMENT near pool side.

AniYa who were simply stealing glances of their beloved, ran towards the trio, only to remind them to pack their bags, as they are leaving tommorow itself and they are left with less time, if they are done with the moment.
Soon all retired to their respective rooms, without uttering a single word, packed their necessary stuffs, and retired to beds as all were excited for their trip.
Screen freezes on their happy faces.
Hope u all enjoy it. Plz drop ur valuable comments.
Thought for epi.:

So live ur life less ordinary.
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