Hello guys & girls. this is KEHKASHA reporting with the very first chapter of my ff “O SAATHIYA” . Friends don’t know why TU posted my intro and promo part on SNS page and not on IB page but that’s completely alright I am attaching the link of that page Here

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Scene @ Oberoi Mansion
As soon as Tia left the place throwing all the daggers on Shivika, everyone slipped into deep thoughts when Rudra was the first one to break the silence (as always).
He rushes to anika, hugged her tightly & without giving anyone a chance to utter a single word he rushed to Shivaye only to lighten the atmosphere with his antics.
Rudra(taking Shivaye into a bone crushing hug) – my brother escaped from being a PARAYA DHAN. (he continues looking at everyone’s mood)
Rudra – if anika didi would have shown a disbelieve in u then aapki toh o my mata ho jati (winking @ om)
Om – Yes & then our dreams for u to become an ishqbaaz will remained as it is. And then u would never have understood the feeling of love.
Rudra – O aap baat ko kahan se kahan le jaa rahe ho
(Om & everyone was giving him a confused look)
Rudra – Aree I mean to say ki OMM hone se bach gayi then we should celebrate this moment. After all it has been months since we have celebrated any moment. So lets celebrate independence day & go on a picnic. What say???
Everyone was hell confused @ his talks but soon something clicked in Sumo’s mind & she shouted;
Sumo – I have heard that Kashmir is the heaven on earth. Soooo what about making a trip to kashmir???
now understanding the situation Dadi & all the elders together said EXCELLENT. They all leave to their respective rooms as noone knows how to react on this situation, especially Pinky.
Om then stares @ Shivaye who was lost in his own world. He goes to him ,shooked him and asked
Om – are u alright Shivaye?
Shiv – hmmm……..
Om – So should we go on a trip?
Shiv – sure. But when and where?
Rudra – bhaiya whenever u want. Right bhabhi(eying anika)
Anika – just nodded head in agreement
Shiv – fine then I am free for next three- four days. So pack ur bags if u all have no problem in leaving tomorrow to… to…(he looks @ omru to tell him where are they going just then sumo says)
Sumo – To Kashmir bade bhaiya.
Shiv – OK. Soumya, call ur brother also.
Sumo- ji bade bhaiya.
Rudra -(in excitment) yippeeee we are going on a picnic.
Sumo – hey duffer its not a picnic its a trip. Did u get that.
Om – (smiling) Let it be sumo. It dosen’t matter for him every trip is a picnic where he can eat & cheat with his diet as much as he can.
Sumo – hawww.. Crybaby u call me foodie. Look at urself u urself cheat at least four days in a week & rest three days just pas on with ur stupid talks.
Rudra – hey dumbo what do u think if i do cheating on four days then i also do workout to keep me fit not like u who just keep on sitting and eating whole day.

And soon there is a tug of war b/w Rumya & three faces are seen learning & understandding the definition of oscillatory motion by moving their heads in a to & fro motion like a pendulum with Rudra on left, Soumya on right & table b/w them.
After getting irritated with the fight ,
Anika – (literally shouts) STOP
and the whole mansion suffers a minor earthquake
As soon as there is a pause Anika diverted the topic in her style & turned to Rudy.
Anika – Rudra billuji says that I am weak in MATHS & also in calculations but as far as i know & Sahil also says that my IQ & GK is excellent.

For the first time our Rudy boy was confused & soo giving a confused smile to everyone, looking towards Anika he said
Rudra – what happened bhabhi why are u talking like this.
Anika – aree someone now only said to celebrate independence day, that too in the month of dec. so I thought that may be my GK got weak.

There was complete silence for a couple of minutes but soon there was laughter of those five echoing in the whole mansion. Hearing which an undestined curve could be seen on every faces who had already left the place in hurry , but soon they realise that their kids are grown up & they can now manage any hard situation, which was soothing their hearts. And this burst out was the evidence of the thought going on in their minds.

Thus in a fit of layughter Rudy explianed his point by saying,
Rudy – aree bhabhi the whole INDIA celebrate independence day on 15th aug. as we got independence then only. But we are O’BROS and we will celebrate independence of our bro(and does logic wala sign).
Shiv – meaning???
Om – Shivaay how could u say urself a business man when u r not able to understand this duffer’s antics!!!!

Shivay was not getting anything what om said just now.
Sumo – aree bade bhaiya, BBW bhaiya wants to say that u today got independence from the clutches of that Lady baba & similarly Anika didi got from that psycho Daksh, so we should celebrate that.

Shivika gave impossible look to all three & compiles.But someone was still lost somewhere trying to find out something ……………………….

PRECAP: OmRu’s convo & packing , travelling, & lots of fun.

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    Hi… Kehkasha. It is just awesome. It was so nice reading your ff. Post the next one soon. I am eagerly waiting to see OmRu’s masti…missing both of them in ishqbaaz….

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    LOVED IT!!!! Khekasha… waitng fr d nxt chapter

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    Hey dear u nailed it…
    I enjoyed ruamya part
    Rudra’s antics r like always tooo good..
    I was laughing on annika’s confusion..
    Independence day in dec LOLz…??

    Sso is okay in leaving his business for 3-4 days unbelievable…
    Looking forward to see ur next episodes….??

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    Thankyou di.
    I simply wanted to do experiment with the characters. For starting I opted Shivaay.

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