“His chocolaty brown eyes were deep or deeper like ocean when my blackish eyes met with those eyes I felt like I want to drown in them wanting to explore them “-Ragini
Story begins..
“Ragini.. Ragini! “I heard his heavy breathing on my nape where he was kissing with passion and desire, his hands were exploring my every inch of skin wanting to ravish like nothing but he was making me feel like a princess, he sensually kiss my heavy eyelids trailing to my cheeks not knowing why but he is smitten by my cheeks I felt too shy to open my eyes but then I heard him “sweetheart please open your eyes I want you to look when we become one ” he kiss my lips slowly giving me sweet torture I open my eyes grabbing his silky smooth hair in a small fist I don’t wait for a minute to hungrily kiss him he didn’t hold back his lips were hovering me ravishing me I felt bliss breaking the kiss he look into my eyes with his dark desirable eyes.. his eyes again changes the color we were panting hard then his one hand moved towards my belly touching my every curves sensually I felt like he is possessive about her too great extent I didn’t know when he removed my every inch of clothes locking my desirable gaze with his dark passion drown eyes he ask softly “princess I ..” I don’t know what happened to me but I found myself begging him “please please! “he didn’t wait for a entered into me .I screamed “aahhhhhhhhhhhh”

AAAHHHHH “I open my eyes shot and look around I am covered with sweats and my lower half is paining hell and now this erotic dream made me to found myself on floor clutching the pillow tightly my bump are paining too much and the goddamned that dream was too much to get over it!!! How could I dream all this and most importantly I dream all this x-rated dream with that sinfully delicious and handsome hunk man!!! Whom I just met in morning. Well bad luck Men’s are dog!! So me Ragini gadodia is not going to think much about it!! And now one cup of hot sugerless coffee can help my x-rated thoughts with that mere stranger!! I stood up without making any noise then I made my bed and pillow perfectly moving my head here and there I found my hair pin coming infront of mirror I fix my hair perfectly taking my night robe covering myself with it I close the door and walk downstairs coming to kitchen I smile everything is on its perfect place. Silently making one cup strong coffee I ran my hand slightly on hair strands just then I saw my Sister Swara Gadodia is also up coincidently I decided to make another coffee perfectly without sugar. That is the only thing we both sister have common our coffee having a bitter taste which make us both reminded of past which was worsen then anything! Striding towards her door I knocked three times and my guess is right Swara is wide awake and also looking surprised to see me I ask “coffee? “she smiled and said “thanks. Emmhh my room is messy and you should be sophisticated with that, why don’t we go to.. “I completed her suggestion “common terrace! ”

Swara nodded I handed her cup and we made our way to the special place where we both have conversations about something or we have silence. But we enjoyed each others company. We both are like this! We didn’t know anything about each other then having sugarless coffee or when we have uncomfortable day we both left with sleepless nights! Last time I remember we both were here before six months when Mom was having bussissnes finiacial problem and we both were hell worried and that time we didn’t talk with each other but just give the silence treatment and get relaxed. Finally stepped last stair we both are now on common terrace. I look forward where my eyes are looking that site of beautiful brigde not less than heaven for me but then I heard Swara gasp!! I look at her asking “What’s wrong? “Swara pointed towards other side of terrace where two person are sitting with bear bottles and cigarettes!! Hmm.. What now Swara hates cigarettes and can only manage to gulp wine!! But now what and then I shouted “What the hell is going on!! “as I heard similar husky voice I raise my head to see that same sinful handsome hunk staring her with surprise exclaiming “What the f -“..and my memory went to my worst morning

Before 16hrs

After taking one hour warm up yoga I made my way to shower and then I chose White traditional suite just one word came in my mind “perfect ” I look on my wrist watch taking the bag I walk downstairs where my ever busy Mom was still busy on mobile and my grandma was like always busy in some book of lord and lordship finally waiting for breakfast past thirty minutes I have gotten silent messages from my both elders that cook would have resign! And now trying to compress my anger with bitter smile I walked out of the flat with lightning speed knowing well that today if anybody would come across will get my yelling and that exactly happened when I mistakenly bump with someone who was way strong that my left arm is still paining but when I fall on top him the warmth was unconditional I didn’t know when and why but I wanted to be there forever not wanting to break it and alas when the pain of my arm made me out of thought I look up with confusion and shocked only to be drown in those chocolaty brown eyes, he wanted to say something or what.

I dont why but I wanted just be there and I saw his gaze on my hair trands like he was smelling them. For the time in my I felt conscious of myself and the way embarrassed and shy only to be greeted by his heated gaze. I wanted to runaway from here but he is like never going to let me go. I saw his lips with some unknown feeling just wanting to explore them once. And.. Then I heard coughing sounds only to get HURTED by real reality that I can never feel all this for the Men. I stood up but I was that much hurt anger on myself that I pushed him and shouted on him. “Are you blind jerk? “I never ever said these words to anyone even my anger temper was out of control and when I saw his eyes like I just made him dissapointed but I don’t care he is a MEN!!!

“What are you staring !!! And who are you!!??? “I ask him totally fuming in anger but somewhere in my heart I just little wanted to know about him. But when I heard his retort I didn’t expected “listen Miss whatever it was just a accident ! And it was you who bump on me! And last thing dammit you are not my wife to ask me who and what I am doing here!! “he was too much harsh on me and mostly “wife ” word made my stomach ache with some butterfly as I thought if any other girl his wife I don’t know what furry and anger filled inside!!! I just about to him when Swara interrupted US “Ragini who is he? “I didn’t what to say but when I saw him his gaze which was filled with anger on me now soften seeing Swara how dare he???!! But I again lashed out on him saying ” don’t know who is this jerk! “and then I heard his voice which was now totally pissed off and too much furry that he said ” try to be civil Miss whatever !!” how could he insults me infront of my sister and most importantly behaving civil!! I wanted to punch his face that he will never talk about civil.

then I heard his polite husky voice which made my breathe hitch but it was for Swara and that made my anger into another level he turned towards Swara and said ” Would you please tell me which one is flat of Praveen Bose? I don’t know the flat number! ” I shockingly stood there after getting that he is my new I mean our family new neighbor and deep inside my heart I was doing happy dance but when I heard Swara my happiness get no bounds and I really felt too much proud because her stern reply and threatened made his face little bit shocked ” it’s left building and I think you are new PG of him so I just warn you Mr.. try not to come infront of us” and then like a perfect sister I called Swara “Swara we are getting late let’s go! ” she nodded and we both walk past but I stopped at the track and turn once to get glimpse of Mr s*xy.

Yaa for me he is Mr s*xy. I smile a little and walk out. After I gone to get the sooty leaving Swara but when I return I saw Swara eyes full of furry like me most importantly I saw a young man taking out cigeratte!! Oh f**k.. That horrible MAN is smoking near Swara and some heated argument were going on but when I heard that men saying “Where is Praveen Bose flat? ” I easily said that Mr s*xy got his perfect roommate this horrible Men I should Mr smoker!!! I saw Swara is on top of anger so I interrupted ” it’s inside the Hasiram Badi and the left flat. And yes last thing if you ever wanted to be safe and sound for your blo*dy smoking don’t show your face to us.!! “he look totally blown out perfectly reaction which I wanted them I and Swara made our way out from these all. Totally distracted by all this.

I am shockingly stood beside equal shocking Swara looking both Mr s*xy and Mr smoker shockingly face.

This was our Ragini gadodia POV
Guys next whose POV – Swara or Sanskar???

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