” Her deer eyes metting mine heated chocolaty brown eyes “-Arnav…
.story begins…

“Chotte my son have you take care of yourself? I am so much missing you and mostly all children of orphanage are really in grumpy mood because of your absence and mostly your handmade items. ” I heard my grandma I mean “my Nani ” concern trying hard not to show how much myself I am in messy condition without my family, well actually they are my family my Nani, my friends who I called them kiddo and my place “Lucknow “but for dreams I have to get over it. So I find myself replying Nani “Hey s*xy don’t be so emotional because your hottie boyfriend is enjoying in Kolkata!! And very much happier without those kiddos tantrums!! “I tried to act annoyed but who can fool my Nani!!

“stop it Arnav I know you are faking son but I don’t want to be more emotional and tried to take care of my Arnav you my hottie!! It’s a warning!! “I laughed listening my s*xy.. Oops my Nani threatened but I love her too damm much “fine Madam and now time to go bed Nani and have good sleep! “I said glancing at clock then I heard Nani “OK bye and good night and most importantly I miss you my Arnav my son take care! “she ended with being too emotional making me to wipe my alone tear. As finally I came back to my carefree form. I laid down on bed resting my head on my folded arms and then today all events came as a movie flash infront of my eyes, after hearding those two uncle talking about my new neighbors and the most dangerous what was that… yeah Hitlers whatever they are!! But it’s strange how can anyone hate another person buy not only particular but the whole group of Man’s really weird, as I still didn’t met those Hitler’s family except….. that doll… hmm that beautiful doll without any smile and any warmth of emotions in that eyes OH gosh man those eyes are damm attractive other than anything else!! like she was some angel who is trying to call him ,trying to tell him!! Wait what the blo*dy hell is wrong with me!!!! Why the hell at time of night 1am I am thinking of one woman goddamned attractive and sinful eyes ‘!!!what had gotten me… buy still those eyes.

Before 14hours..

I was going inside the Hasiram Badi.. Weird name!!! when I have gotten the email of my new collegs admission confirmed I don’t even look ahead like alwayes when a soft rose like something bumped on me making me to lose my balance and fall back taking that rose like something in my arms securely but in that few minutes I don’t know what gotten in me a type of possession and overwhelmed emotion those ten seconds it was like magic which I don’t wanted to break those smell of lavender and vanilla it’s making me crazy but then I felt that rose I mean another soft person is wriggling I lose my arms only to be greeted by most beautiful doll I ever saw like she came from heaven!! I saw how her deery eyes are wide open in shock then anger, my eyes fell on the lose hair strands which were on my face making me to breath those lavender and vanilla smell!!! Oh f**k it was smell of her shampoo driving me insane in few minutes I felt my blood heated then what I saw made me hardened !!!! That beautiful doll cheeks turned into pink color!! Woah boy what was that????!!! But whatever it was making me to just taste those amazing cheeks once, Wow I don’t know that Kolkata would be best decision ever!!!

But then I heard someone coughing continuously making me frown to break this heavenly moment from my life!!! Taking that beautiful doll away!! She suddenly stiffened hard and her eyes which were already fuming in anger mode was now spitting fire on me but why??? Confused this is the word only suited me that time ,she stood up but by pushing me again on floor!!! I was like what the heck is wrong with her!! She is staring me like any tigerss and then I heard that beautiful doll melody voice ” Are you blind jerk!!! “she spitted out making me taken aback by this sudden impolite way of saying thanks for saving her by being shields and taking her soft rose like body on myself!!! But then I again heard ” What are you staring !!! And who are you!!??? ” she said angrily maintaining her scowl face but this time I replied with equal anoynance well rude too ” listen Miss whatever it was just a accident !

And it was you who bump on me! And last thing dammit you are not my wife to ask me who and what I am doing here!! ” well it was too rude I think that is why I saw her eyes turn into deep red and fuming in anguish but Arnav Singh Raizada will not tolerate this nonsense and I mentally patted my back for such brilliant retort!! She was about to shout I think when we both heard third person interrupt ” Ragini who is he? ” I saw another beautiful girl coming towards us as same age and somewhere her eyes are same like beautiful doll eyes it’s deery! And then I heard anger voice of beautiful doll saying to that girl ” don’t know who is this jerk! “well then I replied in anger ” try to be civil Miss whatever !!” turning my head I ask to another girl ” Would you please tell me which one is flat of Praveen Bose? I don’t know the flat number! ” I don’t know why but this girl is seems to bit understanding and mature than beautiful doll… Hmm I heard her name..

RAGINI.. such a sweet name but chilly tongue!! ” it’s left building and I think you are new PG of him so I just warn you Mr.. try not to come infront of us ” and I knew these both are just like each other chilly tongue!! Huhh!! And now this girl is also threatened me… “Swara we are getting late let’s go! “oh I heard doll-ragini Voice and the conclusion another girl name is Swara. They both walked past leaving me fully amused at both girls! Weird! After some time I finally step inside the flat as we say thanks to Miss Swara.. Small help but then I heard footsteps as I turned only to be greeted by another young man as same my age wearing blue navy shirt and black jeans having one lite up secret and another hand holding the bag, so I can guess roommates! Not too bad so I ask “PG? ” he nodded and silently walk past on me and made himself comfortable on couch keeping his bag aside. He look up at me and said ” Have you saw two girls going out here? ” he ask with some spark of anger and I can only make it who he was talking so I just blurted out ” you also with those jhansi ki Rainis !!!

Such a unbelievably ladies! His face showing same emotion as mine “unbelievable “!!! Really man them I heard him ” No I didn’t bump but got a so called lecture to stop taking secret! And the threaten to not come infront of them!! Such a physio!! ” he said with frown but I don’t know why I am feeling twisted in my stomach not wanting to listen anymore from this Man about doll.. -Ragini.. Yaa right so for diverting the topic I said politely “Arnav… Arnav Singh Raizada and your new roommate I think! “he smiled lightly and introduce himself “Sanskar Maheshwari.. And a professional smoker I hope you would survive! ” I chuckle joint him saying ” I will survive Mr smoker as I am too a smoker but not regular one. ” he smiled and then there was something about Sanskar I felt comfortable in few seconds and I can easily say he somehow like me easy going guy.

I don’t know why but still I feel like my life have taken a rolar costar turn seems adventurous!! Having a new friend and a unbelievably gorgeous neighbor …..a very attractive neighbor and my dreams!!! Feeling of happiness is what I having in my heart and only to say ” welcome to Kolkata Arnav “to myself and by smiling I finally take sleep over me.

Here is the point of view of Arnav Singh Raizada….
And it is upto you guys whom POV you want in next episode -Sanskar ,Swara or RAGINI!!!

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