O Re Piya……

As usual Our Mr Guptaji late in 60s took his cycle and the bundle of newspaper knowing well about this city roads Guptaji is habitual after distributing newspaper he look up for four last remaining newspapers and then his eyes fall on sky murmering ” please God like everyday today also save this old man from those four Hitler’s GADODIA then I will brought you 1kg sweets!! Please I beg you “taking a deep breath he paddle his cycle to other corners of city which is in outskirts but very beautiful area. When finally Guptaji reached outside of the “Hasiram Badi ” which is now converted into “GADODIA Villa ” ,opening the door Guptaji look around like always it is two divided three floor flats on both sides and in medium there is temple of Durga Maa the godness .One side of whole three floor flat is “Hitler gadodia family ” and another side is Praveen Bose but he didn’t live there trying hard to hook someone as paying guest but no one comes in a terror of these GADODIA!! from past ten years. Turning himself Gupta Ji took a tight hold of four folded newspapers come infront of entrance of GADODIA villa which is totally like old-timey villa there is no door bell but a handle to knock. Gupta Ji getting his shivering hands bang the handle thrice and now his face is full of sweat.

Door open and there stood Head of Gadodia family “Hitler Parvati GADODIA ”
Parvati GADODIA said in anger voice -” don’t you know the time of coming Gupta!!!! Here we are waiting for newspaper from last one hour!!! Now what are you looking my face GIVE THE NEWSPAPER and out now!!!
Gupta Ji hurriedly give her special “Astha daily “in which all Pooja stuff is there. Stomping her foot Parvati Gadodia walk inside the Villa glaring at Gupta Ji. Gupta Ji move inside the villa which is the brilliance of Kolkata ancient architecture moving his head around he spotted another member who is continuing making Masala in one corner hearding a footsteps that member turned just for spitting fire with her eyes “Hitler Sharmistha GADODIA ”
Sharmistha shouted – How many I have to you not to come inside wearing your dirty slippers Gupta!!!! And why you are late!!!
Gupta Ji hurriedly give her “Cookery times “in which all details of international cooking and chef updates are!
Walk out leaving fuming Sharmistha who again resume in her work making different Masala .muttering thousands curses underbreath.for our Gupta Ji.
Reaching on second floor Gupta Ji knock on our third member room door only to be get inside by “Hitler Ragini Gadodia ”

Ragini said sternly – looking like Gupta Ji you don’t interested in your job that you are this much late tell me I will ask your manager to give you relief from this job!!! You Men’s can never change!!!
And this outburst make Gupta Ji to thrust the “Chefs and dishes times ” in her hand hurriedly.
Ragini shouted – Next you old man make sure about time!!! Men’s!!
And shut the door brutly.
Gupta Ji was totally ingulfed in fear signing he reach next room only to welcome by loud music of some Hollywood and the scene of “Hitler Swara Gadodia “dancing of say having her morning warm up! !
Hearding knock sounds SWARA turned totally drenched in sweat eyed Gupta Ji angrily – kept the newspaper and get lost before you old man get your another yelled by me!!!
And Gupta Ji was just out in no second leaving a “daily Kolkata times ”
Coming outside of that Villa Gupta Ji take a deep breath checking himself he is alive. And took his cycle only to stop at ” Banaras tea shop ” infront of that villa
Shopkeeper – So tell Gupta Ji how was your today hell?
Gupta Ji signed taking his tea cup he sat down on bench – these four Hitler’s GADODIA have made my morning life Hell!! And today I am just trying to believe that I am alive!!
Shopkeeper – don’t know Gupta Ji what is the problem with these four women!!! They all are totally filled in anger and mostly if it is Man then we are finished!!!
Gupta Ji – hmm…
Shopkeeper – Gupta Ji I came to know that Praveen Bose have rented his three floor flat with outsiders and they are coming here to live.
Gupta Ji shocked – What!! Then just Prey that those were not any Man otherwise we have to be ready for poor people funeral.
Shopkeeper – they are coming tomorrow.
Just then one Men in 20s come towards them.

O re piyaa haaye o re piyaa…
(O Sweetheart/beloved)

Urne lagaa kyon man baawlaa re
(Why did my crazy soul begin to fly?)

Aayaa kahaan se yah honslaa re
(Where did this courage come from?)

o re piyaa o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved…)

“excuse me uncle where is Hasram Badi? ”
Shopkeeper and Gupta Ji look at him startled
Gupta Ji – why are you asking son?
“oh actually uncle I am new PG for Praveen Bose flat. But I am new in this city so just didn’t know the actual location! ”
Shopkeeper and Gupta Ji gulped hard in fear.
Shopkeeper – Son if you want to be alive go and get another place for living!!
” but why?? “he ask in confusion continuing “it’s any Matter of goons or any ghosts!! Relax uncle I don’t fear of them! “said with overconfident.
Gupta Ji – those are less dangerous compare to whom we are talking!! GADODIA family!! Who live infront of where you going to live. Those four women are Kolkata ‘s Hitler’s!!! They hate Man and whoever come there to live they didn’t left any stone to make his life full of hell!!
” Hate Man! Why? “ask with totally amused and confused.
Shopkeeper – no body knows they came here before ten years but in their family there is no Man! And no one tried to ask them!! But son you just go!! Don’t make your life hell!! They will not live you!!
” Well then uncle.you Arnav Singh Raizada because he never fear of anyone!! Said Arnav with too much attitude.
Gupta Ji confusingly – but son why are you talking about some Arnav Singh Raizada?
Arnav look at him with jaw dropped but composing himself he said – uncle I am Arnav!! Arnav Singh Raizada and now tell me where is Hasiram Badi?
Shopkeeper and Gupta Ji pointed out the location and then there is no one to stop Arnav!! Clutching his bag he walk towards the direction ” bye uncle see you soon!! ”
Shopkeeper – Hitler gadodia get their new prey!! God save that child!!
And then one More pass them but stopped at the shop ” give One packet secret ”
Shopkeeper give him and Gupta Ji look at his luggage curiosity killed him so he ask – Son you are new here? We never see you before!
Man nodded.
Man lited up secret taking a deep smoke he ask – where is Hasiram Badi?
And now shopkeeper and Gupta Ji look at him with shocking and realized who is he another PG!!
Gupta Ji silently pointed the direction and said – God bless you son!
Man – Sanskar don’t need any bless from god!!
Saying this he walk out leaving both of them gaped!!
Shopkeeper – I think this boy will be suited for those GADODIA!!
Gupta Ji – hmm.
And from here start up a new story!!!!!
Character sketches

Paravati GADODIA – old woman in 60s but very active and devotee towards Pooja stuff mostly godness Durga maa but hate Man. Always be in anger mode!! She do nothing to support her family. And talk less mostly be in her room .Sharmistha mother and Nani for both Swara and Ragini.

Sharmistha Gadodia – middle age women in 40s ,independent woman and have her own small restaurant “LFH “means- live for happiness .which is quite famous but not totally. She didn’t have time for anybody in her family to interact mostly busy in her restaurant work and come in late night. Hate Man but can tolerate them in profession!! Mother of Swara and Ragini.
Ragini Gadodia – 20years goes in college doing her last bachelor in arts degree and very much interested in cooking but never show her enthusiasm in home because no one actually interested knowing your interest there. But she have her dream to be one of good Chef in future. She is innocent and naive but never make it reflects having facade of tough woman!! But yearns for love.

Swara Gadodia – twin sister of Ragini so the same age 20 .college going girl fishing last year of bachelor of science and having a great interest in lecturer .do a part time job in kindergarten school after college. Very much brave and genius. Hate Man so for them her one glare is enough. Didn’t have any time for family because they don’t have time for them.

Arnav Singh Raizada – 21years old smoking handsome and hot ,lives with his Dadii but came in Kolkata for finishing his college last year. Bachelor of art degree. Love cooking to the great extent actually obbessed about cooking getting a transfer from Lucknow to Kolkata college for best education about cooking. Very easy going guy but never about anyone.
Sanskar Maheshwari – 21 years handsome hunk. Silent type guy came Kolkata after being fed up from his fake lifestyle. Getting some peace
Doing his last year of bachelor of science and very much good in sketching. Actually he is possessive about his sketching. Not very much care about his family.


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