O my Prince Charming! An OS on RiKara by Zainab

Note: this OS is continued from RiKara’s scene from the previous episode where Gauri came to know about Shivaay Annika’s plan about cancelling the marriage. The way Omkara taunts Gauri sarcastically, made me write this. Hope you like this!

“And this all happened because of our clever bird Gauri Kumari Sharma aka GAURI OMKARA SINGH OBEROI and Rudra Singh Oberoi’s master plan. Now run in the whole Oberoi mansion saying ‘Jealous SSO Rocks!’ Omkara shouted sarcastically on Gauri. Gauri gets upset and leaves from there. Omkara makes an upset-angry face saying “Dammit! Why can’t she figure out what I want to say!”

After Gauri talks to RuVya, she was so tired to do anything. She lies on the green recliner and starts reminiscing things that took place that day. She starts from the waking up when she thought that she is dreaming about Omkara and his hold when she tripped. She gets butterflies in her stomach. She then recalls their eye lock and thinks” whenever I look into Omkara ji’s eyes, I always find that he wants to say something.” She then recalls their dance and blushes. She then recalls the way her plan flopped and then remembers Omkara saying “Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi”. She gets shocked and says “Shankar ji! Am I sleeping? No I must be dreaming that time. This can’t happen. I am such a fool. Why will he call me his wife when he thinks that I’m like that cheapdi Svetlana. I won’t talk to him.” She makes faces and goes to change. As soon as she opens her cupboard, she finds a letter on her clothes. She opens the letter and reads. The letter said:

I know you are angry with me but if you really trust me then please come down to the parking area. I am waiting. If you want to know my feelings for you then please come. I am sincerely waiting.
This was limit to her anger on his Nandi Pati. She runs down on the staircase like a princess runs to meet her prince and her long gown floating behind her. Her hair gets opened to an extent but just because of a pin it was in its place. She goes out and looks for Omkara. A black Mercedes Benz comes to her and Gauri sees Omkara sitting on the driving seat. “I knew that you will come”. He then comes out of the car and then like a gentleman, asks for Gauri’s hand by his right hand while bowing a little and his left hand going back. Gauri smiles and gives her hands into his hand. Omkara smiled. He then takes Gauri to the front seat of the car and opens the door for her. She sits inside. Omkara then calls Khanna ji and tells him something. Khanna ji leaves. Omkara then sits inside and starts driving. Gauri looks at Omkara and he says “I know what you want to ask. Just sit calmly. We are going to a place where we will complete our life.” Soon they reach a beach. Gauri sees Sharma ji Pani Puri wale and looks at Omkara. “For you. Like it?”. “Thank you so much. But I can’t control myself now. I am going!”. Before Omkara could ask, she ran to the Pani Puri vendor and asks him to make them fast. She comes to Omkara and takes him there and says “will you not eat. Why will you not eat, I will feed you.” she takes the very first puri and inserts it into his mouth. Omkara looks on shocked. He thinks “O my maata! She is so dangerous!” He sees Gauri having them with her full concentration. When she was done, she looked at Omkara while her plate having last puri, she looks at him and says “this is last, but I don’t want to have it, what to do?” Omkara thinks. “Madam, you can give it to sir, as he made this special arrangement from Bareilly.” Gauri agrees. She feeds it to Omkara will he spits out saying that it tasted melted. “Arre, pani was there for so much time, that why!” says Gauri being angry that how can Omkara waste her favorite pani puri. She then goes away from him and sees a beautifully decorated a small open tent like structure with white curtains flowing due to cool breeze. She senses Omkara holding her hand and when she turns, he picks her up in his arms and takes her to the tent like thing. When he takes her in, she sees a sofa and a small red carpet there. Omkara makes Gauri comfortable on the seat and he sits on his knees. He then gives Gauri one beautiful red rose and says “I am sorry for what I did with you. I am sorry that I misunderstood you. please don’t be angry anymore”. He then gives her another rose and says “I was such a duffer that I misunderstood you”. He then gives her the third rose and says “I want us to forget everything that happened between us and start a new life”. At this time, Omkara was more nervous. He gives Gauri a little bag of her favorite champak and a small bouquet of six roses. He says “Will you become RiKara from Omkara and Gauri?” (Understood? ;P). At this moment, silence broke out. Only sounds of sea waves playing with the moonlight could be heard. Gauri had tears in her eyes. She took the little bag and flowers and kept that aside. She then comes down and sits on her knees in front of Omkara. “ You are just impossible. You are my husband and I LOVE YOU. How can I be angry with you? We are friends before husband and wife and friendship mein ‘no sorry, no thank you!’” says Gauri with her eyes, now completely filled with tears. Omkara joins his and his forehead and says “ I love you too, Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi!”. He holds Gauri’s face and brings it so close to her that their lips were just 1 cm away from each other. Gauri moves back and stands up. Omkara gets up and picks her up in her arms. He then takes her to a little cottage there. They both were so lost into each other’s eyes that it seemed like they were making thousands of promises to each other. Omkara takes her to a room and puts her down. He then goes to her back and removes her single pin from her hair. Her hair gets opened. He slides her hair to her front and then kisses on her neck. A shiver runs down her spine and she turns back and hugs him. Omkara lifts her pink face and kisses it gently. He could taste that green chutney on her lips which was there when she ate Pani Puri. He then looks straight into her eyes and sees tears in them. He then kisses her tears away. He picks her up and takes her to the bed. The moon blushed and hid itself into one of the clouds. Omkara puts a duvet on him and Gauri and then the screen goes blur. They were so lost into each other, making promises to each other for always staying united. They became one soul. The night went darker and cozy, and what all happened that night was witnessed by the two souls.

Hi! I am back with one OS on RiKara/ OmRi. This is my first OS, hope you like it. Please do comment. I really want them. If you find any confusion, any doubt regarding my OS, I promise to tell them. I am posting something after a loooooonggg time. I have so many hopes from ShivIka marriage tha RiKara should unite. Fingers Crossed! Bye. Take care and don’t forget to watch Ishqbaaz @10pm, Monday to Friday, on Starplus!


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  1. Loved it dr
    It was fabulous. Come back vth another os or ff dr.bye tc

    1. Zainab

      Thank you so much for commenting. Yaa sure, I come back!

  2. ShailajaBanthia

    awwww how cute loved it damn awesome fab

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      Thank you soooo much!

  3. Dhar

    Soo cuteeeeeeeeee…. Loved it to the coreeeee.. Plzz do come back with another dose of ur writings

    1. Zainab

      Thank you soo much for commenting. It really means a lot!!?

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    Awesome…..loved it to the core ??

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    Very nice

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  7. Shabana

    The moon blushed that line made me blush seriously ?????? lovely OS

    1. Zainab

      Awww! ??. even I blushed?. Thank you so much for commenting. It means a lot!



    1. Zainab

      Thank you so much!

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Nice but a little buttery,can’t say cheesy actually. I thought Om will say some shayari lol…. Almost best.. ????????????

    1. Zainab

      Actually, i thought to write one shayari but horribly failed???. Thank you so much for commenting. It REALLY means alot!!❤

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  11. Shraddha-DBO

    Oh wow…..this was like a dream….
    Please do come back with more & more ??

    1. Zainab

      Sharaddha di!!! Thank you so much for commenting!!???. I knkw, I saw late but this made my day. I read all of your updates and seriously, you are an amazing writer!! Thank you so much for commenting!! Super happy that you liked this!! I’ll try to come back with another!!

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Hi zainab, thank you dear for loving my stories.
        U r a good writer, & definitely come up with more….??

  12. Yashu

    It was awesome….so cute….loved it…

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      Thank you so much!

  13. Bubblu

    super work…nice one..cute and romantic

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    It is nice one

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    very well written

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  17. So cute. ..loved it

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  18. Jerry_36

    Bhaukali !!!!
    Too good yaar Zainab. First of all I am really sorry for commenting so late, don’t be upset but the OS is just amazingly fantastic. One of a kind and I loved it like hell. You are awesome and the best. Keep writing andaking us entertainment. Rikara, were jaan….❤❤

    1. Zainab

      Thank you so much for commenting. Its okay, I am ALWAYS late??. Super happy that you liked this???. Sure, if I’ll get time, I’ll write more!! Rikara are always JAAN!! LOVE TO THEM HAS NO END…❤❤

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