O Mere Sanam – epi 4

here is the confession episode. guys i was thinking to stop this os.thanks for your support and love friends. it means a lot for and thanks for bearing with my mistakes and silly stuff.

Birla house:

Sharad is coming in very excitingly to say about sanam to yuvraj while menka sees sharad coming happy and goes to him.

Menka: sharad you’re looking very happy today what happened in your date.
Sharad(shocked)how did you know about my dinner bhabi.
Menka:anuj ji told me.
Sh:ay anuj bi na ,not a small secret lies in his mouth.
Menka: what all dishes both had .

Sharad confused while rags enters for his rescure.
Sharad leaves thanking god.

Rags: kyun ,you’ll go and bring leftover food to home.
Menka(exciting) :ay option bi hai, tho jiji chal na mere sath.
Rags: shup up menka. By saying this she went to pratima’s room for giving her medicines.
Menka follows to partima room.

Sharads comes laughing to yuvrajs room.

In Yuvraj room:

Yuvraj is reading book hear someone laughing and sees sharad coming.

Yuvi:shard what happen …why are you laughing ??
Sh:nothing guru …wo menka bhabi …he tells everything.

Yuvraj too started laughing and high five to sharad. Suddenly shard stops laughing and says

Sh: I have a good news for you….
Yuvi: whats that .he again started reading book.
Sh(excitingly):sanam is bhavan’s sister…I’m going to be her brother.
Yuvi: what … about which sanam your talking I know two sanam named girls.
Sh: how would I know about your lover , I’m talking about writer sanam.
Yuvi(happily): what sanam is bavna’s sister . I want to meet her .
Sh:yeah …guru we’re going to meet her tomorrow evening at rose garden.
Yuvi:ok sharad will come go along.

Yuvi gets call from office.

Riya(p.a):sir ..tomorrow morning you have meeting with a writer suhani shrivastav about our new project.
Yuvi:tomorrow I’m not coming so…inform to anuj .he will meet her.
Riya: ok sir…

Next day Evening..

Pratima :sharad ,yuvraj where r u going ??
Sh:mausi we r going to meet bavana.
Prat: ok fine… come early .

At rose garden.

Sharad and yuvi reach at the same time bavana car also came. All the three went inside.

Yuvraj pov:
There a girl is seen sitting alone under a tree on bench in middle of roses. Her long hair flying in air , her face is covered and she is writing something ,but when I was walking towards her , I was feeling very strange and attractive feeling which I felt when I saw my sanam.
End of POV.

Bavana goes to suhani and hugs and asked what happened to her face .

Suhani did’t notice yuvraj and sharad.

Suhani :morning I went to birla company to meet Mr. yuvraj birla for new project ,but mr.birla has not come office today so his brother Mr.anuj birla come for meeting and his wife menka also there.
When she got to know that I’m writer sanam. she excitedly took lily flowers from table to give me, she lost her balance and fall on me and flowers on my face. I got allergy .so doctor told to cover my nose so. I think she always behaves over excitingly…

Yuvraj and sharad starts laughing listening that .

Bavana ask them what happened why they’re laughing ??

Sharad say menka bhabi is always behaves like that .

Bavana introduces her sister to them.

Yuvraj pov:
Suhani shaked her hands with mine ,saying her name…suhani shrivastav . My heart beats fast when I touched her hand.

Suhani shocked seeing yuvraj there.

Me :Hi …I’m yuvraj birla.

Then bavana says suhani morning you went to meet this yuvraj birla only, but unfortunately met menka bhabi.

she and sharad laughts .
s:di… stop laughing.

Here sharad started his radio ….
End of POV.

S:hi jiju.
Sharad: hi suhani…we both are huge fans of you. we have read all you’re novels. Today our wish got filled , that to meet you.

Yuvraj pov:
Shavana went see the whole garden and talk . I and suhani left alone …

We sat on the bench , there is utter silence between and she is thinking , while I keep seeing her eyes, her hair is falling over face .But I can see her face, I got lost in her world.
End of POV

Suhani pov:
He seeing continues towards me , my heart is beating very fast. Then I turned meet with his gaze. I lost in his brown eyes , they look very lovely. My heart says me to say I love you to him.
End of pov.

Suhani is about to say , suddenly wind blows very speed that kerchief flew away with which she covered her face. Yuvraj shocked to see her here, at that time both are facing each other . Both shareed a intense eye-lock… (tum hi ho music.. plays…)

Yuvraj and suhani talks to their hearts. (sun le sada song plays)….

Sun le sada o mere sanam
Kehta hai dil kha ke ye kasam
Dekha zameen dekha wo falak
Tumsa nhin dekha

“Yuvraj thinks shall I say that I love her, while suhani thinks yes suhani don’t waste time and don’t stop your feeling “.

Teri aankhon ke chalak dekhe
Ik zamaana hua
Tere deedar ka faryadi
Ye deewana hua

“ yuvi thinks then you regret afterwards for not saying her… .suhani says yes I’ll say and I feel like he also have same feeling for me”.

Aye mere hamnawa
Men ne ki hai dua
Sun raha ye zameen
Sun raha ye aasmaan

Wind is blowing heavily , clouds are forming ,flowers are falling from tree. Both say “I love you” at same time to each other. They hugs and rains starts falling.

Na mein shikwa karon
Na shikayat karon
Tere khatir jiyon
Tere khatir maron

“Yuvraj thinks these all the signs of god that I found my true lover, who is destined in my life “.

Sun le sada o mere sanam
Kehta hai dil kha k ye kasam
Dekha zameen dekha wo falak
Tumsa nahin dekha

Teri aankhon k jalak dekhe
Ik zamaana hua
Tere deedar ka faryadi
Ye deewana hua…!!!

They both wish that time should freezes at that moment but they are back to senses when shavana came running under tree because of rain.
Shavana saw them hugged. Yuvani broke their hug.

Sh: guru…what happened..why you’re so happy.

Suhani turns towards sharad. he is shocked to see her and says…

Sh:guru…sanam…the girl ,to whom you fell in love at first sight. He happy hugs yuvraj and spins him around in air.

Yuvi:shrad stop..stop I will fall down ,control your excitement.
Suhani and bavana laughs seening them and bavana hugs suhani .

B:I’m so happy for you suhani.
S:thank you di.

Sharad to yuvraj..
Sh:yuvraj bhaiyya…abh tho mano ki , I’m you’re lucky charm. Because of me as I loved bavana ji , when she entered in my life see. We meet sanam our fav writer, you found your sanam(suhani).

He seeing up very proudly and smiling by crossing his arms around his chest. He is pulled by yuvraj.

Yuvi: sharad your not my lucky charm…instead bavana is you’re luck charm. Ab jada aasman mein udaan mat.

Sharad frowns and all three laughs seeing him.
screen freezes on all four smiling faces…

keep smiling friends.

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