O Mere Sanam – epi 3

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In hall

Dadi: pankaj children like each other. I’ll call pandit for mahurat.
Pankaj: ji maa ji.

Birlas leaves. Somu hugs bavana as her marriage is fixed, lata pankaj too hugs her.

In yuvraj room

Yuvi: sharad did u become mad or what . You behave very strange at banava’s house and you marriage also fixed. On that day you said about true love and you forgot about that girl…. He words are cutted by sharad.
Sharad says guru….happy hugs him very tightly.yuvi got irritated and says
Yuvi: I’m tensed about you and you’re so happy that you’re not able stand properly.
Sharad(happly): guru…bavana is the same girl I had seen in party. Me itna kush ki when I saw bavana I forgot everything.

Yuvi very happly hugs sharad and says congrats …mera bhai!!! , I so happy for you.

Yuvraj pov
I wish I also meet her soon and make it as very memorable moment of my life.

Sh:guru… as I say…
me: tu chup kar I know what you’re going tell ,but it come true in you’re love. Will this happen in my life too??
end of pov..

Yuvaraj saying about his love and started thinking about suhani ,while sharad got call from bavana.

B:sharad ji… tomorrow night are you free??
Sh:yeah bavana ji .
B:shall we go for dinner.
Sh: sure..

Yuvraj pov.
I was standing near window cool wind is blowing over my face ,I closed my eyes . my mind is filled with her thoughts . who are you ,where are you ,I don’t know why that I was feeling like we are going to meet. you came like shooting star in my life which doesn’t seen every time, where all make wishes . suddendly I spot a falling star ,I close my and says when I
saw you, you become a part my heart. so i wish that we both love together and live happy forever.
end of pov.

Suhani is seen sitting on terrace seeing the stars. She spots a falling star , closes her eyes and says god can I wish 3 wishes .

Firstly make my sweet sis live happly with sharad jiju.
secondly always be with my parents and somu. Last and its about my love plz show me a way that I’ll meet him.

Night at birla house

Sharad and yuvraj are playing with snoopy in garden while suddenly yuvraj is getting hiccups.

Sh:guru all of sudden you are getting hiccups.. wait..

He brings water for yuvraj. Yuvi drinks it and says thanks sharad.

Sh:I think that girl is thinking about you??
Yuvi:I kept her name as “sanam”. I don’t think she even know about me
Sh: ohh…. guru you’re falling in deep love smiles at yuvi.
Sh:who knows that she also sees you on that day and fell in love.
Yuvi: I wish.
I was thinking to go mall and buy sanam’s new collection’s tomorrow and what about you .Tomorrow what is you’re plans with bavana.
Sh: we r going for dinner . i’m very excited about it and what you feels about it.
Yuvi:its your date. what I feels means ,you’re becoming mad day by day.

By saying this he went to his room. sharad smiling to snoopy.

Sh: snoopy see calling me mad and himself become mad in love.(he Hugs snoopy)

Bavana and shard are shown together in a beautifully decorated isolated place in middle of pool surrounded small lights, candles …

Bavana and sharad stated talking about each other habits , likes and dislikes.

Bavana: there are three most imp persons in my life suhani,mummy and papa. I love my sis suhani ,she always supports me at any part .papa ,he always save’s me and suhani from mom’s scoldings he love us so much and he says do what you like to do. finally mummy she sometimes behaves like typical mother with rules ,but she too knows that we don’t follow them. She sometimes upset with me that I compeletly busy with office works and not spending time with family. So she decided to getting me marriage.

Sharad to bhavana.
Sharad:I love my mausi so much ,she raise me when my parents passed away like her own son.

Bavana keeps her hand on his hand and consoles him .

I love my yuvraj bhaiyya ,he is my friend, brother and we everything together . These two are imported persons in my life ,now you also.
Me and yuvi go works together in office , play video games and we both are huge fan of writer “sanam” and we love, they way she writes stories.
We both had a wish someday we’ll meet her.

Bavana smiling says you’re is going to fulfill you’re wish and she is you’re would be sister in law.

Sh: what.. I didn’t get you.
B:yeah …sanam is none suhani my sister.
Sh(excitingly) what … sanam is your sister. If guru knows about this he feels very happy. shall we come tomorrow to meet her .
b: now she is in banglore , went for her new book launch. Wait I’ll call her.
Bavana calls suhani
B:hello suhani…
S:hi bavana di …how is ur date going ??(in teasing voice)
B:how did u know about it.
S:somu told me about it . what is happening tell me .
Bavana blushes and says shut up suhani.
s (lauging)ok I will stop.
B:when will you come back to Mumbai.
S:tommrow morning.
B:come fas . I’m missing you …
S:I also missing you di…
B:ok bye… take care ,good night.
S:gud night di.

Bavana to sharad
B:suhani is coming tomorrow. You and yuvraj evening come to our rose garden .
I’ll also meet you there in evening and I ‘ll send address.

Sharad hugs bavana and says when you enters in my life ,my wishes are coming true, thanks for coming into my life.
Bavana hugs him back and says I love sharad ji!!

Sh:I love you too bavana ji !!… and make wears her a platinum ring.
B:shall we leave …
Sharad drops bavana at home.

sharad: guru i have a good news for you …
yuvi: whats that
sharad: sanam is bavana’s sister !!!

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