O Mere Sanam – epi 2

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Here is the next episode…

Its morning in birla house.

At dinning table all are having their breakfast .

Dadi:pratima I think its time for sharad to get married.

By listening this yuvraj got started coughing all gets shocked.

D:I’m talking about sharad marriage y r u coughing yuvraj. What is ur opinion sharad.
Sh: as you and mausi ji say dadi.

D:ok I search for good girl for my sharad. She leaves.
(dadi loves sharad equally as her grandsons even he is son of pratima’s sister)

Pratima asks sharad ,did he is ready for marriage.
Sh: haa mausi ji .i’m ready .by saying this he leaves .
Menka says see …see sharad sharm rahe hain. She started lauging.

Yuvraj gives an irritated look to her and leaves to his room.

Menka to rags: jiji… why yuviraj bhai stared me like I’m a fool.
Anuj: kyonki tum hamesha bevakooph kaam karte hai !!
Anuj and sharabh laughts at her and leaves.

In yuvraj room

Yuvi:sharad did u become mad are what. I’m tensed about you’re marriage and u r looking like very cool.
Sh: wht will I do ,I can’t go against dadi and mausi.
Yuvi:but u can go against ur heart and ur love.
Sh:yes guru I do because I saw her for one time and love her so much but I can’t hurt my mausi. After my parents passed ,she is all for me nothing is imp than her to me . God knows which girl is in my destiny and if my love is true for her then he will make the same girl as my wife. He leaves.

Yuvaraj standing near window see in sky starts thinking about suhani.

Y:kya mere sath bi aisa hogi, will i meet her again??? My heart says im going to meet her soon.

Yuvi closes his eyes and says to his heart …I don’t know ur name so ,I want call you as sanam(suhani) .the minute I saw u become part of my heart beat ,I’ll find you …remembering the park scene.

In suhani room

She is writing a story. While soumya enters to her room.

Somuya: suhani did u see this magazine they write an article about you. But why are u writing on the name of “sanam”.
S:I don’t know somu but when I written my first story I want to signature it on name of sanam .

Suhani smiles thinking of something. Somu see this and ask her

Somu: why are you smiling suhani yourself.
Suh: somu you know yesterday when I was in park while writing story ,I saw a boy . He is seeing towards me very loving that I fall love with his eyes at first sight.
I try to talk to him but I don’t know that he is seeing me or not, so I leave.
Somu: ohh…suhani shrivastav can not only write love stories but can fall in love too .i think u don’t like these things.
Suhi: I do somu but when I meet with his gaze .I lost in his world, but we can’t force our feeling on others.
Somu: yeah …suhani I want to say something to you as I think you don’t like these things …
S:what that sowmya.
Somu: suhani..i was in love with our classmate Krishna. Now he is working with me in same office. I and Krishna are going to talk to our parents about our marriage.
S: what..somu why didn’t you tell me upto now. I’m happy for you and how will I not support your love. She hugs sowmya and both smiles.
Somu: what about you ‘re new story. On what plot you are writing .
Suh: now I was writing a emotional story but, somu I’m not able to concentrate on it .when I start thinking my mind is filling with his thoughts, his eyes.
Now I think that sanam is right name for signaturing my novel, poems….as whatever I write ,they all are from being in his thoughts.
Somu:ohh…suhani falling in deep love…she smiles and suhani becomes shy.

At evening in suhani house garden.

Lata and pankaj sit on table .suhani talking to her friend on phone sitting on swing. A car comes.
Lata:I think bavana has come pankaj ji.
Pankaj : haan ji .
B:hi papa ,mama and suhani.

Suhani says hi di while talking ..

B:papa I went to new site and everything is done now we can start construction.
Pankaj: ok beta. Now leave office matter and listen what you’re maa is going tell.
Suh:what are u going to tell maa .
Lata(happly): bavana is going marry
suhani and bavana (shocked):what…
b:what is hurry for my marriage maa.
Lata:no beta these days you’re not thinking about your life so .You are going to marry ,no arguments.
B:papa see…
Pankaj: beta I already told her but you know you’re maa.
B:ok I will marry but if like the boy and his family , no one will insists me to accept if I not like the boy.
Lata :ok fine …decision yours..
good family , nice and handsome boy . they are coming to see u tomorrow morning. so you both be at home.

By saying ok .. bavana went to her room.

Suhani : maa they are coming to see di not me and I have to meet publisher and tomorrow night I’m going to banglore for launcing new book .if you want any help soumya is coming.

Lata to pankaj
One is busy in business and another is busy writing stories…

Pankaj and lata smiles thinking of their both daughters.

Its morning.In birla house.

D:is everyone is ready its getting late.

All come to hall neatly dressed. They leave to shrivastav’s house.

In shrivastav house.
Suhani have breakfast and go.
Suh: no maa its already late.
Lata:take care and come early .
At time suhani already left.

In bavana’s room

Somu:di ur looking gorgeous …boy and his family can’t take off their eyes from you.
B:shup up somu.

Lata comes to bavana’s room seeing her .she started her emotional talks.

Lata: bavana you has grown up very fast…having tears in her eyes.
B:maa its your decision if you want I will not marry .
Lata:stop talking like child. She smiles through tears.
Bavana hugs her mother.

In hall birlas arrived.

Pankaj and lata accompanied them.
Sowmya beta bring bavana.

Lata ask all to have snacks.

Menka: ji aunty ji i will take as you saying. Aunty ji this kaaju berfi is superb aunty.

All stares at her.

Menka:why all are seeing me like this. aunty ji say so.
Lata:no beta nothing you have.it is made by bavana. she cooks well.
Menka:ohh..aisa tho ,we’ll get tastely food after shard marriage.

All laughs except rags. Rags smilingly steps on menka’s foot and says shup up menka…

Menka shouts …

lata asks her what happened.

Menka: nothing aunty ji ….
Dadi:waise pankaj you have two daughters know.
Pankaj:ji maa ji. suhani my 2nd daughter went out for some work.
Bavana comes , serves drinks to all.
Pratima:bavana beta come sit here beside me. your very beautiful. sharad is very luck to get you as his life partner.
Dadi: sharad see bavana why are you shying .

All laughts at him.

Menka: sharad ..why you bend your head like girl and shying ,see bavana jiji is not shying .
Anuj: menka sit silently.
Yuvi: abbey sharad , dekh usko she is very beautiful. you will forget every thing after seeing her.
Sharad:nahi guru I will not see her.

But yuvraj forces him to see. when sharad see bavana. he is at cloud nine ,he did’t expect bavana as same girl.
Sharad can’t take off his eyes from bavana. yuvraj sees this and starts thinking.

Yuvi: sharad ko kya hua aisa kyon dekh rahatee usko.
Lata: sharad beta if you want you can talk alone with bavana.

Bavana show you are room sharad .

In bavana’s room.

They both stand on balcony enjoying the nature ,actually both are very nervous ,sharad is little more and there is utter silence which is breaked by bavana.
Bavana: hi… sharad ji.
Sharad:hi bavana ji.
Bavana: do u talk less or nervous to talk with me. If that is issue means feel free because I talk very openly.
Sharad: I was in shocked I see u here. Actually I saw u in a business party I fell in love with you at first sight ,I want to tell u at that time but I got scared. After that I don’t see u .i don’t want to come to see girl too but I don’t want to hurt my mausi and dadi.(seeing in bavana’s eyes)
The moment u enter in my life it becomes like dream for me I thought I ‘ll meet u again if my love is true, will you become my angel in dream and make it real .I Love you bavana ji … will u marry me, knelt down front of her by offering his hand.

Bavana smilingly gives her hand , bends and hugs him says I love you too sharad ji…

Yuvi who come to call shavana sees them happly hugging standing at door. He confused see sharad weird behaviour and starts thinking. Meanwhile sharad sees him broke their hug .

Precap: shawana dinner date and yuvani thinking about each other….

sorry guys for mistake plz forgive me and keep smilimg!!!

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  1. superb epi n sanam is nice name.yuvAni fall in love with each other

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      thanks a lot .i didn’t see that movie, but it is my own story.

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    Beautiful i loved it

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  8. Wonderful!!..sharad is lucky…waiting for yuvani meet…update asap

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    awesome episode….cant wait to see yuVani meeting

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